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NYC hotel and shopping recommendations for Seunggi during his “Diva of the East” Teacher SunHee’s concert

I was in midtown Manhattan.  Checked out Carnegie Hall to see if Teacher SunHee’s info was posted. Sure enough her concert promo poster was up. “Diva of the East.” Really?! She’s definitely not your demanding songstress diva, but I guess they were going more for the powerful voice diva marketing image. Too bad there’s a lot of construction work and scaffolding in that area outside of Carnegie Hall right now…

Hotel suggestions for Seunggi

Okay, some luxe, popular celeb spot midtown hotels near Carnegie Hall that LSGfan thinks Seunggi may want to stay during his NYC trip.  Or maybe he’s already booked at one of these places?!  Unlike American celebs who usually use fake names for hotel reservations, Seunggi and Hook may have actually booked under their real names since they’re not necessarily celebs in the U.S.??!!

The Mandarin Oriental

The Asiate restaurant in the hotel is amazing!  Breathtaking views!  I hear there’s a swimming pool that plays lovely classical music while you do your laps!  Plus lots of top-notch restaurants and shops for Seunggi to visit right in the Time Warner building.

Trump International Tower, Central Park

Basically right across from the Mandarin Oriental, and sits right on Central Park West.  Gorgeous view looking right over Central Park and midtown Manhattan!  But would recommend Seunggi pass on this, only because I cannot stand Donald Trump.  Ew.

Le Parker Meridien

It’s not as exclusive as some of the other more fancy hotels, but still just as posh and hip.  Like a block away from Carnegie Hall.  The main lobby is gorgeous and more importantly it houses the underground, famous, super cheap, hole-in-the-wall celebrity fave restaurant Burger Joint!  

Four Seasons Hotel or Ritz Carlton

57th Street shopping suggestions for Seunggi

If Seunggi decides to stay for a few days in NYC, he can do a lot of brand-name shopping just on 57th Street where Carnegie Hall is located.  Some places LSGfan thinks Seunggi might like…

Steinway & Sons

Famed piano showroom and hall.  Growing up playing the piano, I love this place and singer and piano playing Seunggi will love it too!  Like all the other stores in NYC, the place is like a museum inside.  And the range of exclusive Steinway pianos on display is pretty amazing!


Based on Seunggi’s outfits on 1n2d and Strong Heart, he seems to be a big fan of watches (and nice ones at that!).  One of my fave watch brands.

Bergdorf Goodman

Pretty much as exclusive as they come.  The place treats fashion like works of art!  Seunggi should definitely bring his Cody so s/he could learn a thing or two!


Awesome stationery and leather goods accessories.  I think Seunggi would definitely like this type of refined British style.


The NYC flagship store sits on 57th Street and is like a total mecca for Asian tourists!  Hahaha!  And I can only generalize to Koreans, but it’s like a burberry bag or jacket is a must for females and a burberry scarf or trench coat a must for guys!  We Koreans love our Burberry!  Seunggi’s worn Burberry a few times on 1N2D, so I think he will definitely make a stop here!


The Nike flagship store also sits on 57th Street and aside from the shopping, if you’re a fan of sports and Nike like me, then it’s a definite must see.  It almost feels like a museum experience.  I’m sure sporty Seunggi will want to check this out.  Although there was a recent infestation of bedbugs, but supposedly it’s all okay now!!

Tiffany & Co.

You know people are probably buying something here mainly so they can get their purchase wrapped in one of those iconic Tiffany blue boxes wrapped with white ribbon, but who can resist?!  A fun place to stop in.  And even if he’s not interested, I’m sure his sister would love something from here!

Louis Vuitton

The most recent Louis Vuitton store in NYC.  I’m not really a fan of their fashion but the store is definitely very creative!  I think Seunggi would appreciate the art.

Apple Store

It’s one block up from 57th Street and more importantly, it’s open 24 hours.  On the 1n2d episode of Seunggi at his home, I think he had an apple computer and I’m pretty sure he also has an ipod.  I mean, who really isn’t a fan of Apple?!  Love this store!

Okay, back to Teacher SunHee’s concert.  Would’ve loved to see Seunggi’s photo as a small insert in her promo poster!  Hahahaha.  Maybe next time?!  They could also include Lee Seo Jin‘s photo too.  It would be like a JYP Entertainment family photo, but a Hook Entertainment version.  And totally not as cool or hip!  puahhhhaaaa!  Just kidding!  Okay, actually, I’m not really kidding!  LOL.

It’s okay, that’s exactly why LSGfan likes Seunggi even more!!  Even though LSGfan would love to party it up with JYP and his crew, I’ll take the regal, polished Seunggi over any hip and cool kpop star that happens to be the trend of the moment!

I love that Seunggi’s teacher/mentor and the one who discovered him IS none other than the super respected, veteran singer Lee Sun Hee.  Meaning, Seunggi actually got REAL vocal music training!  Plus, I just love how Teacher SunHee is so proud and supportive of Seunggi all the time!

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***
(YT video embeds are blurry lately; click on YT icon at bottom to see clear picture)

VIDEO~ Lee SunHee is proud to be called Seunggi’s Teacher, Nov 2010 [ENG]


(Images:  LSGfan; As labeled; Google image search)

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6 Responses

  1. Ann, I think I’m already enticed by your commentary to visit NYC. Funny that USA has never been my fav place to visit when it come to planning my holiday. ;)

    • Eunice~ I think you would totally love NYC and it would definitely love you back! It’s the perfect place for a sweet sophisticated lady like you! :)

      • Haha! I always believe that you are not only intelligent, eloquent but also a sophisticated lady after reading all your postings. That’s why you can live in New York. I’m not trying to curry favor you. I think the reason I like lsg so much partly is also because of his fans. Everyone are just so like him minus the heodang. Hehe!
        Anyway, i think I need to go for makeover first before I go. Haha!

  2. I wish if only you can go to the concert~ So I can see more infos and pictures from you~
    Seung Gi is coming to the U.S.~ Ah, I really want to see him and ask for his autograph ^ ^

  3. I am in the process of booking the flights to Newark. Will take my daughter to all the shopping places Ann mentioned (just browsing, mind). Cannot afford any of the hotels. But I love taking the train into NYC anyway. It’s a shame I still have to wait, like, months!

  4. AnnMichelle~ I’ve heard booking in NJ is a great way to save money for people with families. yep, lots of easy mass transit ways to go back and forth between nyc and jersey. Aside from awesome things for chic women like you, there are lots of great things for kids in the city too so let me know if you need some recommendations later!

    Igoseung and Tryp~ good eats is a must in nyc! Check out menupages.com. it’s one of the most popular restaurant sites here in the city. you can browse by neighborhood, cuisine, price, decor, 24 hour places, outdoor/rooftop seating, etc. includes netizen reviews but take with a grain of salt!

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