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Seunggi thanks Hook, parents, fans for 2 Melon Awards

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

Per previous post on 2010 Melon Awards nominees, Seunggi was up for 2 awards: Top 10 Award and OST Award…  and he won both!  Congrats Seunggi!!! Showing everyone that your 2009 triple threat singing-acting-variety accolades and popularity were alive and well, and even more potent this year!  You really are Korea’s prince!  Check out Seunggi’s acceptance speeches, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST stage~

Lee Seung Gi wins twice at the 2010 Melon Music Awards

(video credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010) You rock as usual!

Congrats Seunggi!
You were totally cool and such a stud today getting your awards!

Seunggi’s “Gorgeous Boyfriend” Stage
Losing My Mind (HD) & I Love you from Now On (BTS version)

Omg, I loved this whole montage of Hoi Couple, Daewoong and Miho to set the mood and then played snippets throughout the song!  Makes me totally miss My Girlfriend is a Gumiho drama all over again! Um, but can we ease up on the kissing clips please?!

(credit: leeseunggi01)

Fashion & Style commentary~

Since I’m supposed to be on my bestest behavior about Hook, and especially after Seunggi thanked Captain Hook so poignantly in his acceptance speech, I’m trying to be more supportive of stresses-me-out-way-too-much Cody…

Liking some of the early photos of Seunggi, although I don’t get Cody’s continued obsession with putting Seunggi in heavy tweed jackets, especially for a music awards show performance (during I love you from now on), but he still looked great…

And looks like Cody brought back Seunggi’s tight short pants from  The Blast concert earlier this year for Losing My Mind performance.  Oh Cody, why oh why?!

And can someone explain this grey knit-like bow-tie bib thing under his jacket?!

Also, I think I’m the only one that’s not really into the cutesy aegyo motion dances. Can we please see Michael Jackson tribute dance moves Seunggi again soon??!!

But then who can’t help but to get giddy over these Daewoong love bullets?! ha ha ha.

Just love this photo…. Would like to see more of these types of moves please!!!

And love seeing these type of photos~ prepping prior to his performance…

(images credit: DClsg; As labeled)

Looking forward to seeing more fan photos!  Congrats again to Seunggi!!

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26 Responses

  1. thanks for the translations, Ann! I dont really like it when Seung Gi keeps on telling us that he is always lacking.. for me, he’s the best out there. everything that he’s done is daebak! we love you oh so much Seung Gi yah! :)

  2. and congratulations on your 2 awards! looking forward to him receiveing another award, this time for acting and/or MC’ing! :D

  3. congratulations Seung Gi! he was so cool last night~ i really enjoyed his performances.. <3

  4. Dear Ann,
    Thank you so much for the translation. I am so happy for Seung Gi.
    Did you catch up on 1N2D yet? There were two different translations about the gold (or not) medal
    baseball player LDH won at the Olympics. Really would like to see your version.

  5. woahhh i can’t take my eyes at Seunggi.. Loving him day by day.. Thank you so much for the wonderful update.. :)

  6. did you gals see him trying to blow kisses to the fans but he was so shy(when he sang Losing my mind)!!!!!hahahahahaha…… start to focus around 2.55min……. aigoooooo….aigooooooo….hahaha..

    be more daring SGi!!!! give a big muack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^_^^ don’t be shy!!

    • That was so cute!! He was soo shy..aww Seung Gi ah…blow those kisses our way and we’ll sprint up the stairs to give you a kiss when you get out of the elevator XDD

      Congrats to Seung Gi on his 2 awards!
      Cody…tweed? really? *decides to keep the rest of comments to self in order to keep the peace* XD

  7. LSGi, Congratulations on your 2 awards! Looking forward to you & KHD receiveing the SBS award for MC’ing.

  8. thanks ann for sharing,
    i’m happy for Seung Gi :D

  9. congratulation seung gi…….
    singer seung gi’s already got three awrads.
    so proud of you.

