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2010 SBS Entertainment Awards, MC Daesang nominees

On December 15, SBS revealed the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards MC Daesang nominees, and guess who made the list for another top award?!

As most of you already know, the MC Daesang nominee list included top veteran MCs Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kyung Gyu, and our very own Lee Seung Gi!  The 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards will be held on December 30, 2010.

Currently on SBS, Kang Ho Dong MCs two variety shows, while the other three nominees MC one show.  Yoo Jae Suk is an MC for I like Sunday Part 1-Running Man, the show brought in to replace the now canceled Family Outing 2.  Lee Kyung Gyu, still receiving much love following his resurgence last year, is in his second year as an MC for the kid-friendly Star Junior Show.  Kang Ho Dong MCs Star King and Strong Heart, and Lee Seung Gi is an MC for Strong Heart.

In particular, Lee Seung Gi has grown as a variety MC through Strong Heart and has developed to stand shoulder to shoulder together with his veteran sunbaes while maintaining a princely position as a singer and actor. (MT)

Seunggi’s nomination was buzzed about when first revealed, with many feeling that of course he should be on the list, while some detractors pointed out his much younger age (23 years old) and experience.

But last time I checked, the MC Daesang Award is not necessarily about experience, but the quality of that experience which includes the MC’s talent, likeability, impact on the show, and the all important tv ratings factor.  In that case, aside from the 3 veteran MCs, I can’t think of another nominee except Seung Gi that fits the bill for the 4th slot.

Of course there’s no way Seunggi will or should win, but to be even nominated in itself is a huge honor!  And LSGfan’s sentiment about Seunggi’s nomination is summed up perfectly by Girlfriday at Dramabeans.  Her post totally makes me miss her My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Seunggi-fangirl recap posts!  And love the photo she chose!

Lee Seung-gi nominated for SBS MC Daesang

Looks like puppy’s having a good year. Triple threat singer/actor/MC Lee Seung-gi (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Brilliant Legacy) is playing with the big boys now—he’s been nominated for SBS’ MC Daesang, up against veteran heavyweights Kang Ho-dong, Yoo Jae-suk, and Lee Gyung-gyu. There’s not so much a chance in hell that he’ll win, but that’s not the point, as being nominated with these guys is pretty much the highlight for such a relative newbie like him.

I say relative, of course, because compared to these comedians (all three come from the gagman-to-MC camp), 23-year old Lee Seung-gi is just a kid. Lee Gyung-gyu debuted before Seung-gi was even born; Kang Ho-dong debuted in 1988, Yoo Jae-suk shortly after in 1991. But despite his greenness, there’s something about Seung-gi that almost everyone universally acknowledges: what Koreans would call MC-chaejil, meaning he was born to do this.

He has this disarming way of making everybody love him, which isn’t so hard to believe since he’s everything from the Nation’s Little Brother to Korean moms’ number one pick for a son-in-law. He and Kang Ho-dong have fantastic chemistry as an odd couple, on both Strong Heart and KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days, and frankly, theirs is my favorite tv bromance, because it’s real, and completely adorkable.

I think what makes him good is that he’s natural in front of the camera and doesn’t shy away from being himself, which is dorky and funny and naive. But his success as an MC has everything to do with Kang Ho-dong, who isn’t afraid to look bad while making Seung-gi look good. Together they have this great comic timing that makes them click.

I have no doubt that the real battle for the award will be between Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-suk, as they are both at the top of their game and always neck-and-neck for the year-end MC awards. But it’s nice to see Seung-gi coming up in the world.

Lee Seung-gi and Kang Ho-dong (bottom right) are both nominated for Strong Heart (and Kang Ho-dong also for Star King); Yoo Jae-suk (top right) for Running Man; and Lee Gyung-gyu (top left) for Star Junior. The SBS Awards will air December 30.

Source:  Dramabeans

The only point I don’t necessarily agree with is that Seunggi was “born to do this.”  Acting and singing~ yes.  MCing~ hm, not so sure.

