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Hoi Couple performance + interview, Hope Concert [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

[Original post, Nov. 22, 2010] Hoi Couple reunites at Seunggi’s Nov. 21, 2010 Hope Concert.  Seunggi sings I love you from Now On, from the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST with footage of the Hoi couple playing on the jumbo screen.  Seeing those clips while Seunggi sang made me miss the drama and Hoi Couple all over again!  And then out of nowhere, surprising all the fans, Miho (aka MinAh) showed up on stage and Daewoong (aka Seunggi) serenaded her!  Watch and weep!

Seunggi-Minah interview, the hoi~hoi, intro of drama cast [ENG]

(video: Rapport2010)

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Popularity Award nominees, 2010 SBS Drama Awards

*** UPDATED with more netizen award categories and nominees ***

The 2010 SBS Drama Awards is scheduled for Friday, December 31, 2010.  Yay!  This will be daytime in the United States, meaning I can catch the 2010 awards show I’m most dying to see Seunggi at in the morning, and then still party and ring in 2011 later that night!  Come on SBS, please grant LSGfan a good new year’s eve!


Recap of 1N2D Awards [2010 KBS Entertainment Awards]

Korea’s most popular variety show, 1 Night 2 Days, had a good showing at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards.  Four of its five members were nominated for awards, with three winning awards:  Best Entertainer Award (Eun Ji Won), Excellence in Entertainment Show (Lee Soo Geun), and the second highest award following the Daesang~ Best Excellence in Entertainment Show (Lee Seung Gi).

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2010 KBS Entertainment Awards Best Excellence in Show winner Lee Seung Gi!

See more at ~ Recap of 1N2D Awards [2010 KBS Entertainment Awards]

Lee Seung Gi wins Best Excellence in Show Male MC award

(credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010)

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Best Wishes to 1N2D at 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards!

Best Wishes to 1 Night 2 Days!    We’ll be rooting for you!
And can’t wait to see SeungGi suited up for this round of awards shows!

And KBS, please don’t forget that many LSG fans watch mainly because of SeungGi!

Awesome 1N2D SeungGi videospam to get us revved up!  Love these clips!

(videos: leeseunggi01)

Krazy 2

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