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SeungGi’s 2010 Golden Disk Award speech + interview

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

Belated congrats to Seunggi for winning a 2010 Golden Disk Award for Love Taught me to Drink! AND for winning a Golden Disk for the second straight year after winning in 2009 for Will You Marry Me. AND for winning in both years despite not having time to officially promote his songs due to a crazy busy schedule! AND winning despite a sea of gazillion idol groups! AND kudos to Korean Airen fans for voting “day and night!”

Digital Song Bonsang Award presentation and Seunggi’s speech
(YT video embeds are blurry lately; click on YT icon at bottom to see clear picture)

(credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010)

Seunggi interview and the infamous but lovable chair collapse (not fall!)

(credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010)

See more at ~ Seunggi self-entertains, hangs out with DJ Doc, SuJu, Boa [2010 Golden Disk Awards photospam]

Ok, after totally missing out on the real-time Golden Disk Awards, and reading only fan posts at first, I was expecting the worst…  but “the infamous fall” was more a chair collapse than anything else, and overall more lovable and heartwarming than embarrassing!  Only Seunggi could get away with this!

And I just love MC Tak Jae Hoon’s reaction!  Ha ha ha.  After their Triple Crown meeting on Strong Heart over the summer, veteran MC Tak Jae Hoon and Seunggi meet again at the Golden Disk Awards!  MC Tak was like so impressed with Seunggi’s “quick-witted, prepared” fall!  Good thing MC Tak is a fanboy!  And Seunggi was a total pro about it!  How can anyone not like this guy when he reacts like this?!~

And I’m loving some of the photos I’ve seen thus far of Seunggi’s hair and suit from the awards show!  Thank you hair for starting to grow out finally!  And thank you Cody for keeping it simple, classic, and tailored with the suit (without unnecessary beading, large collars, or long tails)!  I even kind of like that flowery brooch on his lapel…

Also really loving the candid behind-the-scenes fan photos of Seunggi and the other singers sitting at their tables during the awards show.  will have to check all those out soon!  Looks like a lot of those are still surfacing.

And glad they did a group photo…

(image credits: DClsg, As labeled)

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21 Responses

  1. Thanks for the translations, Ann!

    Honestly, I kind of dreaded watching the video clip of his “fall,” but it really wasn’t too bad. And SeungGi recovered so well. ^^ He definitely made it a memorable event for all of us. haha

  2. cute fall :)

  3. First of all, welcome back!

    Yes, I agree. Only Seung gi can pull something like that off without any embarrassment. And his reaction to that says a lot about him. That’s why he is so well-liked. He so deserves it.

  4. will Seung gi going to win 2 award in MELON??
    OST and top 10 stars?

    will he gonna win 2 awards at melon?

  5. welcome back ^^
    I miss ur articles..

    At first, Im kinda avoid the’fall’ incident since I thought bad thing happen to him, but after all its not bad or dreadful at all… He can pull it off to be cute instead! :)

    I’m agree w/ everyone. Only Seunggi can do this :)

  6. what does commitments means?

    is it plagiarized money??

    i try to search the words that i dont understand..;;

    what is commitments means? T_T

  7. @yumiko: what did you make embarassing? As a fans, I’m proud of him got the award since he doesn’t do much broadcast promotional broadcasting like singing on the music show or else. As the MC said, he spent the LEAST promotion, and he still won it! What make it embarassing?
    And what the heck with commitment? I search on this article, but found none, and how could you think it as plagiarized money? It seem you have some negativity

    @Ann: Welcome back! I agree with you, the hair growth relieving me, phew…and the suit fit him perfectly. That is seunggi, Simply yet sophisticated and Sorry to put harsh comments here, but that comments feels all antis to me, first plagiarized money and then embarassing.

