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Seunggi self-entertains, hangs out with DJ Doc, SuJu, Boa [2010 Golden Disk Awards photospam]

***  UPDATED with hilarious show clip of Awkward Seunggi-Boa ***

Meant to post these earlier on. Hope to see more wins for Seunggi at the upcoming entertainment and drama awards so he can add to his 2010 music award wins…

Looking good while giving his award speech…
Seunggi’s speech + interview [EngVideo]

Up on stage for his award…

Following his win, interview right before infamous lovable chair collapse…

Following his win, Seunggi keeps himself entertained to pass the time!  Awesome  photos!  Love how Seunggi is pictured alone and yet still looks so very cool.  And that he doesn’t feel the need to schmooze around like some attention-needy guy!  (Actually, I think the fan just cut out “the girl” next to him in some of the photos!)

I definitely like outgoing guys, but I way more prefer a guy that’s confident enough to let things come to him!  Although, I think in Seunggi’s case it may be more about him being shy rather than moreso confident.  I don’t think he really has a clue as to how much EVERYONE in Korea admires and adores him!  He is definitely the type of guy you want to ultimately end up married to, living happily ever after! ha ha ha.

Glad his Cody (who usually drives me crazy!) was there to keep Seunggi company.  Cody did a good job on styling Seunggi for this Awards show!  Thanks Cody!

Seunggi did  A LOT of browsing through his program booklet.  I think he was bored…

And Seunggi basically hung out with and talked to DJ Doc’s Kim Chang Ryul for a good chunk of the awards show.  Veteran old school rappers DJ Doc had an amazing year, received mad love, and I loved seeing Kim Chang Ryul and Seunggi laughing it up together.  Always love seeing Seunggi hanging out with the respected veterans.

And love this photo of Kim Chang Ryul’s awards show program page on Seunggi’s December CeCi magazine cover advertisement!  So curious to know what he was saying to Seunggi!  Probably teasing him.  Seunggi must’ve felt good to see the ad!

And photos of Seunggi with some of the Super Junior guys (Hee Chul and I think Dong Hae KyuHyun) and Boa.  Because Seunggi and these guys debuted prior to the recent influx of idol groups, I think he feels comfortable with them.  Plus, out of the big 3 (SM, YG, JYPE), SM comes closest to Hook’s image.

But Seunggi really stands out compared to all the idol singers out there, no?!  Maybe it’s his clean-cut image of no earrings, non-idol-esque outfits, non-bleached hair, and no sunglasses~ he totally looks like a CEO conducting a business meeting here…

Aw, is Heechul proposing to our Seunggi?!  Ha ha ha.  Glad to see the guys reunited after MCing a music program together way back when.

And an AWKWARD Seunggi and Boa, after Heechul and Donghae leave their table!  Hm, wonder if the two talked about their brief on-air phone call from the Sept 14 Strong Heart. On that episode, Boa was reached by phone and Seunggi invited Boa to guest, to which she said she would.  Seunggi’s expressions are killing me!

[to AnnMichelle’s comment from a while back~ the “dull girl” you were talking about was Boa!  Were you jealous?!]  She seems pretty harmless.  Although I’m not too hot about the way Seunggi is looking at her in this photo… (just kidding~ well, kind of!)

So it looks like we weren’t the only ones that noticed an awkward Seunggi and Boa!  Hilarious clip from entertainment show on Idol Special: Believe it or Not.

VIDEO ~ 2010 Golden Disk Awards: An awkward SeungGi and Boa

Lively talking with ChangRyul ~ was Boa.
ChangRyul leaves his seat for a bit.
With ChangRyul absent from the table, SeungGi and Boa seem awkward.

Later on…
KyuHyun and HeeChul came to fill the seats next to Boa.
Because of them, there was a good vibe at the table once again.

“Super Junior, Congratulations.”
At this time, HeeChul and KyuHyun get up to get their award.
If so, then what do you think happened to Boa and SeungGi?

Oh is that what happened.  The two became awkward again.

(English translation:  LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld)

And partial group photo at the end of the awards show.  Aw, Shinee’s Minho standing next to Seunggi hyung.  Wasn’t too crazed about the story that Minho shared on Strong Heart about Hodong saying that he could later take Seunggi’s place, but I think it was meant to be funny.  Seunggi took it in stride.  Plus, I liked seeing fancams of Seunggi talking to Minho, patting him on the back like a good hyung.

Congrats again to Seunggi for adding to his 2009 Golden Disk Bonsang Award
with another Bonsang Award in 2010!

(Images credit: DClsg; As Labeled)

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4 Responses

  1. I agree with you Anne when you said that Seung Gi looked like a CEO attending a board meeting.. :lol: and yes, looking forward to our Seung Gi winning more awards this year-end.. :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Ann. Wow, that was Boa?! Shows how much I know about K-pop. Hahaha. No matter. I only have eyes for Seung Gi. He looks gorgeous in this event.

  3. I totally agree with you ann. You speak my mind already hehe.. especially his CEO looks, so charming.

    btw, ann, actually it’s not Donghae. the man with sunglasses is SuJu Kyuhyun..

  4. lady~ thx for the correction! with 13 members it’s hard to tell Suju apart! part of the reason why i think individually each guy has to try really hard to stand out!

    seunggi really looks too cool and laid back on his own like that! just loved how he looked at the golden disk awards. my fave look thus far in awards season. praying like mad that Cody doesn’t screw up the most impt SBS drama awards look! they did a good job last year!

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