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Seunggi & Teacher SunHee on Knee Cap Guru [April 2009]

*** UPDATED with better quality videos cut into 2 parts ***
Big round of applause for beedance07 who has more
awesome videos forthcoming!

Wrapping up some old stuff and since Seunggi will be guesting at Teacher SunHee’s Carnegie Hall concert this week in NYC.  Requested by lots of fans.  Special thanks to another perfectionist Seunggi fan, beedance07, who emailed LSGfan a while back.

Knee Cap Guru ~ Seunggi cuts, April 2009 [ENG]

(Videos: beedance07)

LSGfan’s theory is that both Hodong and MBC would love to have Seunggi on as a guest, but the show usually has more established, older veteran entertainment, political, musician, and sports figures on.  Or people buzzed about (ie, celebs right before military enlistment or after completing service).

I’m SO hoping HyunBin to show up before he leaves for the navy in March!  And I’m betting that Seunggi shows up on Knee Cap Guru before he leaves for his military service later on.

This is one of my dad’s favorite shows.  No other show in Korea rivals it in content and guests.  Hodong really is a genius!  And Yoo Sae Yun is SO hilarious!  Rain was not joking when he said Knee Cap Guru was Korea’s Oprah Winfrey show!

Seunggi also showed up on Knee Cap Guru recently (via caption) when baseball player Lee Dae Ho was a guest.  He was the the fanboy(!) Seunggi met and had dinner with during the 1 Night 2 Days 6 Metropolitan Cities special back in December.

(images: As labeled/LSGfan)

Many fans already know that in addition to Seunggi, Jo Jung Rin also lived together and trained at Teacher’s house.  There was a YT video of an old SBS Good Morning clip of the 3 of them, but it’s been deleted.  Very much like a real nuclear family.

Noticed Jo Jung Rin showing up a few times on Strong Heart recently.  It’s too bad her once singing career has veered more into a gagwoman thing; and unfortunately, not by her own doing, she’s usually most known for her fluctuating weight.  (yes, Koreans are a bit obsessed with weight!)  She’s still with Hook but not sure what she’s doing.

Nonstop 5 (2005)

More old-school Teacher SunHee and Seunggi…

2006 Hollywood Bowl finale led by Teacher Sunhee and Seunggi

(video: khypestaff)

“To J” on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter (April 22, 2005)

(video: tkfkd111)

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4 Responses

  1. omg that clip with lee sun hee was so funny! seung gi was so nervous! poor thing~~ :)

  2. Sorry I haven’t commented before. I’m shy^^ but this video is daebak! Seunggi is so funny and nervous! I hope he comes on this show by himself later. thank you for very much for this video! great job! I hope we get to see more! :)

  3. Love the video! Big thanks to both Ann and beedance07. I don’t feel SG was nervous at all…he’s just a natural in front of the camera. Hodong’s comment about LSH’s in fact getting younger and younger looking was so funny, and so right! The perm! Yikes!

  4. thanks a lot Ann unnie for the translation!
    and for Beedance unnie for subbing the vids!

    ah~ speaking about the eng subbed seunggi videos, make me miss Rapport unnie T_T

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