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Netizen vote nominees, 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards

In addition to SeungGi’s recent SBS MC Daesang nomination, more nominations for our fave MC Lee Seung Gi and fave SBS show, Strong Heart…

Netizen Popularity Award – Nominees

Nominees were chosen based on SBS variety show producer recommendations.  Online voting will determine 5 finalists, and the ultimate winner will be determined via SMS voting on the day of the live awards show broadcast.

Last year, Seunggi and Hyori won the 2009 Popularity Award.  Not sure if they’re going to give one for male and female this year too; the female group looks pretty weak.  If they do, my vote is for Shin Bong Sun or Kim Jung Eun, and Lee Seung Gi of course among the males!  Again, this is based on fan voting so hopefully the Korean Airens are revved up to do some more non-stop online voting and SMS texting!

Popular Program Award ~ Nominees

Not sure the basis for these nominees, but looks like the most popular and highly rated programs were chosen.  I think this award in particular is a no-brainer (as should be Kang Ho Dong’s win for the MC Daesang).  Strong Heart~ Hwaiting!

The 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards will be broadcast live on Thursday, December 30, at 8:50 pm and will be hosted by MC/comedian Shin Dong Yeop and trot singer Jang Yoon Jung.

Looking forward to Seunggi and Hodong presenting an award together, just like they did last year.  And perhaps, there may be more awards in store on that day!

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5 Responses

  1. does this award show include dramas?

    • nope. SBS Entertainment Awards is only variety, comedy, music programs.

      SBS Drama Awards is separate; to be held the day after on Dec. 31.

  2. What an amazing year in terms of awards! One for CFs, baeksang, international recognition, awards for singing, but it seems incomplete still! I do hope he gets the best couple and popularity awards too! That would make this the best year ever for Seunggi! Waiting!

  3. hello!
    is the voting just 4 koreans ??
    bcoz its in korean & requires registration..

  4. Hi Ann,

    I believe Seunggi & Strong Heart are nominated again this year, can international fans do online voting? ^^

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