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Congrats to Hallyu Seunggi for his first award of 2011!

Ok, Seunggi just wrapped up an amazing year with a slew of 2010 awards in acting, mcing, and singing.  And now he’s gone and started the new year with a bang by receiving his first award of 2011, and on his 25th (24th in American age) birthday!

On January 13, at 6pm at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism recognized Lee Seung Gi in the drama field, along with Jung Woo Sung for film and girlgroup Kara for music, for their merits in furthering the Hallyu Korean Wave during the 2010 year.  Actor Song Seung Hun and girlgroup SNSD were awarded this recognition in the previous year.

See press clip at~ Tryp96’s Hallyu Merit Awards YT link.

Aw, Seunggi looks so happy standing next to Jung Woo Sung and talking with him in the clip!  And I love how the man smiled so big and warmly embraced Seunggi and patted him on the back after giving him his award!  Everyone can’t help but to be proud of Seunggi!~  And was glad to see them recognize Seunggi’s work in acting, singing, and MCing when they asked whether he’d be doing all three this year as well!


Recognized/Awarded for his Hallyu merits

Asked about Acting, MCing, and Singing

Feeling pretty good!

This photo is like so serious!  Wonder what Seunggi was thinking…

Seunggi and Jung Woo Sung!

How super excited was Seunggi to meet Jung Woo Sung like this?!  Probably really embarrassed and shy to be standing next to such a veteran sunbae!  Love this shot of these two guys, and it was so cute because the guys were chatting it up while Kara was being awarded!  And I love Jung Woo Sung even more for initiating the conversation first with Seunggi!  Seunggi must have been SO incredibly excited!!

I would love to see Jung Woo Sung come out on Strong Heart after SBS drama Athena wraps.  Unfortunately, the drama hasn’t been doing too hot, especially in comparison to the mega money that went into producing this Iris drama spinoff.  I’m still hoping for Jung Woo Sung to make a cameo in one of the Chung Jung Won CFs with Seunggi!

Look at these 2 heartwarming guys that can’t help but to make you smile…


Jung Woo Sung + Kara + Seunggi

Happy to see the Kara girls get recognized.  They’ve been so popular in Japan this past year (along with SNSD, who was recognized last year).

Aw, the 2 guys again!  And Gyuri and Seungyun look cute chatting together…

Seunggi and Nicole.  Their expressions!  Ha!  Obviously cropped by the photographer!

Another funny candid.  Seungyun’s expression is too funny!  Was she looking at Seunggi or Jung Woo Sung (who was cropped out of the photo)?!  Hahahaha.

Congrats again to Hallyu Seunggi!

Loved this awards look!  It reminded me so much of Seunggi’s Brilliant Legacy press conference photos!  From the awesome hair to the thin-collared cropped jacket and slim tie with white cuffs showing (love the slightly-longer-than-jacket shirt cuffed look paired with suit jackets!)~~ it’s basically the same suit except that the Brilliant Legacy one was grey!

I need to send a personal note to Seunggi’s Cody!! S/he’s been doing a bang-up job for the start of 2011!  Thank you Cody!  If you keep this up, LSGfan will have to come out of hiding a bit more than planned!!  Please just don’t cut the hair super short again!  Congrats again to Seunggi! 2011 will definitely be daebak!

(Images:  Korean Press as labeled;  News via Yonhap)

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7 Responses

  1. First,so happy for Seunggi..what an achievement.!!Daebak!! Congrats Bufday Boy…
    But, I hate certain photos coz i can see too much liquid powder on his face (due to the lighting)…hu3x…can it be done normally?seunggi has good skin…

  2. I like Jung Woo Sung. He has kind but sometimes sad eyes. Looked him up on wiki and found his first film was about gumiho…what a coincidence! I enjoyed him a lot in “Daisy.” SG looks so fresh and happy. That full body shot totally showcases his perfect form. How come I never get tired of looking at him?

  3. wow, seunggi oppa already won award for this year! he looks so cute and handsome! and very tall with long legs!^^
    congratulations to uri seunggi oppa! i hope hoi couple comes to asia this year for fan meeting!

  4. congrats for SEung Gi……
    II miss the best coupie Seung gi and Han Hyo Joo…..

  5. you said it! the hair and the suit! <33

  6. Dear LSGfan, happy to see you posting again :)

    Congratulations Seung Gi.
    Really a blessed boy.
    got an award for his birthday gift and also for an acknowledgement of his hard work! Super!

    I love his style here.
    He looks so gorgeous in suit, with that tiny tie.
    I like him wearing such a tie better than a bow tie.

    and the bangs!
    woohoo~ *dazzled

  7. Ann..really happy you posting again (we talked about you on twitter kkk~) Yup, I love the bangs and suit so much really

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