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Strong Heart’s red carpet bromance MCs HoDong-SeungGi [2010 SBS Entertainment Awards]

Older-younger brother/sister ties are such an important part of Korean relations, so much so that celebs even address people as hyung, oppa, unni, noona even within K-entertainment.  And these photos perfectly depict why people love the HoDong-SeungGi MC combo!  HoDong unequivocally and proudly loves his dongseng, and SeungGi reveres and admires his HoDong hyung!  Best. Variety MC. Bromance. Ever.

I bet Hodong was saying something like~ You first, Prince Seungg!  Ha.  Hodong’s expressions never lie~ His face says it all as to how proud he is of his dongseng!

But looks like respectful Seunggi was steadfast and let his hyung enter first…

Seunggi’s probably thinking~ Please hyung, no grand bowing on the red carpet!

Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang) Greeting 1
Required clenched fist Hwaiting!

Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang) Greeting 2
Kang! Shim! Jang! to the RIGHT…

Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang) Greeting 3
Kang! Shim! Jang! to the LEFT…

Omg, HoDong’s expressions are killing me~~~~ ha ha ha ha!

Congrats to SBS MC Daesang Award winner~ the very deserving Kang Ho Dong!

(Images: Korean Press as labeled)

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10 Responses

  1. i really like strong heart! luv seunggi oppa and hodong oppa! congratulations to them both!

  2. Yes finally!!!!
    Hodong won Daesang at SBS!!!!
    And Seunggi’ hair… I love it!!!
    I dont care if many ppl are not into it, but i like the fact that umh-chin-ah Seunggi dare to do it. And I have to say he’s looking good… hehe

    • I’m with you! no offense to other Seunggi fans who don’t like this type of style, but I think a lot of people in general tend to like to see their stars styled this way for big events! although hairstylist could’ve def covered up the sides of forehead more! but otherwise, it’s perfect!

  3. best tandem i’ve seen in years.. well, that’s just me. :D Ho Dong has become the best mentor to Seung Gi, in terms of mc’ing and comic entertaining.. No wonder Seung Gi will be Ho Dong’s heir to the Daesang.. in 2-3 years perhaps? :)

  4. Strong heart is the best show existing!!! It’s more than just an entertainment show!!!

  5. they are really like brothers…and kang ho dong winning the daesang looks so fun and deserving as compared to the other MCs in kbs and mbc…haha

  6. Finally, HoDong Win!!! He really deserves it. congratulation!!

  7. the best duet ever!! congrats hodong!!
    not so in to SG’s hairstyle, i never like if his forehead is exposed…but, then again, i always love SG in whatever at any condition..Seung Gi, fighting!!

  8. I’m sooo into Seung Gi’s new look)) and I’m really interested in his today’s hair ^^ ))))) ( and Minah’s dress actually)
    and about Hodong… just love him. simple love. He is not just super funny, but cuuuute!!!! I love you, Hodong oppa!!!

  9. yay! Hodong got the Daesang! :D

    congrats Seung Gi too. so happy for him winning more awards from SBS.

    both of them are all so lovely <3

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