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Seunggi’s ultimate unexpected elevator kiss, SH cuts

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

LSG cuts from Dec 14, 2010 Strong Heart episode
(English translation: LSGfan; videos: rapport2010; leeseunggiworld)

Unexpected elevator door kiss is Seunggi’s dream kiss?!
Hm, this sounds a little similar to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho scene?! Ha Ha. Loved how Seunggi was so straight up and sincere about this! So the goal for stalking fans from now on should be to meet Seunggi outside an elevator! Ha.

Comedian Jung Sun Hee’s memories of a sincere Seunggi since his debut

Seunggi says My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ratings shot up after Baker King ended!

Preview for next week
Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Age 19 Restriction Warning Seunggi…

More Seunggi cuts from Strong Heart:

And more…

And even more…

5 Responses

  1. Oh my…a panting Seung Gi, arms wide open, expectations in his eyes, standing right in front of you…

    Thank you, Ann, for I am all smiles now just thinking about the scene.

    One day he will make a lucky girl very very happy!

  2. omg, wish to be that girl in the elevator…kekeke. sorry its just my imagination:p

  3. ha…ha.. ha.. running to the 20fl….. can’t imagine that
    so funny……….

    kiss kiss kisss ><

  4. who’s all in favor of an elevator kiss from Seung Gi? *hand shoots up* I’ll take one of those..and I’ll dish one out too!

    I really like his preppy look in here..clothes hair and all..Seung Gi looks so boyish and cute – and the caps of him laughing I saw before – am in love with those ^^

  5. I thought that Seung Gi had already unexpected kiss……..in brilliant legacy final kiss scene…from HHJ…^ – ^

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