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Seunggi at 2010 Letter from Angels opening via press photos

*** UPDATED with press event the following morning with photo participants
Lee Min Jung, Seoul Mayor Oh, and Photographer Cho. Maybe Seunggi and other faves like Han Hyo Joo will also make a surprise visit before the exhibit ends? ***

Seunggi couldn’t make the 8th Letter from Angels: Happiness photo exhibit opening on December 15 since he had to perform at the 2010 Melon Awards. Nevertheless, looks like Seunggi and Baby Min-Jun were still very much there and present…

They must’ve had the main press event in front of Seunggi and Lee Min Jung’s photos because either one or both photos were hovering big and large in the background in practically all the press photos!  And I just love that!

Seems most of the participants couldn’t be there due to other previously scheduled events.  Too bad because  I was really hoping to see Seunggi together in one place with all his girl buddies and noonas (Han Hyo Joo, Lee Min Jung, Kim Jung Eun, Park Kyung Lim, Kim Ok Bin).  And his male peers (Yoon Shi Yoon, Jang Geun Suk) and actor sunbaes (Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Hee Ae).

Yoon Shi Yoon was there.  Baker King and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho leads meet again!  Love both guys’ mutual respect for one another.  And for fans, how can you not like the guy when Yoon Shi Yoon says he sees Seunggi as a role model!

In years past, participants usually took press photos in front of their actual exhibit photo, but I guess not this year.  Seunggi was so much in Shiyoon’s press photos that some titles asked “Where’s my photo?” and many included “Yoon Shi Yoon takes photo with Lee Seung Gi.”  Ha ha ha.  Very cute.  But really, see some of the photos for yourself~ this is one time that the Korean press was definitely not exaggerating!

Yoon Shi Yoon & Seunggi+Baby Minjun!

Yoon Shi Yoon, Photographer Cho & Seunggi+Baby Minjun!

Photographer Cho & Seunggi+Baby Minjun!

Actor-director extraordinaire Yoo Ji Tae was there.  Couldn’t stomach the movie Old Boy, but saw him in kdrama Stars Lover, and loved his interview with Kang Ho Dong on MBC show Knee Cap Guru.  Too bad Seunggi didn’t get to meet him.  I’m sure Seunggi would’ve been so excited.  Hope they get to meet someday soon…

Korea’s beloved adorable couple Sean and Jung Hye Young were there too.  They weren’t part of the photo exhibit, but I think they were there in support of the cause since they’re known for their Christian charity activities…

Very possible that Seunggi may visit the Insa Art Center before the photo exhibit ends~ only because photo participants Lee Min Jung and Seoul Mayor Oh were there the next morning with Photographer Cho since they couldn’t make it to the opening…

Lee Min Jung and Photographer Cho

I love Lee Min Jung and she has definitely been one of the fashionistas of the year!  And even though I totally love her very haute outfit and she looked stunning altogether like usual~ the whole thing felt way too glamorous and sort of inappropriate for this type of cause event.  Part of fashion is to dress to match the occasion and the combo of fur, leopard print, and gold chain anklets were definitely a no-no.

Seoul Mayor Oh and Photographer Cho

And Seunggi+Baby MinJun showed up again via leaflet program booklet in Photographer Cho’s and Mayor Oh’s hands!  The mayor is looking great by the way, and love how the little girl from the photo is there at the event too!

And based on the below photos posted by leeseunggiworld, I love how this year’s exhibit also includes the behind-the-scenes filming photos like the more candid Seunggi+Baby MinJun photos that we all went gaga and nearly fainted over!

Love the accompanying photo leaflets!  This is SUCH a beautiful cause and SO incredibly heartwarming.  Definitely is a must see and I’d totally go if I were in Seoul!

8th annual Letter from Angels photo exhibit
December 15-21, 2010
InSa Art Center in Seoul

FOR1 LICENSE angels.for1.com

(images credit: Press photos as labeled unless otherwise noted)

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4 Responses

  1. Just found out recently from 1n2dfansubs that Cho was also the photographer responsible for SG’s mv Delete. I love that mv so much. Cho totally captured SG’s youth, innocence, and charm. I think SG must have impressed Cho as well with his photogenic face and expressions. Greatly admire both for this heart warming collaboration here. Hope all the babies find a loving home.

  2. hahaha, this exhibition is totally SeungGi !
    why there are still soooo many pictures with those cute SG and baby MinJun?
    why everyone seems happy to stand near SG and MinJun’s photo? ahahaha, everyone is sure know the answer !

  3. i love both YSY and Seung gi! they’re like the cutest thing on Korean lang (if not the whole world!) :)

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