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2010 KBS Entertainment Awards Best Excellence in Show winner Lee Seung Gi!

See more at ~ Recap of 1N2D Awards [2010 KBS Entertainment Awards]

Lee Seung Gi wins Best Excellence in Show Male MC award

(credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010)

Omg, congrats SeungGi!  Early on, I thought I was going to have to write KBS a very mean letter, that is, until I read the news that SeungGi won…

For some crazy reason I decided to go all Martha Stewart and was preparing a special Christmas brunch for family and friends and wasn’t able to catch the show live!   But was monitoring the news on Naver, and was starting to feel quite distressed that SeungGi had yet to win…

But then voila, news that SeungGi won the Best Excellence in Show MC Award!
Ok people that’s the next highest award after the Daesang!  Congrats Seunggi!

And based on this news screencap, Seunggi looked genuinely surprised…

Park Myung Soo had been vocal up to this point about wanting to win, which is probably why Seunggi apologized to his sunbae during his speech!  Interesting too, that the presenter for his award was no other than Kim Seung Woo, the MC for Strong Heart’s rival show, Win Win!

I can’t wait to see the clips of SeungGi’s speech because it’s getting a lot of buzz because in addition to thanking his current 1N2D hyungs (HoDong, SooGeun, JiWon, and Jong Min), Seunggi also referred to his 2 other hyungs that are probably watching somewhere, saying that he missed them.  Aw!  I love that he gave a shout out to Kim C and MC Mong!

And congrats to SooGeun and JiWon for their awards!  And although I’m bummed that HoDong did not win, I’m not sure if his win for the KBS Daesang was really expected this year.  Now, as for the SBS Daesang, if they don’t give it to Hodong this year, that would be just plain ridiculous! Congrats again Seunggi!

Thank you KBS for this wonderful Christmas gift!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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30 Responses

  1. Ann, me too.. i was ready to write to kbs too.haha.. actually, there was 2 categories that he was nominated..

    You might have written wrongly, he won the top excellence award.. thou he was nominated in excellence award too which he didn’t win…

  2. Yaeh Ann. The best Christmas gift for 2010. Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. yon~ thx for the correction! i was so super duper happy, i forgot that very important word “BEST”

    i was reading fan comments on dclsg and fans were getting pissed off. so imagine the surprise when seunggi won! ha ha ha.

    yeah, you and me both, and a bunch of other fans would’ve stormed KBS right?! :)

  4. congratulation lee seung gi~! and Happy Merry Christmas everybody….~

  5. congrats to Seung Gi! he’s great!
    but now I want Hodong to win at SBS Ent Awards sooo baaaad ^^

  6. Tq for translations…Congrats Seung Gi…proud of you..

  7. i actually think Sugeun shouldve won the award.
    not to be mean, but i think Jiwon is funnier than Seunggi in 1N2D. but hey, he won so congrats to him. and yea, a big shoutout to Kim C and Mong was totally nice. you could feel the whole theatre being silent after that.

    • also, i dont know if the format of flower-giving has changed, but why didnt anyone give him flowers besides his hyungs? i remember Sugeun getting a ton of flowers last year on the same category. were they against Seunggi or was the flower-giving totally get shortened to save some air time?

      • i don’t think it’s mean to think someone’s more funny. actually, being a fan of seunggi’s aside – i don’t find jiwon that funny and i’ve seen him on other variety shows too. but i think it’s more of a personal preference of humor or variety show style. i find seunggi’s not-trying-to-be-funny ways way more hilarious.

        as for soogeun, i’d say he’s more funny in a comedian gagman way than seunggi and jiwon put together! but since the award is for Best Excellence in a variety show, I think the criteria isn’t necessarily about who’s the most funny. probably various factors such as what they bring to the show, the team, the viewers, ratings, etc.

        loved the shout out to kim c and mong! i’m sure those 2 hyungs were really touched by that!

      • umm… Soogeun got ton of flowers b/c he had another show at kbs and work w/ those ppl who gave him the flowers…..JEEZ..ㅉㅉ.

      • thank you very much ddd!!!!! well said. you took the word right out of my mouth! flower giving and people being against seunggi? that is the weirdest thing i heard someone say. makes no sense!

