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Seunggi & celebs kiss precious babies for a good cause

*** UPDATED with [official final cut?] photos of celebs ***

We knew Seunggi+baby was precious based on the 2008 photo exhibit behind-the-scenes video and photos, but after seeing some of the photos of 2010 Seunggi+baby~ omg, even more precious!  Photograher Cho gave us a sneak peek of the 8th annual Letter from Angels photo exhibit by posting some BTS photos on his twitter@4Portrait.  Show some love for his  twitpics~ Seunggi playing with baby AND Seunggi kissing baby. This will be Seunggi’s third time participating in this annual cause; he also was photographed for the 2007 and 2008 exhibits…

Set to open on December 15, the photo exhibit will run December 15-21 at the InSa Art Center in Seoul.  You can also check out photos from past years (UPDATED with 2010 photos) at the Social Welfare Society Love Fund gallery.  And hopefully Photographer Cho will continue to post more BTS photos leading up to the event.

And we may just see a Brilliant Legacy HwanSung reunion on opening night.  Although the celebs seem to come in one at a time for the press photos.  Also, can we see more cute photos of Photographer Cho’s cute dog ChaDol and Seunggi?!

Read more about Photographer Cho’s For 1 License (A Social License of Enterprise and Product for the Underprivileged).

And check out more photos below, posted on Photographer Cho’s twitter...

Lee Byun Hun

Han Hyo Joo

Jang Geun Suk

Yoon Shi Yoon

Yoo Ji Tae

The below may be the final photos planned for the exhibit?
I think the exhibit photos usually feature the celebs facing the camera with the babies.

In its recent December 2010 issue, 여성주앙 (womens magazine) featured the below celeb photos.  Yoon Shi Yoon+baby photo was featured on the mag cover.

I’m really surprised the mag didn’t include Lee Seung Gi, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Min Jung, Kim Hee Ae.  Both Korean beloveds Seunggi and JungEun participated in the annual photo exhibit multiple times, MinJung is perhaps the most popular actress in Korea right now, and Kim Hee Ae is a top respected veteran actress and CF queen.  Maybe they are saving the best photos for the grand opening?!  Hope so. Yay!

Yoon Shi Yoon

Kim Ok Bin

Lee Byung Hun

Han Hyo Joo

Jang Geun Suk

Yoo Ji Tae

Park Kyung Lim

And Minjung’s photo wasn’t included in Photographer Cho’s twitter OR the magazine… having had her best year ever, ‘goddess’ Minjung of course got her own news article!

Lee Min Jung

*** UPDATED Seunggi + Baby photo.  Awww…. ***

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23 Responses

  1. is it a boy?

  2. Aaaah >< Uri Seung gi is the cutest in this photoshoot, aaah he will surely be a good father someday!!
    I'm impress at how he have improve in his "model pose"

  3. waah.. those photos are priceless.. :)
    seung gi will definitely be a good father someday..

  4. Seunggi as a doting dad…yup, can definitely see that!

  5. OH MY GOD!
    SeungGi definitely has the best picture and pose.
    oh… how good they are…
    you can see how sincere his smile when kiss and look at the baby…
    i am sure that the photos tell you many things.
    LSG you are a perfect husband and daddy ~~~

    • I totally agree with you!

      I’m not trying to be biased here but I think Seunggi has the best picture and pose.

      Our elders here always said that babies are very special. They can sense whether you’re genius or not toward them. And I happened to watch a documentary that did research on that.

      While we have seen so many BTS scene of Seunggi with children and you can see how children just adore him.

      BTW, why is JGS’s chin so pointed?

      • Dear Eunice,
        I laughed at your last comment, because that’s exactly what I was thinking. Lots of times you cannot tell boys from girls with all those idols. And why a girl-looking guy is deemed ‘handsome’??? Guess I am too old.

    • Agree 100%…..I tried not to be biased, but Seung Gi and the baby are obviously the best among others. We can see his sincerity.
      The baby’s mom must be so proud seeing seung gi kisses and plays with her baby.
      Since this is the third time for Seung Gi, I think Photographer Cho really consider him as an angel. I do consider him as an angel. I hope I can see him every year in this exhibition.

  6. nice pics…someday he will be a great daddy!

  7. My heart just melted into a puddle of goo…
    I don’t know who’s cuter..the baby or Seung Gi…its the deadly combo..Such a great cause!!
    and oh yeah..definitely think he’ll be a great dad someday ^^

  8. Love all the pics

    SG yours smile so sincere

    And look the baby smile when hyojoo kiss he/her ><

    Seeing Hwansung picture make me smile and suddenly remembered part of LSG song " WILL YOU MARRY ME " ( I want to have a child that looks like me, another one that looks like you ) ahhhh so nice……..

    I think i'm going crazy about this couple ( pls don't kill me !!!)

  9. He definitely has the best picture amongst the other celebs! I bet he would be the best dad in the future! ^^

  10. Please vote for ‘My Girlfriend is a gumiho’ !!!

  11. omo…uri Seung Gi and baby neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu kiopta…
    hope uri Min Ah onnie was at there too with Seung gi oppa….kekkekekke~

  12. OMG, i’m so impressed by seunggi’s expresion.

    today he is nation younger brother, nation son-in-low, and someday we will hear him as nation father ha.. XD

    • btw, I love HHJ’s baby, I think she is a girl. she smile beautifully, and looks comfortable with her. LBH’s baby also looks handsome (I guess he is a he.. hehe..).

      and, yess, I think Seunggi has the best expression here. he is still young, and don’t have a child yet. but the way he cares and kisses the baby seems so natural, like a father and his son.

  13. ok, looks like everyone is totally ga ga over these photos! i thought the response to the CeCi photo shoot pix were pretty ga ga… but seems everyone likes natural Seunggi the best!

    totally cracked up out loud at people wanting seunggi to be the father of their babies! ha ha ha.

    based on these updated photos from the womens mag, I’m thinking there’s more to come of Seunggi+baby; that these were just BTS photos. So we may still have final photo to look forward to. Will everyone be able to manage without fainting?!

  14. OMG. I guess I will faint right away after seeing another Seung Gi + baby photos later haha

    natural Seung Gi with a baby is so so so adorable!
    he looks so manly and so gentle at the same time.

    by the way, Ann,
    it’s not related to the post, but I want to know…
    have you ever translated Seung Gi’s greeting to Airen in the first video displayed on the official website?

  15. You are so right, Ann! I really love natural Seung Gi the best! I can’t wait for more photos of him with the baby. not that his CeCi photos were bad, they were hot!

  16. gotta admit, Seunggi’s photos are the best of the lot – best chemistry & emotion. maybe the photographer’s a big fan of him ; )

  17. the babies are so cute! And the photos are really heartwarming ♥
    ps: seunggi&hyojoo.. don’t they look like a young happy father/mother? love their chemistry with the baby ♥

  18. maganda

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