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Heartwarming 1 Night 2 Days Foreign Workers special

The final installment of the 3-part 1N2D Foreign Workers Special had LSGfan bawling like a baby!  Broadcast on January 16, 2011, nation’s MC Kang Hodong, with his mix of sincere sentiment and laugh out loud humor, continues to show us why he IS one of Korea’s top MCs. And Seunggi~ What really is there left to say about this guy?! He just makes his fans love him more and brings out new fans and admirers on a regular basis!

Seunggi sincerely took care of his Myanmar friend Yeyang from the start of part 1 when they first ate together, all the way through part 3 when he held his hand in support during the video…  Seunggi proves again and again why he IS the real deal!

Ok, so this doesn’t mean Seunggi is perfect and has no flaws!  (Yes, I know that’s a surprise to many Airen fans?!)  Come on, no person is perfect so I hope people don’t hang such high expectations on him all the time!  But, Seunggi has proven he has a good heart and tries to go about things with good intentions.  Something his programs, interviews, and the people around him have all vouched for… which is exactly why all the small (and big) things Seunggi does is even more heartwarming!

LSGfan’s Seunggi edition of the 1N2D Foreign Workers Special…

1N2D Foreign Workers Special

The 3 part Foreign Workers special was filmed over the Christmas holiday.  And I thought it was an interesting concept. Like after the Part 1 episode, I was thinking how come they chose people who weren’t even familiar with the 1N2D show, the members, or the games?  And why mainly from those specific countries?  Well, after the final installment, it all made sense and definitely left a huge impression on us all about the value of family, something near and dear to LSGfan’s heart!

Seunggi and Yeyang ~ Eat together

During Part 1, Seunggi picks up Yeyang at his work place.  They win their Bokbulbok game and get to eat a hearty meal.  Eating together is a great way to get to know one another better!  And Seunggi made sure that Yeyang was well taken care of…

Seunggi and Yeyang ~ Talk about girls

Another great way for guys to bond~ talk about girls.  While driving, Seunggi asks Yeyang if he is married and he says he has a girlfriend in Myanmar.  He asks Seunggi why he doesn’t have a girlfriend when he is famous, to which Seunggi says a lot of famous people are busy with their careers.  Then Yeyang asks, “Aren’t you interested in having a girlfriend?” to which Seunggi says “I think about it” adding emphatically, “I think about it all the time!”  ha ha ha.  I’m sure you do Seunggi!

Seunggi and Yeyang ~ Bromance date

Seunggi is definitely one of the most ideal bromance guys in Korea, with a large following of hyung and dongseng fans!  During Part 2, The two guys donned adorable Christmas white bear hats, took selca photos on the winter beach, and fed each other some yummy cotton candy!  Ha ha ha.  Too cute…

Seunggi helps prepare dinner

So, the final part 3 of the Foreign Workers special opens up with Seunggi, Jongmin, Kan, and Karriki cooking curry for dinner.  And we know how much Seunggi just loves to cook!  Ha!  He kept everyone laughing with his unending mimicking of people!  Fortunately, master chef Kan knew what he was doing and totally impressed the guys.  Seunggi’s rice didn’t turn out so good at first, like it was totally uncooked in the middle, but he was able to get things back on track with the help of Karriki!

Present for friends ~ Video montage

After dinner, PD Na surprises the guys and their friends with a video montage of each of their families!  Each of the families were visited in their home countries so they could send video greetings to the guys.  It was the start of major tears…

Karriki’s fairy tale marriage and daughters

Each of the five videos were incredibly touching and all the guys were super moved, but Karriki’s uncontrollable tears definitely set the tone.  Even more heartwarming was the story of about how they got married.  Karriki said his wife came from the poorest family in the neighborhood and because of that people did not want to marry her.  But Karriki didn’t care and he just went over there and put the ring on her finger and brought her into his home as his wife!  Aw!  And romantic Seunggi loved his story!

