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High-fashion red carpet style for Strong Heart MC Seung Gi [2010 SBS Entertainment Awards]

Woah, who is this guy?!  Love the gelled up hair and modern suit! (Cody, are you lurking on LSGfan?!)  Cody chose a modern style for the SBS awards, versus the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards more traditional look~ and LSGfan is SO happy!

Super sharp looking Seunggi knows how to make an entrance…

LSGfan is probably in the minority among Seunggi fans, as most of them seem to love the outfits and fashion looks that LSGfan cannot stand!  Definitely seems to be a difference in style preferences.  LSGfan can’t be alone in loving today’s look/style?!

Ok, not too crazed about all the forehead exposure.  Cody could’ve had hair gelled up in the front and a bit more covered up on the sides of the front.  But I just can’t believe they actually gelled up his hair, so thanks a ton Cody!  Seunggi, you look like the star celeb you deserve to look like at a big event like this!

And congrats to Strong Heart MC Seunggi for winning the Netizen’s Popularity Award for the 2nd straight year, and he also won the Best Excellence Award as well?!  Wow!

Ok, people just loving the red carpet photos I’m seeing!  Is LSGfan the only one that likes this type of look on Seunggi?!  I definitely like the clean cut style too, but love to see Hook and his Cody mix it up for him more!  And it looks like they just may grant LSGfan her Seunggi fashion wish as we transition into the new year!  Yay!

More awesome posts of high-style, award winning MC Seunggi to come…

(Images: Korean Press as labeled)

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15 Responses

  1. Dunno if this is stupid to ask but who\what is Cody?

    • In Korean, Cody or Codi is used for what in the US, we call Stylist. I think they use “stylist” too but they use “Cody” more commonly.

      and i’m just a bit obsessed with Seunggi’s cody! and not necessarily in a fan-like way! Ha :)

  2. so did u like it or no? i was sooo confused…anyways i am gonna throw in my two cents and say that I didn’t…personally i liked his kbs award look better

    • omg, is the post not clear? I must have been way too excited about the gelled up hair! I absolutely love it! and per post, i’m probably in the minority among seunggi fans! but i can’t be totally alone?! you don’t like?

      • well he looks different…lol..but do u remember the short haired seung gi?? dat is definitely my favorite sueng gi look thus far…but as always i love him regardless…lol

  3. he looks so different&fresh. maybe we can see the other side of him..still loveable. congrats to seunggi..great job to end this year!!

  4. lol at myself Anne.. I just posted in one for Natt’s blog that you might not agree with me loving his looks here.. my bad. :D he looked TOO handsome here! and not to forget the word HOT!!!! well deserved win to our Ho Dong and Seung Gi! yay! :)

  5. When I saw seung gi’s photos in tryp, I thought that LSGfan is not gonna like it. And now it’s clear that I was totally wrong. Haha.
    Anyway, congrats to seung gi. So proud of him.

  6. I am loving his look. It’s very different from his usual looks. I actually love his high forehead. My all time Seunggi favorite look is during White Lie period. he looked so handsome and manly. So I am very happy he looks manly and chic on such special day.

  7. Was not crazy about he he looks, especially with that gelled hair. The simple Seung Gi style is better. Anyway, congratulations and hope he wins tonight.

  8. at first, I got a quite shock when looking at his hairstyle. but after I look at the pictures for several times. I think the hairstyle is preety good in him. not bad at all.

    btw,congratulation seunggi for winning the awards!! Airen must be proud of you!!

    I just can’t wait what award he will bring tonight at SBS drama awards XD.

  9. Haha..I’m not used with this haircut..
    But,still he look’s fine..
    Just his forehead is too xposed..
    I’m love hwan style=)))

  10. i prefer the white lie period haircut……
    but anyway…love seunggi stil…

  11. Aigoo I love the new style of seung gi!! Thanks cody totally made my day

  12. wahhhhh! congrats seunggi! he surely deserves the awards!

    ohhhh! i like his gelled-up hair…maybe because it’s something fresh and new compared to the usual. overall, he looks sophisticated and yes…sexy! hehe! ^^

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