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Please don’t disappoint us 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards

2010 KBS Entertainment Awards will broadcast live on Christmas Day, December 25, at 10:15pm.  And KBS better not disappoint fans this year like they did in 2009…

For the 2009 Awards, KBS chose to eliminate the netizen Popularity Award (which Seunggi won in 2008 and would probably have won in 2009).

Then KBS did not include Seunggi as a nominee for the Best Entertainer Award, which eventually went to three winners, Lee Ha Neul, Kim Tae Won, and Kim Sung Won.  They instead had him be a co-presenter for this award!

Ok, so KBS had a reason for not including Seunggi for the Best Entertainer Award.  Instead, KBS chose Seunggi as a nominee alongside much more veteran MCs for the Outstanding Award (second to the highest MC Daesang Award).  1n2d member SooGeun deservedly and ultimately won.

I love that KBS considered Seunggi a cut above the regular Best Entertainer award, but come on — for KBS not to have a 2009 award for the guy who still gave a 100% to 1n2d (the most popular show in Korea) while doing Brilliant Legacy (the most popular drama of 2009), and for bringing A LOT of new fans to the show — is ridiculous!

And I know KBS wants to highlight and market other shows too but let’s give 1n2d the credit it deserves.  1n2d continues to be the most popular show in Korea!

I love that KBS gave Hodong the MC Daesang Award last year, but 1n2d totally deserved more than just the 2009 netizen popularity award!  And that award wasn’t even individually for 1n2d, it was for Happy Sunday as a whole!  1n2d should be awarded by KBS for its individual program merits, especially considering all the revenue they generate for KBS.

Come on KBS, hope you don’t fall totally behind SBS, who’s already been regularly showing mad love for Seunggi!  Further, MBC may finally get its chance with Seunggi in the new year (more on that later).  So, please don’t disappoint us KBS, ok?!

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2 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for Seunggi to be on MBC in the new year. It’s no secret that the network has been wanting it long and hard. It would be amazing when Seunggi become a regular there too. Ne the Ace in all 3 major broadcasts… hehehe probably wishful thinking. But I really am anticipating his activities in the new year.

  2. I was disappointed of the 2009 KBS entertainment awards. 1n2d definitely deserved more than that! Especially uri Seung Gi! And just like you, I want him to win an award this year! ^ ^

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