And I loved how Hodong emphasized that Karriki was rich because he had two daughters!  No offense to any guys, but I love how daughters have become prized over sons nowadays!  Korean parents realize that it is the daughters that usually take good care of you, more so than the sons!  That is unless, you have a son named Lee Seung Gi!  Hahahaha.

Another present ~ Surprise guests

Ok, I was totally not expecting this!  Maybe, I was hoping for it, but never imagined it could really happen.  I just love how Seunggi held Yeyang’s hand as he told him there was one more present in the room for him.  Seunggi couldn’t help but to be super happy for his friend.  Seunggi’s known to be very close with his parents and so it probably had special meaning to him.  Being super close with my parents, this was really touching for me too!

Yeyang and his father reunite

I really loved seeing Yeyang and his father together.  Yeyang had mentioned during the video montage time that he was worried about his father’s health so he was glad to see that he was well, and indicated that he really missed him a lot.  And the dad got a big hug from Seunggi too…

Other reunions

Kan (India) ~ Soogeun’s friend

Akil (Pakistan) ~ Jiwon’s friend

Suwan (Bangladesh) ~ Jongmin’s friend

Karriki (Nepal) ~ Hodong’s friend

Seunggi and the adorable Unisha

Ok, Seunggi really needs to stop doing stuff like this because it makes everyone, including fans AND the press go gaga!  The next morning at breakfast, Seunggi and Karriki’s daughter bonded together over clementines, and Seunggi saying “Oppa will peel this for you” to Unisha made everyone go Awwww…

Male stars likely to cherish their daughters

The cute images of Seunggi and little Unisha created A LOT of buzz after the episode aired!  There’s a term called 딸바보 which literally translates as “daughter dummy” but is basically an affectionate term to describe guys who are or would be great dads and totally cherish their daughters.  Seunggi is the newest 딸바보 guy, joining the likes of Won Bin and Rain.  And Hodong… He’s really great with kids! Hope 2nd one is a girl!

Superstar Won Bin created unending buzz as a 딸바보 when he stepped out with the little girl from his hit film, Ajusshi.  Seeing how attentive he was to the little girl made everyone go gaga for weeks!  Just love Won Bin…

And worldstar Rain also created waves as a 딸바보 when images surfaced of him holding a little girl during a fan meeting.  Also, when he appeared on Strong Heart, Rain said that he hoped to have daughters in the future.

Nation’s variety show 1N2D

Kudos to PD Na for making this special happen.  Although Seunggi and the guys are joking when they refer to PD Na as a “mean PD,” a lot of his unrealistic expectations of the guys were getting me unnerved, but we know how much he loves the guys and his Seunggi fanboy love!  Also kudos to the show for making this primarily about the guests and less about the members, while still bringing us laughs.  This aspect really sets 1N2D apart from the other K-variety shows.

Sad that PD Shin is leaving; she’s done such an amazing job.  And I’m still not thrilled about a new person joining the show.  But with its beloved status as nation’s variety show in Korea, the Happy Sunday PD and PD Na are definitely cognizant of the super sensitivity around this, especially in light of the long time it took for viewers to liken to Jongmin’s return.  Glad that Jongmin’s found his bearings more.

I recently watched old episodes with Mong and Kim C, and miss both of them and the special and close bond Seunggi shared with his 2 hyungs.

Hope Mong is doing okay and whatever the outcome or the truth of the military enlistment matter, I’d love to see him just own up to the 2-year commitment required of all guys in Korea by just doing a 2-yr office job.  And, can we please have Kim C make another 1N2D cameo, but this time in person and not via narration?!  Please?!

Daebak wishes for 1N2D in 2011!!!!

