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NYC hotel and shopping recommendations for Seunggi during his “Diva of the East” Teacher SunHee’s concert

I was in midtown Manhattan.  Checked out Carnegie Hall to see if Teacher SunHee’s info was posted. Sure enough her concert promo poster was up. “Diva of the East.” Really?! She’s definitely not your demanding songstress diva, but I guess they were going more for the powerful voice diva marketing image. Too bad there’s a lot of construction work and scaffolding in that area outside of Carnegie Hall right now…

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Seunggi Q&A, Zipel Fan Meet, Nov 2010 [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***
Since it’s Seunggi’s The Saem Busan fan signing on Jan 30, 2011
(Final videos from Rapport2010! Thanks Rapport!)

[Nov. 14, 2010~ Original post] A bunch of high quality fancam footage from Nov 9, 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting! Seunggi introducing himself to fans at the start, surprise guest Teacher Lee Sun Hee complimenting Seunggi, and singing “I’ll Give you All.” Also, his thoughts on burning topics from fans ~ having “nation’s” descriptor attached to his name, his thighs getting too big, his status as an idol, his model image and drinking, respect for Hodong, his cooking skills, and his favorite type of kimchi.

Seunggi’s personal introduction

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