  10. GOOD JOB seung gi, CONGRAT for u.

    knowing u after watching BL drama, really love this drama, so many lesson i get from this drama.

  11. Seung Gi ya….. yah…… 2 award ????

    gooood job and congrat for u

    wow..wow… really enjoy your dancing, so sweet
    and …..

  12. Well done. ….What a great way to finish 2010. Hope that 2011 will bring even more pleasant surprises as well..he…he :)

  13. I heard that min ah was attended at MMA..It means uri miho was watched seung gi speechs and performances..e,riigghtt?

  14. congrats Seung Gi yah, very proud of him day by day…

  15. Congrats! Congrats! Seung Gi! :)

  16. “Also, I think I’m the only one that’s not really into the cutesy aegyo motion dances.”

    me, me too~ LOL
    sorry, somehow i (and i think seunggi) feel uncomfortable about this cute dance~ and sorry, i didn’t even finish watching all of his ‘losing my mind’ performances~
    omoo, i feel like i’m such a bad fan! ~_~

    but i prefer to see sharp dance moves from him..

  17. at 23, i think it’s still ok to act cutesy….. but once he reached 25 or has already served national service duty, i wouldn’t want him to be like this…

    now, it is still acceptable to me….hehe….

    it’s still cute cute SGi…!

  18. I hope with all the accolades & awards he is getting he still has his feet on the ground and success doesn’t go up his head.

    Congratulations to him and I wish him all the best for 2011 and forever….

    By the way could someone explain what CF is? Is this being a top commercial endorser?

    • CF = commercial film. basically a tv commercial. in korea they use the term CF regularly to mean that.

      and yep, i think it’s everyone’s wish that it doesn’t go to his head bc even just a little bit of power and success can easily do that to ppl. that’s why it’s pretty amazing that seunggi is as grounded and humble as he is with all the success(both career and financial wise) he’s had. not always the case in celeb world!

      congrats seunggi!

  19. thank you so so so so much for the videos! thank you LSGfan and Rapport2010!

    seunggi sshi! nomu nomu congratulations to you! you deserve it all!

  20. congrats seunggi..great job to finish this year. always hope you’ll be success in the next year. keep humble&always be a great prince in our heart*_*

  21. yeah I totally agree, I’m not all that crazy with the steps of Losing My Mind performance, and me too want to see seung gi do some manly spectacular moves like when he perfom Smooth Criminal of Michael Jackson or My ear’s candy it was so cool ^^

    Now regarding the sing performance is it just me or I didnt like how he sang I love you from now on it was a little weird in the begining but then it was good. He looked so tired maybe he couldn’t practice for that more time. BYT STIL SO HAPPY TO SEE AGAIN THE SINGER LEE SEUNG GI

  22. Hi Hikary25,
    Your brave and honest comments brought me out of hiding. I don’t like the ‘cute dance’ at all, but I think that song is in fact very demanding of the singer. So I understand the need for some easy and ‘cute’ moves. I heard the part in the beginning of From Now On that did not sound right too. I think SG did not have enough live performances of the song to work out all the kinks, or to feel totally in control of it. When he said he will devote more time to singing, I believe he is sincere. (Come to think of it, he seldom utters anything insincere.) After all, he is not a superman. I am glad he is clear-headed enough to see that.

  23. not liking the cute dance moves? aw, too bad, that’s what i really loved about SG performances, although my number 1 fave is the one he danced in just like the first time..it was the best SG cute dance. but i agree he looks tired on his dances now, becoz it way too simple, even for a cute dance….but still oving SG the way he is!!! keep on fighting Seung Gi yah!!

  24. Yeah you must be the only one who doesn’t like his cute dances XD awww he kills me with them. Love Lee Seung gi so much, and yeah he shouldn’t be saying he is lacking that often, he is awesome (though I Wouldnt like him being arrogant), but he should be a bit more proud of everything he does :D

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