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Volunteer Lee Seung Gi delivers coal to ensure warm winter for the needy [article]

More and more, community service volunteering Lee Seung Gi is totally captivating me on par with multi-entertainer Singer-Actor-MC Lee Seung Gi.  Is there really anything left to say about this guy?!  I mean, really!  I’m not sure if I can take anymore…

‘Santa delivering coals on behalf of the needy’ Lee Seung Gi,
A lovely young adult with even a warm heart

On November 30, 2010, Lee Seung Gi, together with the Deputy Minister for Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance and about 120 volunteers from the Sharing Happiness Volunteers Corps participated in ‘sharing love’s coal and early Christmas community service’ in the Nowon-Gu area of Seoul.

With the onset of a cold December in mind and as a gift of love for the start of this Christmas season, approximately 6,000 coal blocks were personally delivered during this community service project so that low-income families and senior citizens living on their own in the local area could experience a warm winter.

Despite the recent and sudden cold temperatures, Lee Seung Gi and the community service volunteers personally delivered the coals with utmost sincerity via cart, back carriers, and hand.  In addition, volunteers dressed in Santa Claus costumes delivered blankets and rice to local residents and spread Christmas cheer.

Formalized in 2008 with the goal of bringing health, laughter, and hope to needy and less fortunate neighborhoods and communities, the Sharing Happiness Volunteer Corps is a national volunteer organization consisting of more than 2,000 persons.

Following current volunteer Kim Mi Hwa and film actress Park Bo Young, Lee Seung Gi is the third appointee to head the Sharing Happiness Volunteer Corps.  This past May, he was formally inducted as the honorary director and also participated in a community service project assisting the elderly and children from low-income, single parent homes.

Following the completion of today’s community service activity, Lee Seung Gi said, “As the director of the the Sharing Happiness Volunteer Corps during the past year, I had the opportunity to personally sense the meaning and joy of sharing with others.  Through this community service project, I realized that there are still many people in our surrounding areas that need a helping hand, and I plan to continue participating in various community service activities so that sharing with others can be advanced and spread throughout society as a whole.”

English: LSGfan via TV Daily

And at first I didn’t even upload the below photos because I didn’t even realize Seunggi was in the photos!~ He so doesn’t project himself as some superstar celeb!  And I love the way he’s crouching down in the photo so that he doesn’t tower over the others around and behind him.  And his expression is priceless ~ a happy and sincere Seunggi…

The real Seunggi is just too much…

(photo credits: Korean news sites; As labeled)

And DClsg fan photo of Seunggi helping to lead the project…

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9 Responses

  1. Ya Ann, the group pictures. I thought Seung Gi is not in it initially, until I read your post.
    So inconspicuous. Like you say – He so doesn’t project himself as some superstar celeb!
    Love his sincerity.
    Thanks for the article & translation of course.

  2. Ann, Thanks for the translation. I’ve post your translation at soompi. The posting won’t be complete without your translation :).

    Is there anything left to say about this guy? Totally agree with you. Just love the way he get himself in charity works and not just by “lending” his face for fund raising.

  3. a great guy with even greater heart…
    thanks for sharing…

  4. im a silent reader but now i cant stand to not writing complement for seunggi… :)

    He indeed has a big heart! Hope his sincerity will open many hearts..

  5. Yes I’m also a silent reader today I want to compliment him, Seunggi just too good!
    handsome,rich, talented and above all his heart was that make him outstanding above other young celebrity

  6. i remember that my mother always said never admire someone too much, when it comes to reality that he has things you dislike, you’ll regret more and more.
    but, really at this moment i have no artist that can be a good example (even in my own country) except Seung Gi, i glad that there is someone in public who can teach us about chasing dreams, working hard, becomes great, and always have a kind heart, he is sooo goood.
    life well oppa, find someone who really deserve match to you :’)

  7. oh my god, i just feel that i want to comment again, okay, this one is short, he is completely a guy in my dreams

  8. Again and again, this guy surprises me. He’s just amazing! The thing is, he does volunteer work not just once or twice a year, but very frequently! How awesome is that! I remember the Dong Heng is supposed to air this month, right? How can you be so great Seunggi?

  9. in the middle of his bussiness, yet he manage to do volunteering…he’s an absolute fine young man.. i believe he’s full with compassion and true beautiful heart…lee seung gi, fighting!!

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