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Kim Ah Joong shows interest in “Beastly SeungGi,” SH cuts

*** UPDATED with 4 English-subbed video cuts ***

*** See screencaps/gifs from this awesome ep at ~ Jeannie’s blog post ***

LSG cuts from Dec 28, 2010 Strong Heart episode
(English translation: LSGfan; videos: Rapport2010; Tryp96)

VIDEO~ Kim Ah Joong sees a sexy, deviant side to upstanding Seunggi
Omg, Seunggi was so shy and embarrassed when Ahjoong said she could see a sexy sort of deviant guy charm side to him!  Per usual, Seunggi reacted with great variety sense and played the part!  And he continues to be super humble about his body. Ha. I think he was totally taken aback when Ahjoong asked about his body! And, just LOVE how Seunggi is styled from his hair down to his shoes! Cody, thank you!

VIDEO~ Beastly Seunggi-Ahjoong act out a dancing, in-love party scene
Omg, their dance scene was just too incredibly cute, and Christina Aguilera’s Come On Over Baby song was a perfect fit! And woah, Ahjoong totally took Seunggi by surprise when she bolted out of her seat to dance with him instead of waiting for him to escort her out! She looked great by the way. And Seunggi was looking so perfect and cute! And really~ they both learned at the same dance school?! Too funny. And FYI~ Jhim-seung = Beastly. Jhim-seung-gi = Beastly Seunggi (play on words).

VIDEO~ Sad Gag Song, Seunggi caught watching yadong
Sort of an overall theme running through this Strong Heart episode?! ha ha ha.  Lyrics are made up and meant to be funny.  Hilarious!  And Seunggi thought so too!

VIDEO~Seunggi shocked at SBS Entertainment Daesang Award nomination
Like all of us, Seunggi was genuinely shocked to hear about his nomination. But per earlier post about Seunggi’s SBS Entertainment Awards MC Daesang nomination, I still want to see a solo HoDong take home the award. It’s an honor for Seunggi just to be nominated with the best veterans, and looking forward to seeing him win the award in the future. And please SBS, no double awarding of HoDong-SeungGi like you did last year with Yoo Jae Suk and Hyori.

And this isn’t necessarily the first time that Kim Ah Joong and Seunggi have seen each other in person.  She was the female MC at the 46th Baeksang Awards held this past March, and Seunggi won the Popularity Award for Brilliant Legacy. And there was definitely a lot of Seunggi love from the MCs and the crowd that evening!

I loved Kim Ah Joong in the movie 200 Pound Beauty, although I hated the premise of the movie. It was basically a shameless greenlight on the absolute necessity of plastic surgery, but it was still hilarious. Hope her new upcoming SBS drama “Signs” does well. After she became an A-lister, haven’t seen her around much, so I was happy to see her on Strong Heart.

More Seunggi cuts from Strong Heart:

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10 Responses

  1. Ann, thanks for the translations! This episode was really a lot of fun, and like you said, SeungGi looked SO GOOD! ^^

  2. Thank you for the captions… althou it is enough for me to see Seung Gi oppa dances (love love love), now i can also understand what’s going on…

  3. OMG…until now, I haven’t even saw tha LSG&AJ dance scene…I literally roll off the bed watching that scene while covering my eyes…lol, its too cringing, in a cute way of course, totally unexpected..no wonder many of SG dance got cut out of many variety show…lol, I better watch it when I got past the cringing part…ha

  4. thanks for the translation Ann…love it!! i’m waiting for the sexy mature SG..but i feel he’s kinda awkward when he dance with Ah Joong, he’s just a nature shy guy…ooohhh, love him soooo~

  5. The dancing part is too funny but LSG is tooo ‘dorky’ to be party people… :)

  6. God..
    So hilarious.

  7. Dear Ann, thanks so much for the translation. You, tryp96, and rapport2010 are a dream team. I am so glad to have you.

  8. Dear Ann,
    Thanks a lot for translating!
    finally I can understand what they were saying. haha
    Just like AnnMichelle said,
    you, tryp, leeseunggiworld [Nat], and Rapport are a daebak team! Love you guys a LOT <33

    And so agree that Seung Gi did look really good in this ep. Maybe the cody wanted to give you a nice year-end memory. kkk~
    hope he/she will continue to do this :)

    well, I'm curious about Jhim Seung Gi to death :D

  9. the dance, OMG ~~~
    a good boy who wants to try a bit naughty, haha

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