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Lee Seung Gi decides to hold off on film debut

After all the hoopla back in early September and the day long press articles as to whether Seunggi would or would not be making his film debut, with the press reporting that Seunggi was a strong candidate for the film and his management insisting that they haven’t even had the time to review the offer, it looks like Hook and Seunggi decided to pass on the upcoming comedy All’s Quiet on the Western Front

After receiving the script for All’s Quiet on the Western Front, Lee Seung considered participating in the project.  However, it was revealed that he will not be joining the film.  A representative for Lee Seung Gi’s management company said, “It is true that the film was being considered after receiving the casting proposal.  However, it was decided that he would not participate in All’s Quiet on the Western Front.

After debuting as a singer and entertainer in 2004, Lee Seung Gi participated in a range of dramas and variety programs.  Because of this, his potential casting garnered a lot of interest.  But, for the time being, it appears it will be hard to meet Lee Seung Gi on the big screen.  The representative said, “He will most likely be in a drama next.  He is currently considering several proposed projects that have come in.”

Upon completing SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Lee Seung Gi has been taking a short break from acting.  Currently, he is involved in variety programs, KBS Happy Sunday’s 1 Night 2 Days and SBS Strong Heart.

All’s Quiet on the Western Front is a comedic film that tells the story of the meeting of soldiers from North and South Korea.  There has been much anticipation building for the film since the script comes from the same writers behind dramas Chuno and Runaway Plan B.

I think this is a good move on Hook’s part.  Yes, I am actually saying something nice about Hook!  I’d rather much see Seunggi make his film debut in a more serious or mixed serious-funny role.  I loved his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s character DaeWoong (aka Woong) way more after he matured and was funny in a more sedated way.  Plus, I’d love to see him not take the lead role in a movie just yet, that is, unless it was some amazing script and alongside another veteran actor.

Source:  LSGfan.wordpress via Hankook Ilbo

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5 Responses

  1. Ann, I agree with you. Am glad he decided to pass on the film role. Dont how how to explain it but I feel it is not time yet.
    To me, he still needs to improve some more on his acting. TV drama is one thing but a film is a different ball game.

  2. I think that he should have a break from acting after each show. And yes tvdrama and film are completely diff things.

  3. we’ll see what happens to the film when LSG’s replacemant are casted…if lsg were to take on a movie debut…then, I think he would be on a whole new level, so, it would be hard to see him on tv anymore..I would be sad than..:)) less lee seung gi, less happiness for me..haha

  4. Agree with you Ann. I agree with you, some serious movie will lead him to show off his acting more

  5. Just sent thanks to you and all my love on my facebook.I will try to become matches like you!!!!

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