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Precious Seunggi+Baby photo #3~ maybe more to come?

OMG, the recently released photo of Seunggi+Baby making the rounds in the Korean press is just too much!  I can’t take it!  I loved the earlier BTS photos of Seunggi kissing and playing with the baby, but seeing their expressions looking straight at us makes “my heart just melt into a puddle of goo” (to quote K4Ice4Thu fan comment).  But, for some reason, I feel like the official Seunggi+Baby photo is still to come… [EDIT – Ok, I’m sure it’s the official final photo now.  Plus, there are few other celebs in past years that wore black shirts too!]…

Seunggi is the only one in a black grunge-style t-shirt versus all the other celebs clad in crisp white, the color scheme typically used in past exhibits.  Although as a fan, I’d love to think that Seunggi is THAT special!~ But at the same time, the above photo is the one featured on the Letter from Angels official website.  Hmmm…

Press photo collection image

Plus, we have yet to see photos of Kim Jung Eun; both she and Seunggi are the few celebs that have participated multiple times in Photographer Cho’s annual project.  [EDIT – Photo of Kim Jung Eun is up the site now].

Either way, whether this is the final photo or not, let’s have more more precious Seunggi+Baby photos please!  Also, it would’ve been daebak if they filmed his photo shoot similar to Seunggi’s 2008 Letter from Angels BTS filming. Although may be unlikely since the photo shoot happened way back in June.

And just love this article excerpt about his photo shoot.  Are we at all surprised?!

With an angelic baby in his arms, Lee Seung Gi impressed the staff on set by personally stopping and calming the baby every time he cried. Despite his busy schedule with his many variety programs and advertisement filmings, he was said to have made extra sure that he had time to lend a hand for this meaningful event.

One representative on the set commented, “This is the third time Lee Seung Gi has joined this event after his participation in 2007 and 2008. He was touched with the event’s effort to raise societal awareness for adoptions, and aggressively worked to help out. He even asked questions about the babies he took photos with in the past and truly gave his all.

(credit: Allkpop via Joonang Daily/Nate)

The longevity of Korea’s love for Seunggi continues to amaze me, especially because Koreans can be incredibly fickle in their opinions about celebs!  His clean-cut model image is a huge bonus for him but also a big burden – standards for uhm-chin-ahs are like way higher and the margin for error way smaller!

So I’m not disillusioned in thinking that Seunggi is  completely flawless and mistake-free now or even later on, I mean come on, the guy is still human and a high-profile entertainer at that!  But in comparison to most other celebs and just people in general, he definitely is a cut above the rest!

More press photo collection images

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17 Responses

  1. Even I love the BTS photos more, but I love seung gi-baby photo above. And it is better among others. Am I biased? hehe. Both seung gi and the baby are staring at us. Both of them are sooooooo cute.
    Also, look at the baby held by lee byun hun. He waves his hand while looking at the camera. He really knows how to pose. hehe.

  2. So the theme is “HAPPINESS”.

    Seunggi certainly look like a happy daddy.

    And the baby? He is telling you will you love me and be as happy as Daddy Seunggi while holding me?

  3. Yeah Totally agree, lee seung gi is a human and can make mistakes, but he totally is an amazing person too ^^
    Hope with all my heart that when seung gi commit a small or big mistake the korean entertainment will not be so severe with him, they have to remember how they even speak about him….

    • @Hikary

      no matter what they ( K entertaiment ) say I always support him

      keep down to earth, that’s way we love you……

      God Bless You SG

  4. agreed with other, I like BTS pictures more. but no problem, this picture is still lovable. at least, we can see the baby’s face here.^^

    btw, what a heartwarming pictures!! and look at the babies here, don’t you think they are really cute and pure?
    I feel really touched by the photographer effort to spread the love for those children. and so much in love to celebrities who are getting involved to this event.
    now, I really want to meet a shy seunggi’s baby,
    a friendly and handsome LBH’s baby,
    a cool and calm hyojoo’s baby, & a cute and friendly baby on the 1st press photo collection image, above seunggi. it seems the babies become celebrity too now hehe.

  5. Thanks Ann,

    ALL the participant definitely are the ANGEL

    and here we go……..
    Ladies, I have a great pleasure in introducing our HAPPY Family Member of Brilliant Legacy

    Father : Lee Seung Gi
    Mother : Han Hyo Joo
    Child#1 : SeungJoo ===> holding by dad
    Child#2 : Hwansung +++> holding by mom

    All the best for both of you and i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. GOOD LUCK ><

    • you’re so funny!! XDD

      I was looking at a site, and found combination of seunggi’s and hyojoo’s LFA pictures. and Yes, I feel like I just saw a picture of a young happy family, a heartwarming daddy and a caring mother. good chemistry between them. although they didn’t take the photoshoot at the same time.

    • hahaha,
      yep, ur imagination is funny!
      even i love hoi-hoi couple, it’s still fine if SG ended with her (Hyo Joo) and have those babies :)
      SeungJoo , HwanSung will become the happiest children in the world, hahaha

  6. heh, Lee Seunggi have official pages… via me2day.net

  7. Dear Santa,
    I’ve been (mostly) a good girl this year.
    Thank you for this present!
    <3 Livvie

    OH.MAN. wasn't expecting another one..although it would make sense given that all the photos usually have them facing us. Seung Gi yah!!!! Adorable-Baby-whose-name-we-don't-know yah!!!!
    *dies from the all the adorableness*

    btw…looking at JGS's pic..I like the guy, but man does he look very pretty..

  8. forgot to mention..
    I’ve been immortalized in Ann’s blog!!
    lols..*sends Ann Seung Gi shaped cookies in thanks*

  9. the BTS with natural is better
    but this one, OMO, i think i’d like to pinch both of their cheeks >_<

    all the babies, oh my… can i pick one of them?
    it's really interesting to have a baby with narrow eyes like them :*

    Seung Gi looks sooooo happy….
    his smile totally melted me away…
    wish u all the best, forever! Seung Gi, fighting !

  10. ok, so it seems that seunggi is THAT special! ha ha ha ha. just kidding. My heart continues to melt into a puddle of goo whenever i see these photos! can’t wait for the exhibit opening day!

    and something about candid photos~ i always like those kind way more than the official posed photos for stuff. seunggi really looks like such a natural with the baby… awww… puddle of goo all over again!

  11. we can see more bts pics in this site..


  12. @prella,
    thanks for the link, although i need some translate tools to understand what they said.

    the words, it makes my heart warm,

    “Good Minjun (name of the baby) do not cry …”
    “Start from now on, lead a pure and beautiful life!”
    “always be a healthy and happy Minjun, I’ll pray!” ♡

    SG is sooo kind :*

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