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Seunggi’s first letter at his revamped official homepage

Seunggi’s letter to fans at leeseunggi.com, December 13, 2010

English translation: LSGfan
(Original message in Korean via tryp96, leeseungki.com)

Hello to our Airen fans~^^
Finally… Finally the official hompage we’ve been waiting for has opened!!!!

I’m so happy that a space has been created so that from now on, not only just our nation’s fans, but all the fans from each nation who love the name Lee Seung Gi will be able to communicate in one place.

From now on, I too will share news, photos, and the smallest details here~~!
From hereon, please take advantage of the official homepage and I hope this will be a space in which the fans and I can have fun together^^

Also for the concert, I was really touched and thankful at how all the Airens came together as one and prepared meals and related events.. In order to tell you this through the official homepage, it was hard for me to be patient^^ㅋㅋ
Again, thank you again to all the fans that prepared the events with one heart and strength, and thank you again to all the fans who came to the concert.^^

Also one more thing~! You know that there will be a DVD produced for this time’s concert, right?? A lot of manpower has been invested in order to make the best quality DVD. We will do our best to prepare and present you with great images that you will want to see again and again…^^

However, a lot of fans had already filmed videos! Our Airens are well known for being good-mannered, so we should keep to fundamental etiquette, right~??
I fully understand your desire to collect and immediately watch.
However, the concert are memories and a gift between you all and me.
As the intent of the concert was to share a performance that can not be easily seen through broadcast or the internet, but prepared solely for fans who had gathered at the venue, I ask that our Airen fans who have collected concert videos will be a bit more patient and wait so that the makers and singer can be strengthened and motivated to produce a great DVD.
In order to create an even better concert next year, it is my hope that our Airens will set an example of fundamental etiquette^^

Starting next year in 2011, in order to become closer to the fans, I will come to this space to hang out more often.^^
Airens too, through this space, let’s come together as one with me!!!!!ㅋㅋ

The weather has gotten really cold. Be careful not to get a cold.
Hope that this year will end well and be a warm end of the year…
I sincerely love all our Airens… Thank you…^^

P.S. Also, I have something to ask of all of you. It is true that me, Lee Seung Gi, currently does not have a personal twitter, metoday, or a mini-hompage. Therefore, please do not mistake me for twitters, metodays, or mini-homepages using the name “Lee Seung Gi” as those belong to other persons…^^
Also, in order to have a lively and active official homepage, I ask you to make it a rule not to take out any of the published photos from this site!!!! I only ask this of you. ㅋ
To commemorate this homepage opening, please do me this favor…^^
Again, thank you one more time~

LSGfan’s own personal comments

Apologies in advance to other upstanding Airen fans  —

Ok,  I was really loving Seunggi’s video to celebrate his newly revised website, but now… I’m really trying super hard to not be a bad fan and to be totally supportive, but is this letter from Seunggi or Captain Hook?!

Frankly, this first letter from Seunggi to Airen fans to thank them for their support and commemorate the opening of this newly revamped official homepage feels way more like a copyright warning and less fan letter.  And felt more like Captain Hook-esque talking points rather than Seunggi’s usual voice.

I mean, I get it. Yes, there are principles, but at the same time, as fans that follow Seunggi regularly, do we need to feel like we’re being chastised and warned by Hook for spreading Seunggi news?! I mean come on, Airen fans have basically been informally running Hook’s public relations department for the past couple of years!  Couldn’t Hook think of a better way to convey this message?!

Also, if they’re not going to produce English (or other non-Korean language) versions of the official homepage detailed policy, rules, and legalese, how are fans supposed to understand anything?

It’s not like all the non-Korean international fans have all the time in the world and are going to translate legal, copyright policy stuff!  At least definitely not LSGfan, who’s currently crazy busy trying to wrap up school stuff, work stuff, and enjoy the Christmas winter holidays with friends and family.

I really thought the A “distressed” open letter to Captain Hook would be the last of that kind.  Like Seunggi, LSGfan does not like drama and things to be complicated.  Hope Hook considers re-thinking their current approach.

See recent letters to Airen fans:

Read more letters from SeungGi in the Letters tab at top of the blog.

36 Responses

  1. couldn’t agree more~

    btw, i like the older website than this… it’s more complicated and “private”… i’ve been registered like 7 hr and i haven’t got confirmation email so can’t log in until now! T_T

  2. i feel the same way too.. although the approach of the letter might be the Lee-Seung-Gi-way but it makes me sad to read this if it really came from Seung Gi himself.. how do we,non-korean fans, get to know more about him in the future? i don’t even know which button to click on his website,so how am i gonna update myself?

