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Two-win MC Seunggi: Best Excellence + Netizens Popularity [2010 SBS Entertainment Awards]

*** UPDATED with 2 English-subbed videos and images ***

MC SeungGi is up to his usual tricks of racking up awards again!  On Christmas day,  Seunggi won the Best Excellence Award (2nd highest next to the Daesang) at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards for his role on 1 Night 2 Days.  And on December 30th, Seunggi received ANOTHER Best Excellence Award, for Strong Heart at the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards!  He also won the Netizens’ Popularity Award for the second straight year!  Congrats to beloved award-winning MC~ Lee Seung Gi!

(Video subs: Rapport2010; English translation: LSGfan)

Best Excellence Award, following Netizens’ Popularity Award win [ENG]

Loved how top veteran MCs Lee Kyung Gyu (who won the Daesang at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards) and his Happy Sunday’s Man’s Qualification member Kim Kook Jin presented the SBS Best Excellence Award to Seunggi!

Per previous post about the SBS Daesang nominees, even Seunggi himself acknowledged feeling burdened by the nomination.  Major sigh of relief for Seunggi and all his fans that he did not win the Daesang!

During a pre-show interview, when asked about winning the Daesang, Seunggi jokingly told reporters he would accept it if he must, like he said on recent Strong Heart. But after laughing, he said truthfully, he wasn’t anticipating that and it was an honor just to be included and at the awards show with top sunbaenims. When they asked Hodong how he would feel to get the Daesang, he hesitated and Seunggi jumped in and said Hodong would be super ecstatic if that happened! Ha ha ha.

Hodong looked so touched and proud when Seunggi thanked him during his speech and bowed to him.  Hodong looked like he was going to tear up!  Loved the warm hug from MC Yoo Jae Suk.  Yep, still waiting for their collaboration in the future.

Seunggi wins 2010 Netizens’ Popularity Award for 2nd straight year [ENG]

Wow, was really surprised to see Hodong and Noona from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Park Soo Jin) presenting the Netizen Awards!  And Hodong was so happy and excited, I thought he was going to pop!  And SooJin looked super happy for Seunggi!  Was LOLing at the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho banner posters alongside the Strong Heart ones up on stage behind Seunggi during his speech!

Congrats and cheers from PD Park and Jung Juri…

Big Hug from sunbaenim Hodong hyung… Aw…

See more Hodong-Seunggi bromance from the Red Carpet!

Yes, Seunggi really does admire and revere his Hodong hyung…

Congrats to MC Seunggi for winning such a prestigious award… again!

See more of High-Style Seunggi from the Red Carpet!

Congrats again to the very deserving Daesang Winner, Kang Ho Dong!
In his speech he said he was sharing the award with Seunggi!  Awwww!

And great to see the Teuk Academy Guys and Seunggi together…

Have Seunggi and Eunhyuk and Leeteuk changed much?!  Love this old photo…

(Videos: Rapport2010;  Images: Korean Press; As labeled)

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16 Responses

  1. Ann,thanks for the translation~~!!
    btw,Happy New Year ^^

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh I’m so so so so happy for Seung Gi [won more than 6 awards this year]
    Aigoo I’m so proud of him!!! ^^

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^^

  3. ann ,thanks for the translation and Vid……! I can imagine……What will be the comment from Han Hyo Joo…….hehehehehe….
    Great lee seung gi…!!!!!

    • ann, tq for the recap,

      congratulation Seung Gi, i’m so proud of u and keep down to earth.

      can’t wait for SBS drama award

      speaking about HHJ ( hopefully she w’ll get the award from DY – MBC tonight ),
      do u think there’s some thing ….. between SG and her ? , watched 1N2D ep. 183 and I’m so…sooooo in LOVES to see how SG talked with HJ by phone seems…… ( or maybe there’re are secretly dating? )

      btw Happy New Year for ALL SG LOVERS !!!

      • Congrats to Seung Gi sshi..for this award…and for HHJ too for daesang and popularity award on MBC drama award last night….proud for both of you…

      • If I’m not mistaken in her speech she also said thanks to the baseball player for being her fans forever. I just think is that baseball player is too special to her? haha..

  4. Thanks Ann for writing up this. Didn’t know Hook President has been so hands-on in SG’s project. Makes me more curious about her, such as her background, experience etc.

    HD really looked like a proud and doting Pa.

    Congrats to SG and wish you all a Happy New Year!

  5. Oh, our Seung Gi is not only a great singer/actor/mc/cf model, but also a great public speaker. He always give a great and meaningful speech.
    Love him so much.
    Happy new year everyone.

  6. Seunggi ya~~~~
    Only seunggi can do this! He’s sooo much loved by many people ^^

    Anyway, I can’t stop starring at banner with all Seunngi face as prince and princess… haha so hilarious!

    Thanks for the translation and recaps ^^

  7. seunggi oppa..
    thanx for the translation…

    btw… happy new year!!!
    hoi hoi..

  8. thanks so much for the translations Ann! Happy New year everyone! :)

  9. just realize that in MGIG banner poster Shin Min Ah face was changed to HoDong’s face haha.. LOL!

    btw, tnx ann for the translation. and happy new year everyone!! :D

  10. Yay! Congrats to SG but is it new year yet??

  11. yes, congrats also to HHJ for winning DAESANG at MBC drama awards for her role as Dong Yi.. (not to mention the Netizen Popularity Award.. :) ) these two are really doing great even when they’re no longer paired. But I would still love to see them both in a project.. hopefully SOON! :D

  12. Hi LSGFAN.. first I want to say that your blog is AWESOME!! ;D
    I really love the way you write and how you connect the older post from the new one which is very good for us new fans of SG..
    I did´nt know much about SG just since last April this year after I´ve watched MGIAG and 1n2D.. and while reading your new post I´ve came up with this.. oh, its makes me teary eyed again.. knowing how SG looking up to his Hyung KHD.. look what just happend after almost a year when he received the awards… really everyday is a challenge.. and after watching this, I really can feel his burden being the sole MC of SH.. aww Seung Gi.. you are really an amazing person! Being strong with everything.. and giving out more than 100% of your hard work.. We will be on your side till thend.. Im excited how this person will grow.. and will really be following him in each of his steps..^^ Im loving him everyday knowing his warm personality.. aside from his talent and charm..! Figthing SeungGi yah!! ^_^

    Thanks LSGfan for making this love.. Im always here checking on each new post.. and excited to read it all.. =)

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