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The Saem back-to-back fan signing scheduled for Dec. 22

After a barrage of fan signing events a while back, I forgot how much I missed all those fan photos and fancams!  But looks like Seunggi’s been able to squeeze a tiny bit of time for fan signings again.  After cancellations, The Saem back-to-back fan signing event with Seunggi is back on for Wednesday, December 22…

Per announcement, the first fan signing will be at 11am and the second one at 1:30pm at a different The Saem location.  Fans have to spend about $30 USD, and if I’m reading this correctly, it’s only open to 50 persons at both events?!  Can’t be.  I must be missing something.  Really, only 50 people?!

I heard The Saem stores and outposts are not super spacious so I guess they had to limit the numbers.  Anyway, the scheduled times alone should give you an idea as to the money-spending demographic whom the cosmetics company is specfically marketing for this event.  Aw, hope Seunggi’s fans of all ages will be able to make it into the event!  Totally looking forward to fan photos and fancams of this event, especially the per usual little kids and babies with Seunggi photos!

It’s officially cold-dry now so everyone remember to moisturize like 1n2d Seunggi…

Caption:  “Because Actor Lee’s face is precious”

(image credit: DClsg)

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2 Responses

  1. Ann, I think they reserved 50 spots at each of the events for international fans. So it’s actually a total of 100 fans at each event.

  2. that’s a lot of spots for international fans~ people are flying in for it?! tryp, too bad they didn’t have the fan sign while you and all the others were in seoul for his concert! but you guys all still got all your goodies!

    btw, your amazing korean comprehension skills are starting to scare me! are you sure you’re not a korean masquerading as chinese?!

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