  3. agree. I can only look at the pictures and video on the website.

    And earlier, I waited for over 5 minutes and still could not get on the website. Do you think it was jammed because too many people tried to get in?

  4. Too bad. I hope they could be more considerate.

  5. Gals,let’s be a little patient…let’s breathe in, breathe out,hehe..

    Whether the message is from seung gi or not, i do not even want to think about it..

    Ann,i will e-mail you my thoughts in 7hrs time when i’m in the office,it’s 1am on my side now,hehe…

  6. Yon ~ this is why you are a necessary prized long time fan because you know how to calm everyone down! ha ha ha.

    actually, i was sort of writing this post in a light sort of fun way since i really don’t expect any less different from Hook anymore. So, hopefully, people don’t take this post too seriously. sorry if it came off harsh. i didn’t mean it that way. I’m smiling! :) i’m just super stressed with the gazillion things i have to get done in the next 2 weeks!

    Again per usual, this has really nothing to do with Seunggi for me – it’s more about the way Hook does things and their approach.

  7. Ahaha…you know Ann, me and some other fans talk about how Hook-ish that letter.
    Agree, that letter made me so sad if that come from Seung Gi self

  8. I think this letter 100% not come from SG self.

    we all know how SG is……….

    OH !! come on Hook……

  9. I decided to post my thoughts here instead… ^_^

    No one is perfect, Captain Hook or Seung Gi..

    As a businessman/woman, i wouldn’t want to make any loss in the trade i’m in. How to ensure that they don’t make loss? They have to request fans not to post any picture/videos online (or if they are so bossy, they can jolly well ask youtube to suspend the accounts of all those who posted, like SBS,KBS or MBC)…

    Even if Captain Hook did ask Seung Gi to post this message which was written by him/her (which i don’t think so), i’m sure Seung Gi has thought about it in the welfare of the company and for himself as well. When he did not release his concert DVD, fans complained even though they were able to view fancams taken during the concerts. When the company/SGi wanted to release a concert DVD and request fans not to post online those videos taken by them, we are unhappy with them. There are fans who would just view those fancam videos and would not bother to buy. Would he want to release concert DVD in the future for those who have not view yet? Then there are those who are kind-hearted to share the videos, but there are unscrupulous people who download the videos and sell it illegally. It’s like how nowsaday, if you can sell 100K cd sales for 1 album in Korea, you are a super star.. If you sell 50K for 1 album, you are considered good.. of course, we know that they have gone digital or online sales of the songs, but if this happen to a concert DVD, do you think it can even sell 20K?

    If they don’t even breakeven for the sales of the concert DVD, will there be any more in the future? SGi’s future will be at stake….

    besides, i do agree with the content written in the letter, the production costs of a concert dvd is not cheap. At the concert, there are at least 6-8 cameras controlled by the cameramen… and there are also quite a few cameramen/women walking around the stadium to capture the fans… And i believe SBS was the one that they have engaged to do the recording of the concert as we saw a few SBS vehicles around, but not the other tv stations.

    I learnt to see things in a different way… Just think back, in SH, remember SGi mentioned before that his boss will actually check on him if he goes to school during his early days? Now, in which agency in Korea do we have bosses like that? The bosses will be happy if their stars decided to drop school and focus 100% on their career.. We complained about SGi songs not getting any promotions,etc…. but think about it, to promote a song, other than online, he will need to appear on TV programmes.. He can’t just go to 1 TV station to promote, in order not to offend any of the tv station, he has to attend all of them. Think about the schedules he has now, do all the fans really want him to get tired and sick from the hectic schedules? Hook has tried to let him have time for studies, filming of SH & 1N2D and also rest which fans have been requesting for him…

    I know everyone love to see him on screen (me too!! hehe) , but don’t forget, if you appear too many times in a week, non-fans get sick of him..(remember the time in SH when viewers complained about SGi’s being the focus on the programme everytime?)..

    SGi is old enough to understand the situation and if he is really the one who wrote it, i’m fine with it, because i understand from his & the agency perception.

    Looking at other agencies, i’m glad that Hook Entertainment is not like them…. otherwise how would SGi be able to donate so much money out of his own pocket to charities… (don’t forget that it is only recent 2-3years that he has alot of CF, during his earlier days, he was focusing on his music)…

    As fans, let’s not be too critical on those messages (whether written by him or Captain Hook)… They are only requesting fans not to do it, but did not say you can’t do it…..