He’s totally a natural on 1 Night 2 Days, but that variety show is less about MCing; although all the 1n2d episodes this year of the guys having to travel alone really showcased Seunggi’s MC talents!  He’s definitely grown tons through Strong Heart and has amazing chemistry with Hodong, but his MC-chaejil would probably be best assessed later on after he gets to work alongside more other MCs.

But based on Seunggi’s amazing chemistry with everyone he’s been paired up with in variety and dramas, male and female, I don’t think we have anything to worry about!  And I still love Seunggi-Hodong, but like many netizens and fans, I’m still hoping to see a Seunggi-Yoo Jae Suk pairing some day!

Congrats to Seunggi for his SBS Entertainment Awards MC Daesang nomination!

And isn’t this a no-brainer?!  Kang Ho Dong deserves the SBS MC Daesang!

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17 Responses

  1. I really want to see collaboration between Seunggi-Yoo Jae Suk too!! XDD

  2. Congratulations Seung Gi! even though the chances of winning is slim, but the fact that he is nominated makes me so proud of him.. :D there is still a long road ahead of him; to learn and experience more from this field.. Fighting!

  3. Am I the only one that have this feeling that he is going to win except not alone but with hodong. Just like last year when they gave it to yoo and lee hyori. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. i’d wish to see him win. that simple. :D

  5. he will win or not .Im so proud of him..

  6. As much as I want him to win, He definitely should not win. He is a great MC but to give this award to a junior would be insulting to the other 3 seniors.

  7. I’m agree with all your statement Ann!
    I don’t hope he’ll win,but absolutely be proud of this nomination. It’s already a prestige, and I think Seung Gi understand this too.

    Btw, I also agree with your last statement, yeah KHD deserves that award

  8. It all depends on what is the criteria of a daesang MC winner.

    But i do feel that he might be the dark horse too! ^_^

    if they give it to SGi and another MC, i think it will reduce the number of criticisms that he is too young/inexperience to win it..

  9. oh no, am i in the minority again?! I’m the only one that DOESN’T want seunggi to win the award?

    Lee Hyori got a lot of flack last year for winning the MC daesang together with Yoo jae suk, and it totally wasn’t her fault SBS chose her. a lot of ppl felt if 2 ppl were going to share the award then it should’ve been yoo jae suk and kang ho dong. but to have hyori chosen over kang ho dong made no sense.

    if seunggi gets the award together with Hodong, i see the same happening. although it seems more plausible than the hyori situation last year since Strong Heart has the best ratings over YJS and LKG’s shows. And YJS was off air a lot of this year until Running Man started.

    But I really hope it stops at the nomination. I get a feeling that Seunggi himself doesn’t want the win beyond the nomination and deal with the flack and critics. would rather see him scoring at the SBS Drama Awards.

    plus, I think Hodong deserves this award on his own. I thought he deserved it last year and hope he snags it this year.

    • as much as I wanted Seung Gi to win, I would also be very glad if Ho Dong wins it ALONE. :D

    • haha, Ann, you’r surely not alone!
      The first moment I saw this news, I was praying “plz don’t let Seunggi win” :))
      I don’t think it sounds weird; we all now being nominated is such a big honor already, and winning is another story!!

      anyway, miss my fangirling world do much these days!

  10. I am with you that while it is an honor to be nominated for this prestigious award. Just feel that the time is still not right for him. The others are there because they are there on their own merits and these comes with experience . It would be more meaningful if he wins in later, maybe 1 -2 years down the road, with more onscreen exposure and experience. I sincerely hope he does not win it with hodong because there will be s stigma with this kind of win.It is not good for him….

  11. I am just curious. Is this a life achievement award? Why is experience so important in this particular award? Music and drama awards are about performance in this year. Shouldn’t this one also?

  12. I think in any profession, be in in music ,drama or any other occupations, the fine line one has is the cutting edge of finesse and this only comes with experience.He…he..That is why there are different tiers in any given industry.Just my personal thought.

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