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2011 new year resolutions and another daebak Seunggi year!

Thank you Cody for starting off the 2011 year with a perfect bang!  And like Seunggi’s fashionable new year photo message at his official website, leeseunggi.com, LSGfan hopes you all had an awesome first week and wishes everyone a very happy, healthy, successful, ambitious, and blessed 2011 year!  I love brand new years because it gives us the chance to reflect on our goals in life, and then prioritize and commit to make those a reality.  So with this new 2011 year comes new year resolutions…

LSGfan blog was started purely for fun and foremost out of admiration for an adorable, talented, diligent, well-educated, humble multi-entertainer guy named Lee Seung Gi.  And it was sort of like a super fun research project!  Ha!  Whether you became a fan through his songs, variety shows or dramas~ it’s fact that discovering Seunggi basically turns your life upside down because he has SO much going on ALL the time and he is so freaking likable, you can’t help but want to root for him all the time!

Turning 24 (US age) next week, Seunggi continues to be one of the most beloved celebs in Korea.  He’s risen to the top ranks, while racking up prestigious year end awards as a SINGER, MC, and ACTOR for the second straight year in 2010.  Yet, he is one of few celebs that has very few antis and continues to receive love from the public and within the entertainment industry despite his rise to fame and coveted earnings!

Seunggi continues to be a top CF star, yet segues those lucrative endorsements to bring much needed attention to various public service projects.  While lending his celebrity to worthy causes, Seunggi’s financial contributions and sincere direct involvement in multiple charity and volunteer projects are well known by everyone!

Yes~ Seunggi is one of those guys you just can’t help but to like and admire!

And LSGfan is an uber Seunggi fan!  But more importantly, LSGfan really admires and is inspired by Seunggi.  Also, as some of you know, like Seunggi, LSGfan is very much a perfectionist (perhaps to a fault!), and also very ambitious and goal-oriented.

It’s pretty rare to find a celeb that’s equally amazing and inspiring as a star and as a person~ Seeing how Seunggi lives his life, makes you want to do better in school, get more motivated career-wise, love your family even more, be more involved in helping others, and just overall more successful and good-natured in everything you do!

All that said, it is bittersweet to share LSGfan’s new year resolution with you guys~

LSGfan will no longer be regularly blogging…

Blogging everyday made LSGfan an even bigger fan and admirer of Lee Seung Gi.  And BECAUSE of that, LSGfan will be committing to some real-life priorities and goals this year.  And to make those a successful reality, blogging everyday is not possible.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially because all of you have shown so much love for this site and I loved reading all the lovey dovey comments, along with the more crazy, hilarious ones!  And I really loved compiling each post~ the pictures, doing English translations, and of course commenting on all things Seunggi!  I’m so thankful that he gave fans so much to work with!

There are a lot of fans out there who can amazingly balance fangirl life, school life, work life, and family and friends life~ but that is definitely not LSGfan’s strongest trait!  And running a GOOD, TIMELY, ACCURATE, and ORIGINAL blog is really hard work!

Which is why LSGfan is such a fan of Natt and Tryp’s blogs leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com and tryp96.wordpress.com

For being the first to usually post breaking news from original sources, personally uploading countless videos and images, answering comments and questions from other fans, and doing all of this solely on your own, in a timely, freely and generous way, and making this firstly all about Seunggi and not about yourselves~ you guys are precious to international Airens!  [So we are just thankful to you guys, and please never feel pressured by that!]  We know that Seunggi knows Natt (after her Thai airport stalking and Strong Heart staff pass!), now we just need to make sure that Tryp gets to meet and make an impression on Seunggi!  Maybe in nyc?!  Hahahaha.

So please everyone, continue to show their blogs a lot of love and support!  And to all the people out there who are hotlinking to their videos and images, or not properly crediting them~ that is totally uncool, lame, and cheap, so please stop!  And I know there are LOTS of other fan sites out there too, so hwaiting to all of you guys too!

