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Skiing in style like winter FUBU Seunggi

I can’t believe I missed out on all the Golden Disk Awards coverage and Seunggi’s infamous almost near complete fall, which was of course way more lovable than embarrassing, and could only be pulled off by nation’s heartwarming guy Lee Seung Gi!  Ha ha ha.  Will have to catch up on all the news coverage this weekend…

Following in the steps of winter-outfitted FUBU wear Seunggi, LSGfan and friends headed to the slopes for some winter skiing and recently got back.  Unfortunately, left the laptop at home by mistake and had very sparse internet access.  Boo hoo.  But I think Seunggi will be forgiving since we were skiing in style…

Sad that 3 days passed and was unable to post on LSGfan~ missed the cyber Airen fan community!  Hope you guys have all been well!  Glad that you guys kept this space lively during the past few days!  You guys totally rock!

Ok, catching up on Seunggi’s Golden Disk win now, but of course already checked out how Seunggi was styled and…  I’m SO thrilled!  Seunggi looked great!  Yay!  Thanks a bunch Cody!

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12 Responses

  1. hi lsgfan!!
    You don’t know how I really miss your article very much ha..ha..
    I’m happy to hear that you just had a fun holiday.
    nice to see you back here :D

  2. wow i never realized how much i loved reading your blog until you stopped writing for awhile! good to have you back!

    omg i felt so bad for Seung Gi when we fell from his chair at the awards ceremony…and no one really seemed to help him get another chair except a security guard….i was like come on, we can give more support to him than that! he seemed a bit nervous that night….well he won anyways!! yay uri Seung Gi oppa hwaiting!!!

  3. Glad to be back. Thx for the warm welcome!

    saw that Shin Min Ah’s fan meeting is today, and that they’re going to play a pre-recorded support video message from Seunggi. Looks like Hoi Couple are remaining good friends in real life.

    forgot how a day doesn’t go by without some sort of Seunggi news! :)

  4. i was really thinking ‘ann must be on a holiday..’ lol turns out its true. glad you had fun! i miss your post sooo much!

    and totally agree, seunggi’s fall is way way more lovable than embarassing! i’m sure that award will have a special place in his heart bcoz of that incident lol

    anyway, heard that he’s not feeling well during the award ceremony, some fan account said seunggi was seen coughing few times there, and some also said they saw seunggi at the hospital.

    hope our boy will get well real soon! take care of your health seunggi-yah! heard korea is realy cold right now

  5. Hi lsgfan
    I missed your articles very much,i kept stalking your site everyday looking for news.
    Im glad you had fun in your holidays.

  6. Dear Ann, welcome back! Ditto everyone else’s missing you so much. I thought you were busy preparing finals – turned out you knew how to enjoy life to the fullest. Did you go to Vermont or Maine? It’s kind of early in the season, no?

    The infamous fall was cute but I feel bad for him when he was sitting all alone there at the beginning. Who’s that dull girl sitting close to him? Didn’t she know how to make small talks? Or she was too nervous to speak to the Great One???

  7. me too,Ann! i was surprised that I didn’t see any article from your blog in the last 3days! so not used to it! ha! welcome back! hope you enjoyed your holidays! :)

  8. Yaaaay, LSGfan is back. Welcome back. Miss you soooo much.

  9. Hi Ann! Welcome back!

    Miss your post so much and I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  10. wellcome back, ann! really miss your article..and now i’m happy to see your post again..o ya, enjoy your nice holiday..saranghae!

  11. Ann is back!!! *rejoices* Welcome welcome back!!
    Hope you had a blast on your skiing holiday- despite the lack of Seung Gi fangurling.

    Seeing Seung Gi sporting a snow suit all ready for snowboarding (my shallow side would like to say he looks fab in it) makes me want to go snowboarding/skiiing – god knows we’ve got enough snow (am in Minnesota) – we’ve got the snowstorm/blizzard to rival the infamous ‘Halloween blizzard going on right now..

  12. wellcome back Ann….! start to inform about LSG …activity again……

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