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Best Wishes to 1N2D at 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards!

Best Wishes to 1 Night 2 Days!    We’ll be rooting for you!
And can’t wait to see SeungGi suited up for this round of awards shows!

And KBS, please don’t forget that many LSG fans watch mainly because of SeungGi!

Awesome 1N2D SeungGi videospam to get us revved up!  Love these clips!

(videos: leeseunggi01)

Krazy 2

Happy Ending

Honey Honey

Krazy 1

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5 Responses

  1. Too right, Ann! Especially in 2010, so many things have happened to the guys. A big kudos from KBS is the least they can do. I also wonder if KBS has any idea 1N2D’s pull among internationals. Huge is an understatement I think.

    I have homework to do too. I can’t believe there are still some ep I managed to miss (according to the clips).

  2. 1박2일 최고!!

    Hope they win in every category they are nominated..going to watch it on kbs world channel!!!

  3. Seunggi will definitely win all the ones he’d been nominated for!!! ALL THE BEST!!! Love you!

  4. 2D1N deserve the best award KBSW could offer. Best of lucks to all members especially Seunggi…Hwaiting!

  5. seunggi just won!!! congrats!!!

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