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Seunggi Q&A, Zipel Fan Meet, Nov 2010 [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***
Since it’s Seunggi’s The Saem Busan fan signing on Jan 30, 2011
(Final videos from Rapport2010! Thanks Rapport!)

[Nov. 14, 2010~ Original post] A bunch of high quality fancam footage from Nov 9, 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting! Seunggi introducing himself to fans at the start, surprise guest Teacher Lee Sun Hee complimenting Seunggi, and singing “I’ll Give you All.” Also, his thoughts on burning topics from fans ~ having “nation’s” descriptor attached to his name, his thighs getting too big, his status as an idol, his model image and drinking, respect for Hodong, his cooking skills, and his favorite type of kimchi.

Seunggi’s personal introduction

His thighs, playing soccer, being considered an idol

His model image, drinking, and respect for Hodong

..His favorite type of kimchi

Teacher Lee Sun Hee gushes about Seunggi

Please do not use  LSGfan’s VIDEO English translations for encoding your own subbed videos without asking permission first.  Thanks.

Nation’s heartwarming guy, Nation’s Son-in-law

MC: I’ll ask some pointed questions on behalf of fans. How do you take care of your skin? [SG: Skincare?]
MC: Looks like too pointed of a question from the start… Nation’s heartwarming guy. Nation’s boyfriend. Recently, Nation’s son. And one more these days, probably due to Zipel CF… Nation’s son-in-law. Do you realize your popularity?
SG: I’m very thankful. Actually, I’m at an age where it’s early to get married, but I’m very thankful to be chosen as nation’s son-in-law. Honestly, to be associated with having “nation” attached to your name is really an honor, so I’m very happy about that. And also to have that be associated with Zipel Assak, I’m very happy about that.
MC: There are so many people everywhere who love Seunggi, but the people here are those who got chosen for this event.

On cooking and wanting to learn it properly

MC: Do you like to cook? Probably tied to your cf.
SG: Cooking? [Fans scream out Glazed Sweet Potatoes]
SG: The glazed sweet potatoes shown on 1n2d was really a big hit. Actually the idea to do that first came from Lee Soogeun sunbaenim, and it was broadcast as if I was the only one who wanted to do it… but since I was the one who did the cooking of it! I really like cooking. I also have a tendency to really like good food.
MC: Do you have confidence in cooking?
SG: I really like to cook. I’m thinking about really learning it properly. Korean cooking, Japanese, Italian ~ I’d like to learn them all.
MC: In a professional way?
SG: To be able to cook really well.
MC: If you cook well, you’ll get more love from females!

(English translation: LSGfan; Encoding: ENGrapport/Rapport2010)

“I’ll give you all” live performance

(videos: leeseunggi01)

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  1. wow seunggis teacher is really lucky! she’s so admired by seunggi.

    LOL at seunggi’s thighs getting bigger!

  2. Love them ^ ^
    P/S: Ann, I got it done. I emailed the link for you.
    So just check you email.

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