And LSGfan continues to be a big fan of Soompi-Lee Seung Gi thread

Precisely because of these types of situations.  There were many times when I considered not blogging anymore because of time constraints.  And anyone who’s run a blog with regular visitors knows what that pressure feels like.  Still not crazy about the Soompi layout, but the plus is that the site isn’t dependent on one single person nor some point in time.  It’s a money-free, English-speaking space where fans (old, new, and potential) can follow Seunggi regularly.  I always said it was the English equivalent to DClsg and always would be homebase.  So thanks to the many fans who’ve been posting stuff from other sites and visiting there regularly.

Thank you Everyone!

It really bothered me when regular or long-time Seunggi fans would all of a sudden disappear or stop posting on certain sites, or move on to some new celeb or hobby WITHOUT any explanation.  Yes, I know that happens all the time in kpop, and that people have their own personal reasons.  And sure, people are free to make their own decisions, but LSGfan is super serious about loyalty, be in real life or in cyberspace.

LSGfan first emailed Natt and Tryp to get their blessing(!).  And they were sad, but not too surprised since I’d mentioned it before, and respected LSGfan’s decision.  Thx!

And like LSGfan, other important priorities (good and exciting things) have also come up for Rapport2010.  She video subbed LSGfan’s English translations with perfection, but will not be doing anymore English-subbed videos as she can’t be online much anymore.  Further, LSGfan will not be able to do many English translations, so hopefully other Korean and English speaking fans will jump into the fray.

Now, most importantly~ LSGfan readers! Thanks for being super loyal to this site by visiting, reading, and commenting, even despite some of my uncontrollable outbursts against Hook and obsessive posts about Seunggi’s fashion and his Cody!

So, in being inspired by the goal-oriented and successful Seunggi, LSGfan will make some final posts and then will not be posting regularly afterward.  The site will remain public for now.  Each and every LSGfan post and link was compiled with a lot of love.  And it might sound strange, but I find myself LOLing when re-reading some of the posts and comments!  But if and when this site has to be phased out altogether, I’ll definitely give you guys a heads up for sure; hopefully that won’t have to happen.

Another daebak year for Seunggi in 2011!

Actually, I re-watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (again!) this first week of January 2011 and appreciated Seunggi’s acting even more, and even liked his hair and fashion(!) more this time around.  And it SO made me super excited about his drama return in 2011!  Also, after watching the newest episodes of  Strong Heart and 1N2D, his volunteer work on Dong Heng, and re-watching his live performance at the Drama Awards, I’m so totally anticipating more of Actor, MC, Singer, CF, and Public Servant Seunggi in this new 2011 year!  And it’s looking to be another amazing daebak year for our Seunggi, Korea’s beloved prince, and all his Airens, who will be fans for life!

Happy New Year!

May your dreams become a reality in 2011!

29 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    As an author of a much less popular, personal blog, I nonetheless understand the demand and pressure being put on by readers. When I cannot manage it any more, I just stop posting for a while and try to forget the whole thing. However, after resting for some time, I feel the itch again and start it all over. So, I am sure you will continue to monitor SG’s going-ons (how can any red-blooded fangirl not to!). When you cannot resist the urge to say something, do give it a very loud shout! I will be waiting to hear. In the meantime I am sure you will work hard toward your goals and have a wonderful year 2011! Until next time, love and best wishes…

  2. Dear Ann…In fact, I’m so sad because through your blog is my first touch of admiration to Seung Gi. I’m sad, but if it for the best, I hope you the best! Well, but not posting regularly doesn’t mean you won’t post at all right? -teheheee-
    I will miss you Ann*hug* I hope 2011 will become a daebak year for you :)

  3. so sad ann, read your post.but i must to respect your decision. hope you’ll be success,be healthy,&always be happy. i’ll really2 missing you. keep on fighting..saranghae;)

  4. Hi Ann,

    Like many ,of course I’m sadden too to read your decision.I’ll miss all your postings which I’d enjoyed so much. In fact , while waiting for your new posting I went thru’ some of past postings and have to say that I still enjoy reading it.

