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SeungGi-MinAh set to sing duet at SBS Drama Awards

OMG, Hoi Couple to perform at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards!!  Looks like SBS is planning on granting LSGfan a very very nice celebratory awesome new years eve…

SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah will be singing a duet at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards.   For this performance, they will sing one of the songs from the OST album.

According to an SBS representative, unlike last year’s drama awards in which there were many celebratory performances from various singers, this year, stage performances from various actors themselves are being planned.

The representative also added that as Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah are one of the nominees for the Best Couple Award, after their duet performance, it is likely that they will be announced as award nominees or the award winner.

Is SBS already hinting at or anticipating a Hoi Couple Best Couple Award win?!

Omg, I CANNOT WAIT to see the Hoi Couple perform together!  Really miss them after seeing some of these Gumiho Press Conference photos again.  Anyone else missing Hoi Couple Woong and Miho and the drama, and totally anticipating the SBS Drama Awards on December 31?!

But I really hope SBS plans to give Seunggi an actor award!  As much as the Best Couple Award is fun and all, would rather see him take home an acting award!

Via Asiae

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21 Responses

  1. wahhhhhhhh! dream come true! *must breathe!*

  2. i had to comment. i am fainting! i got to know lee seung gi thru this drama and fell for all things lee seung gi. and i love hoi couple so much and missed them lots!

  3. hoi hoi! what a wonderful gift for everyone! i missed this couple so much.. can’t wait to see them together.. <3

  4. wheeeeeee! i’m sooooooo thrilled! can’t wait to see them perform together and of course win the best couple award! MGIG Hoi Couple fighting! ^^

  5. I have to admit I was a bit “awarded out” but this news totally wakes me up! Yes, please give Seung Gi an actor award – he is that good! Also very much look forward to the two darlings doing the duet.

    Cody, please, for the audience, especially our dear Ann, put your heads together and come up with decent, not seen before outfits!

  6. yes,,, wish that they will be win as the best couple!!
    hoi hoi… miss them so much after MGIG!!!
    nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu choaaaaa

  7. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, the most wonderful new I’ve ever heard. Love hoi hoi couple so so so so much. Can wait until 31 Dec 2010, nomu nomu nomu, nomu, nomu, nomu chuoaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

  8. OMO…..this news just made my day…..
    Can’t wait to see them singing and doing hoi-hoi together..

  9. hwaaa~ can’t wait! <33

  10. I’m not an expert on music, so i would hope someone would tell me here…in the LSG’s song love taught me to drink..LSG’s voice raise up to at least 3 octave right….the song got a good responce because its one of the many song of LSG’s that showcase his high note right? correct if i’m wrong…and someone please tell me this…thank you 1st hand…:)

  11. Hoi Hoi everyone!

    sbs better not be putting hoi couple names out there b/c they only plan to give them the best couple award and not an acting award! how will hoi couple performance match hwansung couple performance from last year?!

    chessy~ have to listen to the song more carefully again. dont remember him going up that many octaves. but the song def shows off his range. the song is so low in the beginning, it can sound flat at times.

    i think the song got a great response bc the beat is really catchy, and the lyrics express pain and koreans love to be in pain! ha ha ha. i heard that it’s a really popular song among the guys… they probably karaoke to it while sad and buzzed/drunk over some girl! ha ha ha.

    • i dont understand “how will hoi couple performance match hwansung couple performance from last year?!” is the hoi couple that bad compare to BL couple? i havent watch BL.

  12. HECK YES.

  13. I’m really anticipating their duet performance. I can imagine if seunggi and minah will be performing “Losing My Mind” with its aegyo dance. This song will be matching with their character in the drama. There will be cuteness overload performance ke..ke..ke.. (although personally, I don’t really like all seunggi’s aegyo dance..)

    • at least, LMM’s aegyo dance is much better than WLYMM’s. still, these are not my favorite stage performance of seunggi. I really miss his old performance..

  14. everyone here knows i’m not a big fan of any of the aegyo dances but I think I like Just like the First Time aegyo dance the best out of them all. it was cute but still sort of hot. check out the live performance embedded in this post…. what do you think?

    Fashion Show Seunggi and greetings at new website

    • OMG, feeling so bad to that girl who replaced Kang Min Kyung part :(

      btw, seunggi always looks cute in his aegyo performances, but still it’s not my favorite. I don’t really like men who dance aegyo actually ;P

      the only his dance that I can appreciate more is his dance in 2009 HOPE concert & in MKMF (with Kim Ok Bin). He looked more manly there.
      but, If I have to choose, I’ll prefer his performance without any dance at all.

      • Hello, lady :)

        I’m not so into aegyo dance too.
        But still, as long as it’s Seung Gi, I will watch it again and again *biased

        btw, I’m a new fan of seunggi, and I didn’t know before about his dance perf with Kim Ok Bin. just heard it for the 1st time.

        can you please give me a link to the vid?

        thanks before. and happy holiday for you :)

  15. love the hoi couple so muchhhhhh^_^

  16. I just watched a video of LSGi sang ILYFNO in MMA, with the beautiful VCR of MGIG behind.
    watched the VCR, and reading this,
    make me miss HoiHoi couple a lot.
    and I ended up re-watch MGIG :)

    hope the best for those two.
    they absolutely deserve the Best Ceouple Award.

  17. I love HOI COUPLE….so much
    i wish they have another Korean drama….

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