(Images credit: Naver blogs, Korean Press, DClsg, LSGfan)

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15 Responses

  1. thanks for the recap Ann, looking forward to seeing this episode. yay! :D

  2. Thank you, Ann.

  3. i’m sure im gonna cry a whole lot when the subbed ep comes out…lol, I cried every times I rewatched the episode even without sub…:)..and I like the what the netizen said in the article recently, “when the show end, my whole family clapped together”, is it ritual to watch the show together nowadays?..haha, anyway, thanks for the great recap Ann, :)

  4. I love the kitchen scene! SG’s expression when Karriki was muttering / complaining was priceless. Remind me that SG is capable of playing tricks and, yes, just being naughty. Also happy to see JM’s reaction when SG mocks him (what was his reply?).

    Hodong picked up right away that Karriki missed his 2-year-old terribly as a father would. And I cried when Karriki’s wife would not let go of him (didn’t know what she was saying until Ann’s translation). And cried some more when young Akil embraced his mom… Family is universal – it evokes such a strong feeling in everyone.

    Totally agree with your assessment of the producers/writers of 1N2D for this special trip. They set themselves apart and beyond all other variety shows.

  5. what ep is it??

  6. oops forgot to include broadcast date. updated post. Jan 16.

    guys, i really loved the captions on this ep, from what the guests said to what the script writers included. i think i’ve only seen like 1 KBSworld ep and i think it was online somewhere, so not sure if they usually do the eng subs for captions, but hope they do for this special ep.

  7. Thanks so much for the review and recaps, dear LSGfan.

    This episode really makes sure that 1n2d is really the best road variety show in Korea!
    I hope KBSw will be nice this time by giving the whole complete episode, without cutting any scenes.
    because those all scenes are really worth watching, I believe.

    and so with this episode will be aired in such an international channel, I hope 1n2d will get much more love or even new international fans!.
    and get to see how undeniably lovable the youngest guy named Lee Seung Gi is! haha

    Nodded my head with full agreement when reading this, LSGfan. <3
    "Seunggi really needs to stop doing stuff like this because it makes everyone, including fans AND the press go gaga!"

    Really, Seung Gi and kids = HEART-MELTING LOVE

    Again, thank you so much, LSGfan! :D

  8. could not bear to watch it…crying like a baby…glad and happy for your wonderful recap. keep it up dear ann…really,really , really enjoy it.have a good one.

  9. Ann, thank you for the slight recap of this foreign epi.
    I did watch the 3rd part (very heartwarming) though i watch it raw yet, it doesn’t make me feel less sad towards this epi.

    PD Na, 1n2d staff & members were just amazing!!!

  10. omg, reading this makes me can’t hold my tears~

    “Korean parents realize that it is the daughters that usually take good care of you, more so than the sons! That is unless, you have a son named Lee Seung Gi!”

    too funny!!! XDDD

  11. Omo! Ann you are back with your recap! Thank you so much!
    FYI not only Korean mum I think most of the in Asia feel that way too of coz’ unless they have a son like Seunggi. :)
    Annmichelle yes I believe too that lsg is capable of playing tricks and being naughty in a fun way of course. If you can remember at one of the strong heart ep. the guest said she thought that he was bookworm and that he will not make it in variety. But she thought differently after meeting. She said he is ok so he can play too.
    Another fan account – fan was driving home after the strong heart recording. Lo and behold lsg’s van was right behind hers. She said that because it was dark she was driving slow. The van tailgate hers then suddenly braked, overtake her and drove out. Haha!

  12. yeah, this episode is really daebak !! even tough i just understand one or two words what they exactly talked (thank you so much to your recap Ann , their words are understandable a bit now) but the meaning of love and families are always spelled in the same language. i cried a lot because of this beautiful episode and also because i envy that lucky Unisha, really.
    i want Seunggi to peeled me some fruits too !!~~~ kkeke

  13. I agree with all of you! I didn’t understand what they were saying but was crying so much with them all! Gosh, kariki’s wife made me cry most! So sweet to know what she saying to him!

    Diamonds, I’m with you! seunnggi please peel fruits for me too! Wahhhhh! Little girl so lucky! :)

  14. I bawled whn I watched this… I lived alone in foreign country. Watching this remind me of my family. This is really heartwarming indeed. And LSGi and the lil girl is so cute ^^

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