    However, I’ll respect your decision. I know there still many goals and things you need to do and fulfill. You are still young there are still many things for you to accomplish.Most importantly, to meet someone of your dream.(do not end up like me hehe! but not to say that I’m not happy being a single :) )

    And like Annmichelle and reglest, I too hope that you will still once in a while post here:).

    Once again wish all the very best in year 2011. May God watch over you and bless you in whatever you are doing!

  5. Dear Ann

    Your blog has been my favourite source of information on Lee Seung Gi thus far and is always the first blog I go to for my daily dose and update (although I’ve always been a silent reader only).

    I’m breaking my silence as I feel that it is only right to say a very big thank you to you for having maintained such an amazing blog and have always admired the dedication of people like yourself. I will truly miss your postings.

    Wishing you all the very best in your chosen path.

  6. felt sad and empty after reading your blog. i am sure it was a difficult decision on your part. i hope you know how much i appreciate your effort as do the rest of seungi fans. wishing you well on everything you do. have a great life. take care….and hope when everything has settled you can still find time to drop by and give us your input from time to time.will be missing your blog so much.

  7. ann,

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your blog, its seems like vitamin to start my day

    Thank you very much for delightful moments/info that your shared with us about uri hodang SG, I really really enjoyed it and i hope this will not the end.

    Good luck to you and best wishes >3<.

  8. Ann, respect your decision. Just one request – come visit us at soompi whenever you can okay. It will be like old time, back to our home base again.
    All the Best & Good Luck to you for 2011.
    God Bless!

  9. Dear Ann, words cannot express my sadness but somehow I felt it coming because you have not been providing recaps for recent SH and 1D2N episodes. I guess you have other priorities in life and I am happy for you. But, the selfish me is still in denial (state of shock).

    I am really as much a fan of yours as LSG (of course, you rank no. 2 after him, ha ha). I will really miss reading your recaps and comments and I often wonder how old you are çoz you seem so perceptive and wise when sharing your insights . Thanks so much for providing me with so much reading pleasure these past few month, really appreciate your time & effort & your love for LSG !

    My sincere wish is that you still update this blog once in a while (eh, in your free time, ok). Please do your best not to phase out this site, I will really be heartbroken if that happens !

    All the best to you, Ann. Wishing you a happy, healthy and blessed 2011.

  10. I’m so sad reading your post, but I appreciate your decision. I nomu nomu love your blog. I love your writing style. I visit your blog every day to check new post. So thank you so much for the happiness you bring. I hope you’ll come again once in a while. Hope this year is gonna be a daebak year for you.

  11. dear ann..
    Now i know why u’re not update ur blog recently..
    I’m so sad reading this post..
    But will appreciate ur desicion..
    jinja miss all ur post,recaps,translation and all those things u upload in ur blog..
    Hope u will have a great year this year..
    All the best and fightingggg=)))

  12. i’m so sad but also really inspired about your decision… i think people have their own way for being a fan and your way is so admirable!

    dear LSGfan,
    i’m a fan of you now! XDDD

  13. Hi Ann, feel so sad but we will respect your decision. Thanks for all your updates and translations all this while. I’m sure we’ll still see you over at soompi rite :) Take care and all the best for 2011!!!

  14. Hi Ann,

    We can’t stop u but we just want to say thank you for all your efforts we really appreciate it..

    We will miss your blog since we add it up on our daily lives to check ur blog with regards to lsg..

    Anyway GOD bless and Good Luck!!

  15. hello ann!

    i just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, (HAHAHHA) to all the contents you’ve posted here in your blog, for translating, reviewing wow! it helped new fans alot. really! and although im sad, but
    go go go to your plans, i hope your plans for 2011 will be succesful!

