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Seunggi in the City [Feb 3, 2011, New York City]?

*** UPDATED:  Seunggi says he’ll see everyone in New York City ***

Video credit: leeseunggiworld; leeseunggi.com. Read English translation…

Hello to all the Koreans in the United States. Happy to meet you. I’m Lee Seunggi.  On February 3, 2011, Korea’s top national singer Teacher Lee Sun Hee will be having a concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall. I hope many of the Koreans living in the United States will come to Carnegie Hall and share together in this awesome concert that will include the many hits from Lee Sun Hee sunbaenim.  Having seen some of the preparations, Teacher is working even harder to put on the best concert, especially as this is the renown Carnegie Hall.  So I hope you all will come to the concert and personally share in the fervor and sentiment. Please always be healthy in 2011 and hope you receive many blessings.  And I’ll see you on February 3rd at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

English Translation: LSGfan

[Original post, Dec. 29, 2010]

This fan-photoshopped image was posted back in April, Seunggi Hwaiting!!! LSGfan totally loved the concept of a sophisticated Seunggi in a cosmopolitan city and posted this comment with the image at that time:

Some fan-photoshopped pix… SeungGi would probably totally love nyc! The sophisticated city life, arts/culture, and east coast smarts is a perfect fit for him… maybe he could do some of his grad studies in the States!

And come Feb. 3, 2011, Seunggi in the City might just really happen…

When Seunggi’s mentor and teacher, respected veteran Lee Sun Hee announced her upcoming New York City Carnegie Hall concert on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, LSGfan had a wild suspicion that SeungGi would possibly show up, especially considering their recent collaboration on the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST.

Although Seunggi is not officially confirmed to be at Teacher Lee Sun Hee’s concert, per a DClsg fan, a Korean radio station in New York City announced that Seunggi would be guesting.  And per usual, the post was then deleted! Ha.

So per Carnegie Hall events, Lee Sun Hee is definitely scheduled to be performing, but whether Seunggi will really be there is another thing…

Lee Sun-hee to Perform at Carnegie Hall

Lee Sun-hee will give a concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York next year, the veteran singer’s agency Hook Entertainment said Tuesday. The concert is on Feb. 3, and she will sing her greatest hits from the last 25 years.

“Because of strict regulations at the concert hall she will be kept very busy preparing for the concert in the remaining two months or so,” the agency said. Lee plans a separate nationwide tour from May next year. Launching her singing career with the grand prize at an amateur music competition in 1984 with “Dear J,” she has had a successful quarter of a century with countless hits. Last year, she released her 14th album in celebration of the jubilee and went on a nationwide tour.

Source: Chosun

If the concert gets added to Seunggi’s official schedule… LSGfan won’t be able to go!!!!  Out of all months and weeks~ LSGfan will have to miss out.  But that’s okay…

Per Thai fans successfully stalking and meet Seunggi in Bangkok post, for some reason, LSGfan (a bad fan?!) isn’t crazed about seeing him in person.  Since we’re not going to date or get married, I figure it’s best to be practical and realistic, and keep a real-life distance! Ha. But, still it would’ve been great if I could make it!

For fans who are going to the concert, the venue is absolutely gorgeous! And although some of the seats are more ideal, you have pretty much non-obstructed views at the various tiered mezzanine seating spaces too.  Carnegie Hall is a perfect fit for the refined and regal Lee Sun Hee and Seunggi!

But if he’s really going to NYC to guest at her concert, would love to see Hook schedule Seunggi for other events too; maybe some on his own apart from Teacher Sun Hee. NYC has a huge Korean population of all ages.  It would be great if Hook capitalized on his time in NYC, that is, if he really is coming…

(Images: DClsg, LSGfan)

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Ann,

    Happy New Year!! Lots of love and luck and success for you and family this upcoming year. I want to hear good news.

    Bummer. It’s also the week that I am tied up but would definitely consider if Seung Gi was doing his own concert or CD signing. XD Will keep an eye out on this one. I think someone owns a lot of people a visit to the West Coast.

    In any case, it should be a special event for those who are going. Perfect Valentine trip if you think about it. Uh, yeah, all boyfriends should totally understand our relationship with Seung Gi. =)

  2. Are you coming to NY?? I AM :)
    (Seung4ever @soompi)

  3. I love NYC! Last visit was in July 2010. Had a blast romping in Central Park and all those gorgeous museums. I am sure SG will thoroughly enjoy NYC. He should definitely pay Broadway (or Off-, or Off-Off-) a visit. Good luck to Teacher Lee’s concert too.

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