  8. Lsgfan, thanks for the translation.

    As his fan I’m so proud of whatever he does. Winning this award is just a great achievement for him since he couldn’t promote the song due to his busy schedule.
    And that chair incident,I’m just wondering,how come a broken chair was used in such big event like GDA. That must be something wrong with the EO..I guess

    Btw,I want to ask something. Are there any news/rumors in Korea or other countries about seunggi’s winning?

    there arises controvercy about seunggi’s winning in my country. Some idol fans arguing why seunggi won the award while their idol didn’t. Moreover,they have their evidance that shows the winner must be their idol. Though I think their evidance isn’t reliable,but I feel really bad because I know that rumour isn’t true.

    • Here is the evidence produced by dclsg


      It seems that the member’s fans are all the very young and they don’t to get it. Lsg fans felt that it’s a waste of time to argue with them. Any I think that Hook is not that powerful or big to

      • Sorry for the incomplete sentence coz using my phone to post and can’t made any amendment. Just go the link and you will understand. As far as I know it’s very quiet and peaceful in Korea

      • Yup, most harsh comments made by a VERY YOUNG Fans. Sometimes I glad that Seung Gi’s fans are based on older one (though I think there’ll be much younger too), so we are much mature (sorry for self praising) and not bothered by this kind of issue

      • thank you for the link Eunice unnie. I think this source is more reliable than that one.

        sorry to say, but their evidence is really questionable. I just want to laugh when one of their sources said that the original article is vague, and they just interpreted it just the way it seems. how could this kind of article can be a reliable source to them?

        btw,I agree with you all, that must be a big waste of time to argue with them. and yeah, seunggi’s fan mostly more mature. (not self-praising, but that is the reality ;P).

        though, I admit that sometimes their harsh comments is really irritating me.

  9. Seung gi recovered gracefully from the ‘cute’ fall.. :D

  10. how i miss your post and leaving comments here~
    i think seunggi will always remember GDA 2010 because of his “chair collapse” moment!
    funny, cute and so heodang! XD

    i heard about the controversy too~
    i think they just don’t know that GDA don’t give the awards just based on voting but also music charts… and Love Taught me to Drink is doing better in music charts… *sigh

    well, i’m excited because seunggi said he will be more active as a singer next year! singer seunggi is the best!

  11. And for winning in both years despite not having time to officially promote his songs due to a crazy busy schedule! And winning despite a sea of gazillion idol groups!

    I couldn’t agree more.

    It’s NOT embarrassing. He’s SO GREAT. As a FAN, I’m SO PROUD of him.

    ps. We all know who the real winner is.

  12. Welcome back Ann^^ , Good to hear that you have a lot of fun with your friends. And of course Seunggi will be forgiving and so happy to hear that you were skiing in style like him…haha

    Here the vids w/sub
    [Eng] 101209 Lee Seung Gi – Speech@GD Awards

    [Eng] 101209 Lee Seung Gi – Interview+Chair Collapse@GD Awards

    Enjoy :)

  13. rapport – thx for encoding the Eng subs per usual. you’re awesome!

    reglest – agree with you. i sometimes forget that this is a public and open site. fans rant and criticize but do so in a loving way (like me!) :) it’s prob best just not to respond to comments that are worded in an inciting way.

    re: the GDA win and fans of other singers – it seems to happen with every awards show and among different fan groups so like the rest of you, i’m not worried. plus, it doesn’t matter what is rational or even blatant proof, people have different ways of interpreting things and will make their own conclusions no matter what.

    plus on a more general public level, outside of fan world, i haven’t read about any controversy. seems to be mostly among fans. and i can understand that. if seunggi didn’t win, his fans would prob do the same in trying to figure out what happened.

    congrats again to Seunggi for his 2010 golden disk award for the second straight year!

  14. personally, those immature comment should be ignored. Don’t take it to heart.Those ‘idol’ fans they know how to gloat when they win but don’t know how to lose with pride which makes them sores loser. Why only mention Seung Gi’s name and certain artists? Obviously without it, nobody pays attention. So just ignore it. We all know the truth.

    • let’s not care about them. if its talent that they keep pushing as an issue, hands down seung gi dominates those idols! those so-called IDOLS’ best asset is lip-synching.. LOL!

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