    Godbless you Ann!
    and thank you!:)

  16. For beloved Ann,

    my tears are seriously going down,
    because Ann’s blog is the first cyberspace that explained me a lot of amazing stuff about Lee Seung Gi. i can tell you, that aware or not i became a big SeungGi’s airen was thank you to your blog!!!
    your blog is always in th list of my prime bookmarks, hence i can found update news about seunggi fast everytime i turned on my notebook.
    so, with all sincerity that i have i want to say thank you very much, you introduced me a figure of prince, owe you, Ann.!

    oh Ann, now i really wish can understand Korea, so i can sub everything that SG said like you and rapport2010 did.

    and you know Ann, i’m soooo regret because of the late me who never aware that there is a guy name Seung Gi and all his wonderful airens do exist before last October !
    if only i started it earlier…

    but, yeah the same as you, i think as good airens who really love Seung Gi we have to make not only good life, but perfect life ! do everything in our best.

    one more time, thank you very much Ann!
    may God let us and Seunggi have a wonderful year and amazing future

    definitely will nomo nomo nomo pogosipo you and this blog. :’)

    *even though Ann is the same as me who is an airen, i feel like it is Seung Gi that say goodbye :'(

  17. dear Ann,
    thank you for everything…
    this was the first site that i read
    and get to know about seunggi oppa..
    you actually the one who introduced me to seunggi oppa..
    and make me fell on him more and more..
    thank you for your hard work in giving us, the fan,
    news about oppa..
    wish you all the best in your life..
    n take care…
    love you Ann.. :)

  18. I’ve been a silent reader all these while. I respect your decision – just like to say that I’ve enjoyed your postings all these while. Have a great 2011 too, and all the best in your future undertakings!

  19. Thank you LSGfan and Airens!
    huhuhuhuhu :( When I first read this, I didn’t believe it. me too. i loved seunggi more after reading all about him. I got to know seunggi in MGIAG drama and then loved him watching strong heart and 1 night 2 days. i watched Brilliant Legacy for the first time after. thank you to LSGfan, rapport2010, Tryp96, leeseunggiworld and all interntational fan sites. will miss you nomu nomu much. I hope you will post once in a while. Love Seunggi and Airens nomu nomu much! :)

  20. Received your news with a heavy heart but if it is for the best…Go for it and good luck

    Now where do I go for the latest news on LSG????

    Best of Everything Ann

  21. Ann, i love this part of your writing : an adorable, talented, diligent, well-educated, humble multi-entertainer guy named Lee Seung Gi… but then, on a second thought, i love all your writing up there about Seung Gi, it’s just so right and true eventough i don’t know SG personally. can’t help but to adore him…
    i wish that he would have a blastful birthday and on going successful career in 2011..and so does the same for all of his fans..

    • dear Ann, just got through reading it to below, OMG, i really love your blog. it’s the first thing that helped me discover all about SG, it will be a big loss without your writing and sharing about SG..despite all, thank you so much for all the love for SG that you have shared..may 2011 becomes the best year for you too…

  22. (T____________________T) 안돼! Not gonna happen!! *gets bright idea to chain Ann to Seung Gi* How bout that? Would that persuade you to keep blogging? *Seung Gi wraps arm around Ann* (•___•) wait..I should be chaining myself to Seung Gi. WHAT.HAVE.I.DONE! Oh the things we do for this 허당! We’ll even share him! Maybe.

    Ok ok..in the spirit of being serious((er). more serious?)
    I, like the rest of the gang here will be sad to see you not blogging. BUT. Real life intervenes (as it usually does curse it) and fanblogging does take a lot of energy (props and Seung Gi endorsed Premium Sunkist OJ to you, tryp, and Natt in particular) so I really do understand your reasons for not regularly blogging anymore. I myself used to be a regular/poster and moderator for a Shinhwa forum – but as 3 of 6 members are still in the army, not so much news + real life= not a good reliable moderator (or at least for now hopefully).

