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Actor Seunggi’s fashion and style [2010 SBS Drama Awards]

Can’t leave Seunggi’s award winning night and his award-winning speeches at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards without a fashion and style post! And per Seunggi’s plea, one of LSGfan’s new year’s resolutions is to ease up on Cody and Hook.  And overall, Actor Seunggi showed up looking super handsome, sharp, and elegant…

Getting out of the van

Love these shots of sharp-looking tuxedo Seunggi coming out of his van…

Greeting fans

He definitely never forgets his fans…

Making an entrance

Always so cheery and happy, and looking good from head to toe…

I really like this photo for some reason! Something about the expression…

Posed hand-up photo time

Yes, these are all unique, different photos of a super handsome Seunggi!
Really wish Cody or one of the photographers straightened his bowtie first…

Posing head to toe

Suit Seunggi always look so tall, definitely shows off his long legs…

Red Carpet interview shot

Why so shy? Because Seunggi-Minah chemistry was mentioned by the reporters!

Overall style

The tuxedo – I wasn’t too thrilled about the rounded collar, and would preferred a higher buttoned jacket to accentuate his slender build, but I’m just happy when the Cody puts him in a fitted suit!  Seunggi looked sharp and glamorous.

The hair – I would’ve liked it more without the corner forehead exposure, but overall, it looked really great.  Seunggi looked super handsome, like a celebrity actor should!

Outfit change for awards show

Not sure why, but Seunggi changed his jacket after the red carpet.  Glad Cody went with higher buttoned jacket and non-rounded collar, but not that thrilled about the velvet collar.  Nevertheless, he was still looking very elegant.  Receiving the Top 10 Star Award…

I hope they release official photos from the awards show later on. This was the only press photo of him getting his actor award and I’m not so hot about the photo.

But would’ve loved to see the bow-tie on Seunggi for his performance…

And I thought LSGfan had stylist/cody woes…  what is the deal with Minah’s cody?!  This is the biggest awards show of Minah’s career and her cody chooses this dress?!  Yes Minah’s fashionista status is well-known, but the drama awards is a black tux, elegant long dress formal attire event, not some runway fashion show!  Hope to see Minah dolled up elegant and glamorous, as she deserves to be styled!

But Ha Ji Won looked simply perfect.  Her dress was elegant but still sort of edgy.

And Hyun Bin was his usual perfect looking, former model self, and was sporting Seunggi’s 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards hairstyle!

Hyun Bin lost a lot of weight for his Secret Garden role, and his face may be too gaunt, but he looks hot.  And I thought Seunggi looked his hottest when he lost weight due to swine flu.  I don’t ever want him to get sick again(!) but I loved his look back then.

And great BTS fan photos from the Red Carpet…

(images: Korean Press; As labeled; blog.naver.com/seok2426)

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4 Responses

  1. im shocked also when I’m c shin min ah wearing that dress..
    She deserves better..Poor her=(

  2. seunggi looks nomu nomu handsome! yes, me too about minah. Wished she wore long dress. but she still looks nomu nomu cute!

  3. Min ah is so cute, love hoi hoi so much :D

  4. actually not only Hyun Bin who was sporting SeungGi’s hairstyle, but No Min Woo was also sporting it as well :D

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