      • i just watched Sugeun speech. did he also give a shoutout to MC Mong? @_@

    Oh, I love him more and more.


  10. Ah Seunggi won !
    Soo happy!! Jiwon and Sugeun also won too!
    I’m so happy rite now ^^

    Im kinda disappointed KHD didnt win the daesang, since he deserves it… Hope he’ll win in SBS…

    thx ann! ^^

  11. In terms of being real in a reality variety show, no one beats Seung Gi. SooGeun is great, but you can tell he is acting out his persona at times. So is JiWon. (And I love them both.) Only Seung Gi is totally convincing as an unscripted presence. I am sure he has scripts too. So it just shows how great the writing AND the acting come together. (Or as Ann put it, not-trying-to-be-funny-but-is.) Congrats, Seung Gi!

  12. so proud of Seung Gi for winning, definitely one of my favorite MC’s if not the favorite…can someone clear this up though, i thought the award goo hara got was for MC’s but isnt she just a regular cast member like the rest of the G7 on IY, so shouldn’t Kim Shin Young get hara’s award

  13. Yeah,i agree with ann too.best excellence award is not about who is funnier..it a full package,you can’t just be funny only..

    I was quite shock when jiwon beat sugeun in best entertainment award because sugeun is the funniest guy on 1N2D, his jokes are really good.

  14. congratulation seunggi!!

    at first, I heard many fans disappointed there is no popularity award again this year. I did think that even his fans felt that it was hard for seunggi to get another award except popularity award. I even heard someone says that KBS hates uri seunggi because of this. ke..ke..ke..

    but now, KBS proves that they really really love uri seunggi. he won the award for another category which is I think it is more prestigious than only a popularity award (I heard Best Excellence is second highest award after daesang right?)
    he really deserves it!!

    2010 will be another good year for him. he just got recognition as Best CF model, as entertainer. His songs also got awards. and that would be complete if he can win Drama awards too.. good luck seunggi!! I wish you all the best!!

  15. thanks a lot for the translation :)

    Congartulations for Seung Gi, JiWon, SuGeun, and the Whole Happy Sunday 1n2d team.
    I’m so so so proud of Seung Gi especially! \^o^/

    he is very nice to apologize to the senior and also thanked to KimC and Mong in the speech :’)

    too bad HoDong didn’t win.
    SBS should give the Daesang to him!

    with all these awards,
    Lee Seung Gi will sure have a great year ahead :D

  16. Congrats SeungGi :) I’m so glad he wins. And to Suguen and Jiwon, congrats for their wins too. Too bad Hodong didn’t win. Congrats to happy sunday too. I’m so glad kbs finally acknowledge their hardwork.

  17. i feel like crying while reading the translation of Seung gi’s speech.. i can feel what he feels the moment he’s name has been called.. not expecting and yet winning, that’s definitely a great feeling for him~ i am so proud of you Seung gi! Congratulations Seung Gi and to the 1n2d family! <3

  18. congratulations Seung Gi-yah! We are all so produ of you! :)

  19. Dear Ann,
    After watching the wonderfully subtitled video I have to say that’s a great acceptance speech. SG looked genuinely surprised. That makes the speech all the more amazing. So graceful, thoughtful, and humble. Love you forever, LSG!

  20. OMG I have a Heart-attack just now since I have been away of any computer and so away of all relate news about SEUNG GI was so so sick, but I came and check in the net and find all the news and awards seung gi won in 2010, AIGOO I am so happy this is the biggest present I could have in christmas, [can’t imagine how seung gi felt then],


    Now SBS please don’t dissapoint T_T PLEASE!!

    • Yes hikary.. i think seung gi should have a higher chance of winning in sbs entertainment award..especially he is doing so well in SH…

  21. what a nice gift this xmas lsg winning so excited and so happy!!

    congrats seungiyah!!

  22. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥CONGRATULATIONS SEUNG GI♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  23. seunggi oppa…
    congratulations for the winning..
    you really deserve it…
    as you work really hard…

    hope seunggi oppa stay happy and healthy..
    saranghae oppa…
    take care..
    hwaiting!!! seunggi oppa!!!

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