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Fashion Show Seunggi and greetings at new website

*** UDPATED with English-subbed video ***

Loved how Seunggi did the intro fashion show in his own personal clothes!  And per his message, curious to see the new stuff to be uploaded on the site later on…

(credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010)

Omg, the song in the clip is one of my faves!  Saranghae. Saranghae. Saranghae…

Lee Seung Gi~ 처음처럼 그때처럼 (Just like the first time) May 2010

(credit: leeseunggi01)

I’m glad Hook actually took the time to take new photos, but I SO loved the High Cut photos they used previously on the website.  And would’ve loved to see the recent Ceci magazine photos used instead~ But I’m liking the front page concept…

As for the other photos used on each page, I’m definitely liking this look the most, probably because I always like the candid shots and poses way more and like clean cut preppy but stylish looks…

Not really into these other outfits or looks, so just posting a few of those…

Check out leeseunggi.com to see more photos, updated multimedia, and to register.

Has everyone registered okay?  I’m having a problem registering.  Maybe it’s because I already registered when they revamped the site in September?  Says there’s a problem with my nickname.  Hopefully I can get through later on.

By the way, would it be so hard for Hook to upload semi-decent quality videos?!

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17 Responses

  1. Hi Ann, glad you’re back. I already registered but when I try to login this message pop out…
    ‘Your account is not available yet’.

    Do I have to email my fanclub application form first, before HOOK verify my account….it’s really really confusing.

  2. Hi Ann, thanks for translating Seung Gi’s message. I’ve tried registering but got a pop up msg in Korean (don’t know what it saying).

    So not sure whether registration was successful or not.

  3. Aahh..Glad u hv come back..waitin 4 ur comeback=))
    I’m also hv a problem..i think myb the tel no is wrong.
    but,don’t know the format to write it=(

  4. I also registered but I can’t access yet T_T, I don’t understand the mesages in Korean. Why do they have an english option if it only translates the main tags? We need to ask them to put more info in english, anyways most people know english.

  5. Hi! i just had a question. i tried to register for LSG’s official website, but i couldn’t. it kept repeating the same “nickname has been changed”..Do you guys know how to register ? please help me out. Thank you so much

  6. i managed to register… when you click ‘join’ tab at the top, another window will pop up.. you will see korean words, but on the right side, they was a question ‘are you foreigners’? just click that and a form will appear for you to fill in your particulars.

    after you have submitted, you should receive an e-mail from the official website.. they are actually requesting that you send a photocopy of your passport or ID to the e-mail address stated.
    This is necessary because for koreans, they have to register using their ID number and their system could detect if the ID number is genuine(if i’m not wrong).. Only after you have sent your passport or ID photocopy to them, then i think we can login in..

    • yon, I didn’t see the ‘are you foreigners’? question like you said.

      and the same with Ann and most of other Airens, I’m having trouble with the nickname part.

  7. Ok, i have done screencaps before the registration page…



    After that, fill in the information as required.
    Remember, you should be able to receive the e-mail notification to e-mail them your passport or ID..

  8. hi,,im just a silent reader here but now i really need to know how to fill the nickname,,b’coz mine always said “nickname has been changed,please check for duplicates” (i translate the pop up box with google hehe)

    i’ve already try every nickname i could think off,,include number or just alphabet,,short or long but it didn’t work..

    it”s really frustated me,,*sigh
    HEllllp T.T

  9. Hello. Anyone here actually success in joining?

  10. Hi I finally got thru and log in and sent in my fanclub applicaition form. I dont know what happens next. Yon, you know?

    Okay I was as frustrated as you gals with the nickname part until I went to Lsgairenint blog and she explained how to go about it.

    I will try to explain here.

    1) When the window appear about the nickname, click on the check nickname and then click register again. It is just a window telling you that your nickname is changed unless your nickname has really been taken. What I did is to have the same id & nickname. When id is good, nickname should be good right? Haha.

    2) I didnt get an instant reply but I got one when I send a enquiry msg to the webmaster.

    3) Then I emailed my passport details and they sent me reply in Korean which I figured out later that the details for fanclub appilcation is at the website under the mypage section

    4) I filled up the form and emailed it and now waiting for a reply I guess.

    Just wanna say that if you choose ENGLISH on the website, there will be no option to click ‘Are you a foreigner’.

    Hope this help. Good Luck to everyone.

    • purple.. i only scanned and e-mail them my passport .. but i can’t figure out where is the ‘mypage section’.. quite alot of areas need to login to see it… i can’t even login because my account has not been activated yet.. can do screencap where is the mypage section that you see in the website?

  11. Hello,
    I’m just a reader here but just curious. I don’t fully understand why the need for the passport information to register on lsg’s official website. I’m just a bit concerned about security or privacy since that information is supposed to be personal and giving it away unsecurely can be dangerous (i.e. Identity theft).

    Just curious and concerned.

    • What i heard is that most korean website requires id information for security purpose. Even cyworld need id information. I guess it is part of their country’s web regulation. I do feel unsafe about it as my country don’t practises such thing too. But i do have a friend who joined korean cyworld before and i think should be quite safe.

      • Hi Nina! Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. I’ll check the registration. Would they still ask for passport info even if your not korean?

  12. welcome. You just have to send a scanned passport is enough. (the first page that have ur details and pic). At first i sent my id card copy but hook replied that international fan need to send in passport one. So after i sent in, i can login to the website the next day. Now thinking whether to join the fanclub but i dont know how to transfer the money to them. >.<
    Sorry for the late reply.

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