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The Outfit: Classic coat meets glittery motorcycle [The Saem Fan Signing 4]

Now that we’ve had enough time to enjoy all the press photos of a handsome, lovely, smiling, waving, signing, and meticulous Seunggi, LSGfan feels it’s okay now to deal with THE OUTFIT! Thankfully, by saving the fashion item for last and focusing first on the Seunggi photos (minus the glittery motorcycle shirt) helps me to appreciate what Cody was TRYING to do with this classic coat meets laid back vintage(?) shirt outfit…

THE LOOK ~ vintage grey rocker shirt sweater over crisp white open-collared button-down, matching grey slacks, black Doc Martens-esque shoes, and chic classic black winter coat.  I think Cody was going for a super classy but very cool vibe with the outfit, a look that LSGfan loves and subscribes to regularly!  But I’m just not feeling the glittery motorcyle shirt paired with this outfit.  But per usual, he still looked great…

I feel like another more simple graphic vintage shirt could’ve done the job way better, like see how the outfit looks when you can’t see the shirt from front?!  But oh well.  I’m just super glad Cody chose a good classic tailored simple but stylish winter black coat (and that Seunggi kept it on the entire time!).  A good coat can save an outfit!  Plus, just love the detailing on the side pockets and the way the coat fastens up…

Seunggi arriving at the fan signing.  Candid photos~ always the best…

More waving and posing for the cameras and press…

And love this portrait-like photo, like this could be Seunggi’s school yearbook picture!  As school president!  I like how they wisped the bangs to the side, but Seunggi has this similar preppy, clean-cut hair style almost all the time recently.  Even for his magazine fashion shoots…

(Images: As Labeled)

Would SO love to see his front bangs gelled up a bit, chic-style, just once!  Or his hair longer like he had it a few years back.  But I guess Hook is trying to maintain his uhm-chin-ah and nation’s younger brother image!

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6 Responses

  1. huhuhu~~~~ seunggi oppa is too handsome. im nomu nomu nomu sad im not there! so envy the fans there!

  2. how many expression did he made in all the picture?

  3. ok, ann, i do agree with you on that grey t-shirt with the glittery motorcycle picture on it… a plain grey one would have done a great job and make us faint…

    but then, maybe cody doesn’t want us to faint so that we can see him, so need to distract us with something that we do not agree with…hahaha..

  4. i’m so envy of all the girls who can see SG in person!! girls, how about a gathering in korea next yera? i’ll do my best on saving my paycheck.. :p

  5. imma faint from looking at those pictures.. his so cute,handsome and HOT all at the same time.. his looks is ‘breathtaking’.. LITERALLY. :)

  6. and I so love his hair here! so clean and handsome! :D

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