    I know some fans can’t afford it, there are always ways to be able to view it.. Either a few fans can share the cost and take turns to own it ..(eg. this month i will take it, next month you can take it back and 3rd month, it’s my turn again….). then for the time being, you can start saving to own one later…

    Last but not least, just remember to buy the original concert dvd when it is release… DON’T BUY PIRATED DVD, DON’T DOWNLOAD OR BURN FROM ANOTHER FAN COPY…… (don’t call yourself a fan if you did the above action in caps)…

    i sound so serious ah? hehehe… but that’s because i’m concerned about Seung Gi’s pocket.. i hope to see his pocket full of $$ instead of empty despite his hard work… ^_^

    • Dear yon,
      Thank you so much for such a detailed note. SG should be proud to have such ardent and devoted fans like you.

      I will buy the concert DVD and the drama DVD and whatever that comes out from SG. Same with you, I urge all fans to do it.

      I think a lot of us agree that Hook has done what it knows as the best for SG. We just argue, sometimes, what is actually the best way to do it.

      I don’t think any of those diminish our love for SG (at least not mine). We all want him to be loaded with money. Because, by golly, he deserves it!

      Never a joiner of things, I will shell out that 55,000 won and join his official club IF ONLY THEY SEND ME THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION!!!

      Go Seung Gi forever!

      • thanks for your reply…

        ann or anyone(especially the devoted ones who post latest news, translate articles,etc) may just write about their views on it, they don’t mean to criticise Hook Entertainment, however, others who are loyal followers of the fans club blogs/forums may take seriously and follow suit..

        i’m just worried for SGi to hear all these and get even more stress out… remember his message a few months ago?

        AnnMichelle, you need to send a photocopy of your ID/ Passport to the webmaster before they activate your account…. even if the membership fee is 100,000 or 200,000 won, i will join!!!! (was there a membership fee that we need to pay?)

    • Aw..thank you Yon…you made me feel ashamed at how selfish I am. Thanks a lot dear, I think I’m just gonna keep my money to afford that DVD later (hope the price not getting too high)..sigh.

  10. Yon hahaha, I remember this discussion!

    I believe that fans can share fan videos but fans must buy the original video after sharing. It is only right.

    Just like I will download Seung Gi’s song first (bcos I cant wait) but will buy his CDs when it is available.

    Someone please help me, I cant register bcos I seem to have problem with the nickname part! I have type all sorts of nickname and I cant leave it blanK!

    Ann, Merry Xmas!

    • purple, i believe you can type anything except those symbols… not even – or _ … just try typing alphabets & numbers..if this doesn’t work, type alphabets only… but not too common, because it might have been taken up..

      i managed to register and receive the e-mail from the official website.. i have to submit a photocopy of my Passport or ID to them first before they can activate the registration.

      • Thanks Yon. Manage to register finally. There was no problem with the nickname actually. Just that I couldnt read Korean. All I had to do was just click on the windows that pop up. Now I am waiting for the confimation of registration via email.
        Am trying to register for the fanclub member now. Having the same problem as you. My passport photo is the ugliest photo. Fat and ugly!

  11. the worst thing is, my passport or ID photo is not nice….i look damn fat…hahahaha…..^_^… still pondering which one should i use….

    • Hahaha, I was fretting about that too…My ugliest photo for SG to see, how unbearable (I know I am flattering myself; probably no human being will ever set eye on the thing).

  12. omg yon you’re killing me with your comments!~ love it! you swinging from serious hardcore fan and protector of all things Seunggi to worrying about your passport photo!

    aw, everything you wrote is true. i know my last resolution about hook-related post was to try to play nice from now on, but Capt Hook always knows how to push my buttons! ha ha ha. I so want to one on one interview her some day!

    Capt Hook of course didn’t write the letter, seunggi did himself. But she obviously gave him some talking points. I’m just annoyed that they used him to push this message rather than having Hook reps do it themselves. definitely b/c fans will more likely listen to him than Hook, but still…

    yes, per usual, for the sake of Seunggi, I will make a new year’s resolution to be on best behavior about Hook! Promise! :)

    • will you listen to Captain Hook if he/she is the one who wrote it? hahahahaha…. you won’t right? so am i..hahaha… or rather, we won’t take it to hard and remember and may just do it forgetting what Captain Hook has said…

      so of course they will get the most influential person to do the job…. that’s how it works in society, isn’t it? :)

    • Dear Ann,

      Please don’t try to be too nice. It’s the real, sometimes grumpy but always with the best intentions, witty, and insightful you that I love.

      I am all for an Ann vs. Hook interview. Hey, I will even buy the DVD.

