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NYC snow blessings for Seunggi’s 25th Birthday

So in addition to strolling through a gorgeous snowy white Central Park while listening to my ipod, LSGfan will be celebrating this special day in Seunggi style…

Since Seunggi doesn’t need me to buy him anything, especially when I have to live in pricey New York City(!)…  And since I’m sure he’ll get tons of well-wishes, gifts, and love from Airen fans worldwide…  I’m sure Seunggi will be most super happy to know that LSGfan is being a very good graduate student!

So, in addition to making sure it snowed in NYC (a sign of blessings)…

To commemorate the stylish boots Seunggi’s been sporting on 1N2D, LSGfan will pick up some new UGGs.  Then hit a pilates class to keep in step with the always in shape Seunggi.  Then, try out one of the recently opened new restaurants in the city, since foodie Seunggi hates not getting to eat regular meals!  And lastly call it a day, by diligently finishing up an article submission just like the disciplined Seunggi!!!!

Other Airen fans must be celebrating Seunggi’s birthday too?!  Here’s to another daebak year for Seunggi’s 25th birthday, together with all the amazing Airens!

And of course, Seunggi couldn’t just celebrate like your average person…

He’s getting his first award of 2011 on his birthday!

On January 13, at 6pm at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will recognize Lee Seung Gi in the drama field, along with Jung Woo Sung for film and girlgroup Kara for music, for their merits in furthering the Hallyu Korean Wave.  Last year, actor Song Seung Hun and girlgroup SNSD were awarded this recognition.  Congrats to our Seunggi for his first award of 2011!

(Via Yonhap News; Images cited in previous LSGfan posts)

22 Responses

  1. Hi LSGfan! I had a feeling you’d post something on uri seunggi’s bday! happy birthday to seunggi!

    I”m going to celebrate his bday by re-watching my girlfriend is a Gumiho!!!! hope you have fun on your snow day celebrating! ^^

    and yay for another Seunggi award! congratulations!!!!!!

    oh and hello to all Airens! seunggi bday! yay!

    • that is exactly what I plan to do today as well, but not just MGIG, also some episodes from BL, 1N2D and KSH.. :D

      • may i know where do you download all da 2 days 1 night..i do love to watch da movie so much..can you help me..

      • you can download raw and english subbed episodes in 1n2dfansubs.wordpress.com happy watching! i just finished watching the foreign workers special ( i dont understand korean language much so i always have to wait for the subbed ones)..

  2. first, Im so happy to see you make a posting today. I was so sure you would not miss creating one for Seung Gi’s birthday. :D happy birthday to our Seung Gi! :)

  3. How could I not post on Seunggi’s birthday, right?! :)
    Have a great day! Great idea on watching marathon Seunggi dramas or shows. I’ll make sure to have those videos playing while writing tonight! it should be great inspiration! hehehehehe.

    • i just hope it wouldn’t take much of your attention (which I guess it probably will :lol: ) and you still can focus on your homework. :) Good luck on your study Ann! All the best. :)

  4. ann, are you not saving to go to lee sun hee’s concert? haha, better go..:)

  5. Seungi Gi’s most handsome photos…
    love it Ann ! yeay..
    happy 25th to Seunggi, have a wonderful life and an amazing wife :D !

    btw, i love your comment :
    “I’m sure Seunggi will be most super happy to know that LSGfan is being a very good graduate student!”
    fighting Ann !!!


  7. May I ask why is it his 25th birthday and not 24th? My daughter was also born in 1987. Is it the Korean way?

    • in most Asian countries (if not some) including Korea, age 1 starts on the day of the birth, after a year, their supposed to be ‘1st year of age’ is considered their second and so on.. That is how I understood it. OR it has to do with the Lunar calendar and stuff like that. :D I even saw some posts stating that his real birthdate is in dec..

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m a Canadian Chinese and I understand that. If go by the Lunar calendar, then Seung Gi should be a tiger instead of a rabbit because his birthday is in January.


    Wish you more fans this 2011….as in truckloads of them! kekeke! ^^

    Seriously, good health is the most important thing I would want seunggi to have since i’m sure he’ll have so much blessings again this year like dramas, concerts, Strong Heart, 1N2D, and a lot more. Thus, he really needs to be super strong this year like Superman…Super Seunggi fighting!

  9. seung gi…..happy birthday…may your happiness be many…….
    today I’m going to re watch BL……,Hope Seung gi will be HHJ man…….
    we are waiting the LSG HHJ drama together in 2011…..
    Bravo Seung gi………!!!!!

  10. Happy b’day 승기 !!^_^

  11. Happy Birthday for URI SEUNG GI totally celebrate with him seung gi’s bithday even make a cake [my pride] haha even my mom thought I was crazy baking a cake for a persons far far far away lol haha but well she like it haha

    And I start to watch MGIG and BL too, and some ep. of 1N2D [seung gi’s first ep is a most watch and some other ep. Oh yeah and “Let’s go my friend” ep. totally funny, love to watch angry seung gi again haha]

  12. ann, thank you very much to posting about SG B’day

    Happy B’day to uri LSG

    More and more and more successes will follow you trough this year

    what ever you do, do well .. for you will never know
    when God is standing in the shadows taking your measurements for a bigger opportunity
    (Tom Haggai )

  13. Happy Birthday Lee Seung Gi, love your smile.

    I have just celebrated your bday with a cup of coffee
    and managed to re-watch SBS drama award – duet with HHJ, BL special and 1N2D 1st anniversary “the humble beginning” i’m just so in love when SG says :
    ” I wish I could sweep it at all, everything, I will not rivals, I will get everything” :)

    wahhh Seung Gi ya….!!!!! i think you already showed it to us and you achieve it with Hard Work of course…

    hope this year you will do more projects, always healthy, happy and and God Bless You always………

  14. hi ann, so happy ream your post again. i miss you very much but unfortunately i had just late. on seunggi’s bday i had enjoyed my fav drama forever brilliant legacy..yeah so freaking. ann, thanks so much..i’m too happy to find your post again

  15. sori ann, i mean read your post..maybe i’m too happy&so surprised make me nervous write this comment:p

  16. happy birthday seunggi!!!!

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