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The Perfectionist examines his own work [The Saem Fan Signing 2]

Ok people, these photos should make non-fans of the “glittered motorcycle shirt” (per ayu chan’s comment!) feel better, which includes ME!~ since the shirt is pretty much covered up! I’m just loving these candid photos of handsome and lovely Seunggi! And absolutely love the his expressions in these photos! Was totally laughing out loud because it’s so totally just like perfectionist Seunggi, right?!

What’s so funny?  Were fans making blush-worthy comments to Seunggi again?!

And fans get a smile and handshake from Seunggi… no hugs?!

(Images: As Labeled)

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8 Responses

  1. The Smile of the little one never fails to lighten up the day, takes all the troubles away and ease all your pain. He’s radiating more light than me, hahaha! *I’m sorry if I’m not making any sense, I guess I’m still high from frustration* lol!

    Thank you again for all the updates, Merry Christmas to all and be well everyone! =)

  2. yay, seunggi should be oh so happy to make fan video extraordinaire koolbrosia smile and ease her pain. maybe we’ll be seeing these photos via MV sometime in the new year?! :)

    • hey, thank you lovely ann… ah, I need to pull back my seung gi MV jeongshin, my HD is full of him but still don’t have the energy yet, LOL!

  3. I like the 1st photo of how he’s examining his own work. Reminds me that he is still in his early 20s, still a boy. Okay, a young man. :D

  4. love your title, Ann!
    Haha, aren’t we always a gang of perfectionists?

  5. they don’t just get to have his autograph and photographed with him,they even shook hands with.. i envy them to death! :lol:

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