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Hook’s Lee SeoJin & SeungGi to guest at Carnegie Hall

Looks like Hook Entertainment is making Lee Sun Hee’s New York Carnegie Hall concert in February a company family affair event.  We knew Seunggi would be there, but Lee Seo Jin will also be performing, headlining the opening of her concert…

Actually, I was really surprised when Lee Seo Jin (40) signed with Hook last year.
I was shocked that Hook actually intends to have other clients aside from Seunggi!  So I’m pretty intrigued by this whole thing…

Lee Seo Jin was supposedly quite the ladies man!  Well, that is, according to my older cousin and rumors passed down from older Korean international students!  (He got his masters degree at New York University business school).  Nevertheless, in terms of background, education, and uhm-chin-ah status, he definitely fits the Hook bill!

I was sad when he and super lovable Kim Jung Eun (whom he met on the 2006 drama Lovers) split up after 2 years of dating.  Prior to that, he dated Lee Hyori (heard she was really head over heels for him too)!  2004 Kdrama Phoenix really put him on the map, but he hit the big time with Lovers and 2007 sageuk Yi San

He even guested on the very first episode of SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate and serenaded her with Lovers OST song “Go Hae.”  Check out Lee Seo Jin’s live singing (in addition to his, um, other skills) and clips from the super popular Lovers drama…

(credit: nadinepotteradikz)

Omg, I loved this drama!  It totally made me cry and laugh at the same time!  Their kiss was like the only realistic good kiss I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama!  Lee Seo Jin hasn’t been active in Korea recently, but he’s supposedly big in Japan (especially among the rabid ajumma fans!) and still admired in Korea.  Curious to see what his and Seunggi’s first meeting will be like, that is, if they haven’t already met.

I think “Go Hae” is like the anthem song for all guys, like every guy must sing it once!  Something about the lyrics…  Love this Seunggi-Hongki (FT Island) collaboration:

(credit: tkfkd111)

Watch ENG-subbed performance version at~ YT video link

I would SO love to see Seunggi do more of these collaborations!  Hello, Hook?!

Per the press release for her Carnegie Hall concert, Lee Sun Hee is scheduled to sing her many hit songs over the years, as well as Barbara Streisand’s “The Way We Were” and “Memory.”  And Lee Seo Jin and Seunggi will make guest appearances.

To be honest, Teacher SunHee’s concert is not necessarily LSGfan’s cup of tea in terms of music or live concerts, but there’s definitely no denying that respected 25-year veteran singer Lee Sun Hee has an amazing powerful voice!  And performing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall is definitely a lifetime opportunity for Seunggi.

I love that Teacher SunHee is his mentor and it’s always heartwarming to see them sing together.  And I love that Seunggi got to perform with legendary rock band BooHwal.  And glad to know he has another veteran sunbae at Hook in Lee Seo Jin… but it’s like so rare to see Seunggi collaborating or hanging out with his own peers.  Which is why I loved all his 2009 Gayo music performances, and one of the reasons I love seeing him and Teuk Academy/SuJu guys together regularly…

Lee Sun Hee will be only the third Korean singer to grace Carnegie Hall audiences.  Veteran Insooni performed last year and famed singer Cho Young Pil in 1980.  Insooni was also the narrator for the DongHeng Chuseok episode, and a featured guest on Strong Heart’s 2nd episode.  Cho Young Pil – Insooni – Lee Sun Hee.
Those are some seriously respected veteran Korean singers right there!

Seunggi must be feeling so proud to guest at his teacher’s concert!  And I just love how Teacher SunHee continues to sincerely gush about her most prized pupil…

Teacher SunHee says she wants to do everything for her student Seunggi
(SBS One Night show, Lee Sun Hee talks about Seunggi cut, 1/13/11)

R: Are there any idol singers that remind you of when you were 20?
LSH: Um…
R: Not including Lee Seung Gi!
LSH: I was going to say Lee Seung Gi! He was unique. The gleam in his eyes was very sharp. There was something very different about him.
{Having become a successful mentor through pure coincidence, Lee Sun Hee was happier than anyone else seeing her student Seunggi grow up.}
R: What do you consider your happiest moment after meeting Seunggi? When he wins awards?
LSH: No. When he moves me while acting in his drama~ I think, “You really developed into a heartwarming young adult!”
R: You sang on the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST because of Seunggi?
LSH: Of course. Actually, if it is for Seunggi, whether visible or unseen, I want to do everything for him at all times.
{She moved us in personally participating on the drama OST for her student.}

Video credit: Tryp96; English translation: LSGfan

In light of all the recent KARA-management drama and other kpop contract issues among idols, Teacher SunHee’s love and support for Seunggi is so sweet! And she’s so totally sincere about it, just like when she was on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

Watch~ Teacher SunHee and Seunggi on Chocolate

Despite ongoing disgruntlement with Hook (on many levels!), no fan can deny how much Hook and Teacher SunHee cherish Seunggi, something sort of rare in kpop management these days! Makes sense why Seunggi so sincerely thanks Captain Hook profusely in all his award speeches.

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5 Responses

  1. Tryp96 and iGoSeung~ I’ll be in midtown manhattan so I’ll make sure to take a photo of your soon-to-be-date venue with Seunggi and upload it! ha ha ha.

    It snowed in nyc (again) today… more snow blessings for Seunggi’s upcoming nyc trip!

  2. Dear Ann,
    So happy to find another LOVERS fan! For some reason, that drama did not generate a lot of buzz. I think it is very well done, especially the first 3/4. You said it about the kisses. Lee Seo Jin’s sculptured chins! And Kim JE was very credible as a doctor. It’s a shame the two did not end up together in real life.

  3. Hi Ann, if you dont mind and if Rapport is not doing it, can I use your translation to try to caption the video. I must say I may take a long time, and if I can find time for it.

  4. I want to go to new york to see him too! Will he sing more than one song? I hope someone takes video. Pleae take a lot of pictures!

  5. Hi Ann

    This may be digressing a bit from the post topic, but in addition to the collaboration with FT Island, I also love the following rendition of Ga Hae by Seunggi.

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