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Master of Expressions~ Seunggi’s monthly 2011 calendar

Ok, Part 2 of the Calendar post. Loved these photos from Hook’s 2011 Seunggi calendar front cover that surfaced this week!  So much so that LSGfan felt it necessary to individually crop each photo and share with everyone!  (I did leave out a few I wasn’t too crazy about).  Just love all the expressions, from hilarious to cute to very haute!  Glad they included these fun photos alongside Seunggi’s monthly fashion photos.  Who can’t help but to smile after seeing these photos??!!

Individual outtakes with the Master of Expressions himself

These shots are so awesome!  Seunggi’s expressions are always priceless!
Like them all, but love the bit-more-serious ones~~  very haute!

(Images: DClsg; LSGfan)

Photos making the monthly calendar’s final cut

Per usual, Hook definitely prefers marketing cutesy, heartwarming Seunggi over a mature, chic Seunggi, but glad to see they included both variations.  Hope to see more and more of this cool and chic Seunggi in 2011!

And in order of LSGfan’s favorite shots…

(Images: blog.naver.com/thdekdma2918)

These totally deserved to make the final cut too, over some of the others!!!!

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10 Responses

  1. Love love love them!!! ^ ^
    Wish I can have that~
    Seung Gi is really the master of expression ^ ^
    P/s: Ann, by the way, did you get my reply mail?

  2. Annyeong? are these calendars ardy out in YesAsia? thanks…

  3. overload cuteness …
    love Seunggi with tongue out the most ^^
    anyway, i think you’ll only get this calendar if you order them directly from his official site in leeseunggi.com, but they said its already sold out.

  4. hahaha looks so idiot, dude :x
    but I love ya Seung Gi :-*

  5. OMG. Ind pix are DAEBAK!!! Love it!!! Seunggi is too cute! Cutness overload! Wahhhhh!!!

  6. Wow!!He’s soooooo cute!!!:) How did you get the calender?:DD

    • I know! So cute, right?! I don’t have the calendar. I’m a big LSG fan, but not the type to collect any photos and fan stuff. They were selling the 2011 calendar at his official website but supposedly his agency didn’t make enough and there’s none left.

      • I see. Did you join his official fan club? I want to join but it requires identification and passport, and I think it’s a bit dangerous to send such information in the internet. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing all these latest information of Lee Seung Gi. I enjoy reading your blog!:)
        P.S. I’m from Hong Kong:)

  7. Laam~ shout out to Hong Kong! no, I didn’t join the fanclub. I’m not really into that stuff either. (But I promise, I’m really a big Seunggi fan!!!!) :)

    but, yeah, i’m totally serious about online privacy! probably because so many of my guy friends work or are studying in the IT field. but most korean sites require passport info to sign up on their sites, and koreans don’t seem to have a prob with that and submit that kind of info all the time.

    I really love writing in general, and especially about entertainment stuff – Korean and American – like public relations, fashion, style, dramas, shows, etc, particularly stuff related to Seunggi! hahaha. And feel really sad that I can’t post regularly anymore this year because of other more prioritized stuff in life this year. But, later on in life, I may apply to work for Hook as their public relations writer! Ha! I’m going to use the LSGfan posts as my writing sample submission! Ha :)

    • You go, girl! That’s a great career aspiration. I am sure you can inject some much needed world views in the provincial shop of Hook.

      About needing passports or resident / worker’s ID to do things on-line, I suspect it’s another Asian trait because I encounter it in Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea. In the States, they just want your credit card number!

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