      • i think before we get Ann vs Hook interview, someone must get hold of Captain Hook face… i think everyone is very curious how he/she looks like….hehehe…..

  13. Finally! I am going to join now!

  14. Does anyone know when joining the official fanclub, whether ID and nickname are supposed to be different?

    I keep getting this message in Korean, which I can’t read, regardless what nickname I put down…..PLEASE HELP I really wanna join!

    • hi jessica

      have you tried to check your e-mail account that you have filled up in the form?

      If you have receive an e-mail from the official website, that means it’s successful, but you can only login after e-mailing a photocopy of your passport or ID to them.

      my ID and nickname is different.. for ID, i think cannot have duplication. If someone has used it already, you can’t use the same one. The box which you have typed your ID will tell you if the ID is available.

      • Yon, thanks for your fast reply.

        The ID that I filled in is available. The main trouble that I have is the nickname which I have tried a few different ones already, however, each time the same message (in Korean of course) would pop up. And because I couldn’t understand what it was staying, i wasn’t able to figure out what or where went wrong. I assume an English nickname is acceptable, right?

  15. i’m blessed for all devoted fans such as you girls who helped me a lot on understanding those korean language i can not read at all….but, i’m getting a course at the moment, so i’ll be no longer korean illiterate :p
    please share me some info about the concert dvd, dying to see SG dancing.. *envy the girls that can come to his concert so muuuchh :D

  16. yon, thank you so much for enlightening us, for enlightening me.. :) i’m happy to read your views.
    how can i not think of the costs of the production team? its such a shame for me to be called an accountant.. <_<
    of course, true fans will support Seung gi by buying only the original. the hardwork that he exerts in every project he has is not a joke right? so let us all show our love for him, buy original DVDs, CDs of our Seung Gi.. they're all worth the price.. :)

  17. i don’t think the fans spreading fan videos will affect sales on the upcoming dvds. the quality of the fan cams were very poor. i’m sure the fans who updated about the concert will also be buying the dvd. i most certainly will.

  18. I have been reading all your comments with great interest. While ultimately it is business 100% and the bottom line is still the dollars sign. This message certainly dampen the professional standing of Hook or whoever pen the message. They should at least trust the integrity ,loyalty and support of his fanbase. This message to me reflect the inmaturity, shallow attitude behind it.As a matter of fact, It reflects badly on its marketing and PR.

    Personally I would definitely be in the queue for the DVD but the manner it is put shows a lack of professionalism overall.. He..He…

  19. what happen if this is really written by SGi? will all of you be disappointed with him and lost confidence in him? will you like him less?

    There is no way we can confirm if the message is written by Captain Hook or SGi, so we should not make assumption that it doesn’t look like SGi’s writing.

  20. YON~~~
    ah, no, no, Yon 선생
    thank you very much for sharing your thought,
    you knew well how to make us understand another pov…
    still as before, let’s support LSG without any hesitation!

  21. Thank you yon for sharing your thoughts.
    In case we’ve forgotten this leeseunggi homepages we are talking about and not hook entertainment.

    Seunggi says:

    Welcome to my home. Please feel free to visit any of the room but before you do so please let me know that you coming so that you will not be treated as a intruder. Everything here are for you to enjoy but please try not to take anything from here without any permission. Oh! I’m sure your mum has taught you on this etiq

    • on this etiquette. Oh yes, about my concert, I know that many of you took some video but I hope no one who attended the concert is from the syndicate that specialize on pirated cd etc. coz’ this is Asia. You should know what I mean if you are living in Asia.
      Anyway, do feel free to visit me as often as can coz’ this is the only place you can find me. I do own any metoday, twitter. And in case Im not around just me a message and I’ll try to reply u asap.
      Phew! Am I glad that Seunggi didn’t hang a warning sign on his main door.

      PS 2 days after Mgig ended pirated copy with dubbing can be bought on roadside at about US30cents per pc. Talk about efficiency, who can beat Asia. :)

  22. Like I voiced earlier, it is nobody’s fault. the marketing strategy is flawed from the start. I have done some legal cases pertaining such issue as copyrights etc in my work and profession, and i can emphasize further that all this is due to the lack of foresight and inexperience .

  23. Yon, thank you for sharing your thoughts, very clear and nice.

    of course I’ll not be disappointed with SG and lost confidence in him if this letter was written by SG. you know yon, I love SG till die ><

    and I'm TOTALLY agree with you about the COST $$$, gosh how come I forget this.

    love you Yon, love u SG, good night, have a sweet dreams

  24. suncine, love you too

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