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Seunggi’s monthly 2011 calendar fashion and poses

Seunggi’s Cody either had some huge fashion epiphany at the end of the 2010 year or s/he is seriously trying to lure LSGfan back into Seunggi blog cyberspace!…

Not necessarily loving every single one of the monthly calendar shots, but liking the Seunggi calendar portfolio together as a whole!  Per previous posts, LSGfan is just SO thrilled about Seunggi’s fashion recently and just can’t believe Cody’s been actually outfitting him in stylish and fitted fashion that doesn’t make you cringe!

Yay for Cody in 2011!  Yay for Fashion & Style Seunggi in 2011!


Hm, some interesting poses from Seunggi!  All those forward thrust shoulder poses so totally reminded me of America’s Top Model!  A very flattering look for us females, accentuating the collarbones, neck and shoulders.  But not really feeling the pose on guys, although really popular for K-celeb guy photoshoots!  Love the poses of Seunggi just standing straight and tall.  As Tyra would say… “This is your best shot!”

But it seems LSGfan is usually in the minority, fashion and style preference wise(!), compared to the other Airen fans.  Although not totally alone, right?!  I definitely prefer chic polished fall/winter fashion over the more simplistic summer wear…

  • Favorite months ~ Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb
  • Least favorites ~ May, June, July

So which is your fave Seunggi calendar fashion month?

(Images: Hook Entertainment; DClsg; LSGfan)

And totally loved how Hook contrasted the monthly black & white expression photos with the monthly fashion photos for Seunggi’s 2011 Calendar!  Will definitely have to post the many varied individual shots of the Master of Expressions himself later on!

(Image: Naverblog/silverju1221)

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14 Responses

  1. hi LSGfan!!!!!! I really like April and December! He look too cute in December! kekekeke. I want to receive Seunggi calendar too!!!!

  2. yaay, i’m waiting for this!!!
    thank you!

  3. Sorry but they’ve run out of copies. Just noticed that the shirt he’s wearing is that of the Virgin Mary. I am a Roman Catholic and we hold the Virgin Mary in reverence. In my opinion it is not appropriate for him to wear it on such occasion. He wore one too during the MGIG press con. I am still a big fan of his but someone should inform his agency. See how the name is mispelled too.

  4. i like to have this calender too…

  5. What? There’s no more copies? I want to buy one!!! Hook Entertainment will print more for fans I hope!!! I luv all the pictures!

  6. i love the black and white expression photos the most.. he’s just friggin adorable! :D

  7. My favorite is March – love the blazer and vest over tee look. I also have a soft spot for SG in glasses; the frame goes so well with the hair. I wonder who took the black-and-white photos (himself?). They are fabulous!

  8. the biggest regret in early 2011 is i didn’t order this calendar from Hook, T_T
    the calendar is worthy to be bought …
    my favorite months are may (those specs~~~), september and november (his body is really something) !!!

  9. how can i buy ??

  10. if i can’t order, can you please post the complete photos of the calendar. cause i will be printing those. please. the cover and all the pages. PLEASEEEEEE ! :(( i’m begging. i hope the photos can be straighten and clearer. i want to print it. :) thanks. pleeease. i’m begging, i’ll wait.

    • Great photos, right?! :)

      sorry but I didn’t buy the calendar. and i’m not a member of the fanclub. Images belong to person credited in the post.

      Talk to Natt at leeseunggiworld blog and/or Tryp at tryp96 blog. Both of them bought/received their calendars and are members of LSG fanclub. :)

  11. thanks :))

  12. Oh, dear Ann unnie.
    please don’t worry
    of course you’re not alone in term of commenting upon Seung Gi’s fashion wise ^^

    I’m not so into the forward thrust shoulder poses too.
    Seriously, just stand up straight and he can make almost all woman in the whole world go gaga!

    My faves are of Feb, March, and September!
    plus May, for the specs only, not the whole outfit.
    I do have a thing for guys in specs. kkk~

    oh, but May is of the one in the least fave list.
    may I know why? what do you think about SeungGi with specs, unnie? :D

  13. Me too. I love to see guys in specs too (but not 24/7). So I was really excited about May at first glance but I actually didn’t like those frames on Seunggi. I know, I’m totally crazy and again, am in the minority! huhuhu… but I think smaller frames, more rectangular and less big round style would suit him way better. II so want to apply for an assistant cody position on his SG’s team! :)

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