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The Saem fan signing brings out fans & the press [The Saem Fan Signing 1]

It’s on people!  I guess LSGfan wasn’t the only one who was really missing those crazy monthly CF endorsement fan signings earlier this year!  Per usual, Seunggi is totally trending on Naver and there are a gazillion+ press photos pouring out.  It seems fans weren’t the only ones who missed him!  The press were out in full force and this is still only the first fan signing location.  The back-to-back second signing at the next location still has yet to happen at 1:30pm.  Some early select press photos…

Love these types of shots…  Seunggi so diligent, even in signing his name!

Wonder what Seunggi thinks of that The Saem photo… Love it!

Love his bodyguard posse…

These are like the two main hand waves that Seunggi does… ha ha ha

I think this was the first fan in line because there were lots of photos of her…

Aw, Seunggi trying to make eye contact and the fan is too shy…

Love how he’s signing in front of that big awesome ad in the background!

(Images: As Labeled)

Since LSGfan is SO happy to see a smiling Seunggi back on the fan signing circuit, I’ll save my fashion comments about Cody for later so we can all enjoy the moment.  Let me just say, I’m really glad Seunggi kept his stylish black winter coat on during the event!  Plus, he was looking incredibly lovely!

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9 Responses

  1. I envy those fans who live in Korea!!! I want to see seunggi in person too!!!

  2. sob sob sob sob. huhuhuhu. wish i was there too!

  3. i got a little bit of inconvenience here, why does SG has to wear a glittered motorcycle on his shirt? it’s totally not cute nor good or whatsoever :D
    but still love SG and his adorable look and smile…

  4. hate to say this, but I think his bodyguards were better dressed than him ! urgh !!

  5. To me anyone can wear like the bodyguard and still look good but not many can wear like Lsg and still look good.

  6. you can never blame the fan who can’t look straight to him.. his gorgeousness is so intimidating! HOT! HOT! HOT! :D

  7. Hahaha is Just me or the bodyguards were dress more stylish aaah CODY!! -_-*

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