    I do really hope that you don’t phase this lovely little place out and that you keep it as a reference for all the Seung Gi fans out here. (Plus I want to re-read your hilarious commentary/recaps). Speaking of which, I hope that every once in a while, you’ll grace us with a random general commentary shout out. thing. Because I’m just gonna assume (regardless if it makes an ass out of u and me) that you’ll still be keeping up with Seung Gi’s news (right right? *Seung Gi stares Ann down*). Besides, someone’s gotta smack talk Cody into dressing Seung Gi accordingly! LOLS

    Hope that you, thats right Ann, I’m looking (virtually) at you, have a very 대박 2011!!!!!! For all your fabulous commentary, rants and gushing, Seung Gi and I present to you your very own Samsung midnight blue, crystal studded, blinged out fridge! Complete with a lime juggling Seung Gi dressed in white..or would you prefer a tuxedo-ed out Seung Gi with a milk mustache and milk bottle in hand? XD
    Hope to see you around somewhere in this crazy online place we call home! *coughdoyouhavetwittercough*

    I also hope everyone else here has a 대박 2011 as well! See you all over at Natt & Tryp’s place to spam, sorry, commentate?

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Livvie

  23. Hallo Ann…so sad after reading your post.
    I regularly visit your blog.
    Wishing you all the best, Ann.

  24. Hi..i’m also a seunggi’s fan,i’m from indonesia,n i’ve being liked him since his main role in brilliant legacy..
    But i was still a silent reader,i like to see any comment from airens(thanks for all post routinely)so much truly sincere,love him,n loyal..^.^
    i hope i can join with you all airens ’round the world whom always support him..
    And annyeong for u all..~

  25. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for all the time and effort you gave for this blog. I came in here just to find this message and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad at all :( I’m sorry that I never commented before (I’m shy ;_;) I can’t help but agree with everything you said in this message, and sometimes it sucks that real life gets in our way of fangirling (lol k/d) But yeah, I hope nothing but the best for you and I’m sure you’ll still be a very active fan of LSG behind the screen (You don’t want to miss his heodang moments do you? :P) Hmm I wonder how I’m going to understand LSG now that you’re gone haha k/d But I wish my Korean was a little better ;_;

    Anyway thank you thank you thank you! ♥ I hope to see you post once in awhile :)

  26. Sorry to comment two times, but….
    Ann….I’ve just watched strong heart cuts in tryp’s blog, and I have no idea what they said….and….and…..there’s something in my eyes, seriously. I suddenly remember you. I’ll miss you and your blog Ann…and thank you again for everything…

  27. i was wondering why there were no email notices about your new posts lately. Had no idea about this (as I am unable to read this one before) until ‘diamonds’ made a comment on your last post. it’s too sad for me to find out about this news. you’ve been one of my sources about everything Seung Gi, it’s your blog (along with natt’s and tryp’s) that I usually open first before starting my work, EVERYDAY. So not seeing new posts from you feels like something’s missing. I am one of the many very thankful fans of your blog. Hope you get to do whatever you need to do with flying colors. More power, Ann! :)

  28. Dear LSGfan,

    it’s saddening to know that the time will come soon,
    when there won’t be any new notification email in my ‘LSGfan’ folder anymore.
    I will be missing you and Rapport2010 so much,
    and the daebak collaboration between both of you lovely gals.

    You have been being such a VERY BIG help
    that I feel very thankful toward,
    for sharing your inside thoughts,
    and for a lot of daebak translations that you have done.
    I managed to know more and even better about Seung Gi,
    because of you. Thank you so much.
    That’s why you deserve those gazillion ‘thank you’, love, and support for sure.
    you’re even gaining some fans now -me included-

    on the other side, I really admire and respect you!! *bows
    To make such a final decision, of course it wasn’t easy for you.
    Congratulation, LSGfan, for being able to decide what you really want to do
    and to bravely go for it and give your all.
    You are really like Seung Gi!!

    In the future,
    when you have some thoughts about Seung Gi, and feel really urged to shout it out,
    please don’t hesitate to post it.
    As long as this blog is still available, then I will wait to hear again from you.
    Because, I always have fun reading your writing.
    You have a great writing skill, LSGfan! Really!

    I hope you will have amazing years ahead!
    All the best for you in your life, LSGfan.
    Take care, and don’t study too hard okay?
    Please be healthy always :)

    an Airen from Indonesia.

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