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Seunggi talks about his Melon Award nominations [video]

Seunggi’s brief Melon interview.  He responds to his 2010 Melon Music Awards Best Artist and OST Song Award nominations.  See what he had to say…

(video credit: rapport2011/rapport2010)

Online voting ends on December 8.  Seunggi’s a longshot for the the Artist Award, and personally I think some of the other singers are more deserving of that award.  However, Seunggi totally deserves the OST Song Award for his track “Losing My Mind” from drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

Current online vote standings show Seunggi’s in a distant 2nd place behind Super Junior’s Yesung’s song for drama Cinderella’s Sister.  But online voting is only 20%, song value points is 80% so I think Seunggi has a really good shot. 

Losing my Mind did amazing on the music charts, even though he didn’t officially promote the song or go on the music shows.  I’m totally rooting for Seunggi and his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho track to snag the award!

Losing My Mind (정신이 나갔었나봐 ), Lee Seung Gi ~ Eng Subs

(credit: jstasimplesub2)

Losing My Mind (정신이 나갔었나봐 ), Lee Seung Gi ~ Official MV

(credit: tryp96)

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3 Responses

  1. “From now on, I’ll work harder and appear before you as a singer, not forgetting how I felt when I was just starting out, and working hard to share good music with you.”

    does it mean he will be more concentrated as a singer for next year? If it does, I’ll be very happy of that. though I’m gonna miss actor Seunggi then..

  2. The thing about being a multi entertainer is you may be good in all the different categories.but there will always be greater challenges as this industry changes in very crazy pace.Competition is always enormous and there are a lot of others who are just if not better in their single respective field These peers have the sole task and time advantage to multi entertainer like lSG.Because of time constraint disadvantage in promoting and marketing that particular area.eg as a singer , as an actor etc.It will come to a stage where he will have to do a bit of catch up task. His singing side has taken a back seat for a while and I suppose he realize that he had to give more in that area or he will slip .It is just that competitive. I would like to see him singing his own compositions if it is possible.That will raise his standard bar to another level. It would shows his talent and skill as a composer and musician .Ke..ke..Hopefully there are surprise in his next album next year.

    Though going to miss seeing him as an actor sooner or his next acting project…..

  3. Also hope that his acceptance speech if selected will be worded differently because lately his content has been similar.Kekkkekk His pR people need to do more with his speech content if he still wants to stay up at the top longer….

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