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25th Annual 2010 Golden Disk Award nominees

*** UPDATE ~ Online vote final results: Yesung (44.4%); Seunggi (43.9%) ***
Hope Seunggi is one of the winners this Thursday!  Kudos to Korean Airens!

See real-time votes at ~ Golden Disk Awards Popularity Vote current standings

(original post, Nov. 18)

Nominees for Korea’s prestigious 25th annual Golden Disk Awards were recently announced.  It will be held on December 9 at Koryo University.  And Seunggi’s song “Love Taught Me to Drink,” is up for BOTH the Digital Bonsang Award and the Popularity Award, despite Hook NOT letting Seunggi promote the song at all…

Seunggi won his first Golden Disk Award last year in December 2009 for Will You Marry Me.  Unable to formally promote the song due to a hectic drama filming, the song still received much love, particularly after it aired on Brilliant Legacy.  The song continues to be a super popular wedding-related tune.

Most people say the Golden Disk Awards is the most prestigious Korean music awards because of its long history and judging criteria.  But I’m confused about the judging process.  Golden Disk Awards website lists 6 categories:

1) Disk/Album Bonsang
2) Digital Song Bonsang (Seunggi is nominated)
3) Hip Hop Award
4) Rock Award
5) Rookie Award
6) Popularity Award (Seunggi is nominated)

But then on its Popularity Vote page, 4 of the 6 categories (minus Rock and Hip Hop) are listed for public voting.  Per Allkpop, “the ceremony is known for its fair standards, as the committee utilizes figures from album and digital music sales only.”

So do they use sales figures to designate the nominees, but then choose the winners American Idol style based on text messages or call-in voting?

Also Wiki’s Golden Disk Awards listing has multiple award winners for some of the categories.  So are top vote getters ultimately the winners?

Whatever the case, I want to see Seunggi win the Digital Song Award again!

Similar to last year with Seunggi not being able to promote “Will You Marry Me,” despite not promoting “Love Taught me to Drink” whatsoever for whatever reason (from Hook), the song received a lot of buzz and love online.

Online voting began on November 2, and will end on December 6.

The 2010 Golden Disk Award Digital Song nominees

Current standings for Digital Song Award…

Super Junior’s Yesung and Seunggi have been battling it out from the start.  Again, what does this mean?  Seems like several awards are handed out for the Digital Song, so will the top vote getters win?!

Current standings for Popularity Award…

Basically everyone’s included in the Popularity Award nominees, and of course the idol groups are dominating.  But look at one-man-show Seunggi ~ he’s like right up there on his own!  He’s really amazing!  I think only one artist gets this award and it will definitely be one of the gazillion member idol groups!

Also, International fan voting at ~ Golden Disk Asian Fan Voting

Real-time votes at Golden Disk Awards Popularity Vote current standings.

See entire list of nominees and all categories (English) at ~ MTV Korea.

One of Seunggi’s live performances of Love Taught me to Drink…

Feb. 23, 2010, Dongguk University graduation event

(credit: leeseunggi01)

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13 Responses

  1. please!!!!!!! vote for Seung gi!!!!!!!!!!! ><

  2. sorry guys, but I think voting is only open to those living in Korea. so we’ll have to support with our cheers! And I think Seunggi has a really good chance of winning a Digital Bonsang Award. the only one I really care about.

    Golden Disk Popularity Award, meh…

    I think Korean Airens are doing a lot of voting. it’s actually pretty amazing to see Seunggi right up there with the idol groups who have at least like 5 members in each of their groups!

  3. That was a great live performance!

    Hope he did not have to warm up in a dirty bathroom that time.

  4. oh! i hope he gets to win an award! go seunggi! congrats in advance! ^^

  5. Winning this award will complete Seunggi’s year with a bang. He has won awards for acting, cf modelling, international recognition for the Seoul Drama Awards…but none yet I think for singing this year. This one hopefully would be it!

  6. thanks LSGfan for the info. will definitely cheer for Seung Gi!!! Yeah really wish he will win the awards. Wld be great if he gets both!!!!

  7. pray for seung gi……to be a winner for no 1………………

  8. Thanks Ann for sharing and updating. :)

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Seung Gi will bag the Digital Song Award but it would be fantastic if he would get both.

  9. omg! seunggi’s in 1st place now for digital song! but 2nd place is really close. his vote percent went up alot! hope korean fans keep voting!

  10. go Korean Airens! Seung Gi’s chances of winning are in your hands.. i hope he wins, he deserves to win! :)

  11. please, please, please let Seunggi win Digital Song Bonsang. I’m praying for you

  12. yeey…seung gi won…i dont understand what they are saying but I am sure oppa won on 2010 golden disk award…he received a trophy and had his speech just a moment ago…congratulations seung gi…hope for more success to come..

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