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Congrats triple-award Multi-entertainer Actor Lee Seung Gi [2010 SBS Drama Awards]

*** UPDATED with SBS Facebook BTS fancam links of Hoi Couple! Love it! ***

Ok people~ following his amazing 2009 daebak year, Lee Seung Gi once again showed what it means to be a true MULTI-ENTERTAINER by winning prestigious AND popularity awards at the 2010 year-end awards shows as singer, MC, and actor…

To kick off awards season, SINGER Seunggi won at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards for “Love Taught me to Drink” and the 2010 Melon Music Awards for his drama OST song “Losing My Mind.”

Then on Christmas, MC Seunggi won the Best Excellence Award for his 1N2D role at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards.  And on Dec. 30, at the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards, MC Seunggi won another Best Excellence Award for his Strong Heart role, and the Netizens’ Popularity Award for the second straight year.

And on the last day of 2010, ACTOR Seunggi won 3 Awards at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards for his acting and popularity for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

And while we’re at it, let’s throw in CF Seunggi for winning the Good Model Award at the 2010 KAA Awards for the 2nd straight year!  But back to the Drama Awards…

Congrats to Actor Seunggi for winning 3 Awards!

Male Excellence Award for Drama Special

Lee Seung Gi
(Shin Min Ah won the Female Award)

Watch ~ SBS Facebook BTS fancam of Seunggi winning award

Love that MinAh stood up and clapped for Seunggi. Airens can’t help but to love her!

Top 10 Star Award

Go Hyun Jung, Kwon Sang Woo, Kim So Yun, Park Jin Hee, Shin Min Ah,
Lee Bum Soo, Lee Seung Gi, Jung Bo Suk, Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin

Woah, some major heavy hitters!  Congrats to the youngest maknae winner!

Watch ~ SBS Facebook BTS fancam of the Top 10 Stars being awarded

Love how Go Hyun Jung sunbaenim pulled Seunggi by the arm so sweetly!

Best Couple Award

Lee Seung Gi~ Shin Min Ah, Hyun Bin~Ha Ji Won, “Giant” couple
Hoi~ Hoi~ Congrats to the Hoi Couple!

Watch ~ SBS Facebook BTS fancam of Hoi Couple’s duet

MinAh seemed super nervous! Glad Seunggi led her through it.

Ok, can’t get over all the Seunggi love on SBS Facebook’s BTS fancams~~~

Watch ~ SBS Facebook BTS fancam of Presenters Seunggi-MoonChaeWon

Totally was not expecting their reunion (again) here! Really like MCW!

More to come about the 2010 SBS Drama Awards…

Congrats again to Seunggi, Minah, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

Can’t wait to see what Seunggi has in store for us in 2011!!

Happy New Years Eve to everyone in the U.S.!

Happy New Years to those who’ve already hit 2011!

(Images: Korean Press as labeled)

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22 Responses

  1. wow, super fantastic news :D

  2. congratulations seunggi oppa! happy new year oppa! happy new year Airens! Yay 2011 will be daebak too!

  3. Happy New Year Ann and all your fan^^

  4. congrats to seunggi…and have a happy new year everybody…

  5. Congratulations, Seunggi~ah!!!

    So basically, he has been rewarded for every project he was involved with this year. Very impressive. But then, if it isn’t impressive, it wouldn’t be Lee Seung Gi. 2011 should be daebak as well. Hopes he’s enjoying the journey.

  6. Was it just me or was LSG trying to hold back his laughter throughout his entire performance of IWLYFNO?? :D Wonder what was so funny!

  7. A New Year Day….
    A New Start….
    A New Chapter…
    A new Beginning…
    and welcome 2011 lets cherish the good in 2011

    CONGRATULATION again and again Lee Seung Gi
    GOT 13 awards in 1 year !! chukae…

    Just take a breath for the while SG ya !!! …… ENJOY your HOLYDAY and let’s share your happy wonderful moments wih HHJ wekekeeekkk

    and God Bless both of You always….

  8. BUT, SORRY whats wrong with SMA dress up and hair?compare to SG it’s little bit …..

  9. Congratulations to seung gi.
    Wow…seung gi is so daebak…
    Happy new year everyone.
    Hoi hoi

  10. Happy New Year LSG fan! It has indeed been a great year for Seunggi and the fans! THanks for all the updates and translations. You’ve worked really hard. Looking forward to more from Seunggi and your blog in 2011!

  11. My two (quick) cents here:

    Looking at SG’s pictures, I see a versatile male lead actor. He proved that he can do romantic comedy / family drama. I see him as a CEO in distress, a wronged prince in a costume drama, and maybe a double agent with fast gun and slick moves. He is just so adaptable.

    I wonder what the actresses who passed on MGIG are thinking now. Not to say that any of them can match SMA. There has to be a lot of regrets. SG is such a proven brand, a lot of agents/actors will eagerly seek his next drama project.

    Wish a great 2011 to all!

  12. WOW! 3 awards! And I missed the whole show due to work. Hope there will be videos of the show.

    HaPPy nEw yEaR to all fans of Ann’a blog. I am a big fan.

    THANK YOU Ann for everything.
    CHEERS to a wonderful 2011 for all of us and for Seung Gi.

  13. 2010 is a year when for the first time i start to love and be a fan of someone, glad that he was Seung Gi, and he really makes me very very very very proud to be his airen :)

    well done, Seung Gi…
    you worked hard in whole 2010 !
    awards that you received, you deserved all of them !
    hopefully in this 2011 the airens and you will have a very amazing year.
    lovely airens, let’s continue support our Seung Gi ^_^

  14. Well done Seunggiya~~~
    I’m sooo proud of you!
    He’s really versatile entertainer yet still humble and has ‘friendly’ image though he’s already an A list star…

    Congratz Seunggi ^^

  15. 2010 definitely was Seunggi’s year! I’m pretty sure 2011 will be as daebak as ever!

    Congrats to him and Shin Min Ah as well! They both deserve their awards! I’m so proud for our Hoi-Hoi couple!

    Lastly, congrats to MGIG! It definitely shows what a “woongtastic” drama it was! Fighting!

  16. We still have a few more hours to go, but… Happy New Year! Ann, thanks for all your hard work this past year with the translations and updates. You’re such a blessing for us international fans. Wish you a wonderful new year! 함께 가자! ^^

  17. wahhhh..the best gift ever 4 1st day of year 2011!!!
    congratzzz seung gi~~

  18. another Daebak for Seung Gi! yay! Congratulations to Seung Gi, Min Ah and the rest of the MGIG cast and crew.. Happy New year everyone! :)

  19. Thank’s Ann…for your kind in the past year especially for translate and uploading…nice to know you…wish you a wonderful year…
    Congrats to Seung Gi for 13 awards in 2010…daebak!! can’t wait for his new project in 2011….

  20. In the fancam where Mina stood up cheering for SG, just before his name was announced, he was talking and then turning his head back to glance at Mina…so so cute. Very happy for the lovely couple.

  21. Happy New Year Everyone!! wish this year would be more better for each one of us an Seung Gi..
    love his hair on this one, it just feels, right…he looks very manly and beautiful.

  22. you are doing a great job…for the fans of seung gi. hope you keep it up …
    and to seung gi and shin minah…more power….after bof and coffe prince it took me awhile to root for a korean pairing and both of you as part of the hoi couple just made me want to fall in love all over again…hope you remain friends….despite your busy schedules…heard your drama is reigning in Taiwan …hoping the same in japan….and other parts of the world. good luck for 2011.
    more power to you ann…have a wonderful year.

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