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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 30, 2010)~ Moon Chae Won – Seunggi

November 30, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
5- SBS Strong Heart = 15.5% (4- Seoul = 17.6%)
* MBC PD Notebook = 6.5% (not in top 20)
* KBS Win Win = 6.2% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
4- SBS Strong Heart = 15.8% (4- Seoul = 16.6%)

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; TV Daily)

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Strong Heart was back for a regular Tuesday broadcast following last week’s cancellation due to the North Korea – South Korea situation.  I’m glad the major channels decided to air variety shows this week as everyone can definitely use some cheer and laughter considering the current perilous situation in South Korea.  Hope that things will work out peacefully soon.

I was super excited for this Strong Heart episode because of the prior press releases about Moon Chae Won (aka SeungMi) revealing that she text-messages with Seunggi (aka Hwan). As a big Hwan-Sung fan, I may be one of very few Hwan-Sung shippers that also likes Moon ChaeWon despite totally hating Seungmi!

And despite some thinking that Chaewon came off as snobby on her very first variety show appearance via the Yashimanman Brilliant Legacy special last year, I actually felt that she was just really nervous and shy and liked her more afterward.  Anyway, so seeing Chaewon reuniting with Seunggi on Strong Heart was the highlight for me…

SeungGi and ChaeWon greet each other after a year

Seunggi says it’s been a long time since he and Chaewon and have seen each other.  He asks if she’s been well to which Chaewon, in Brilliant Legacy Seungmi character form, responds “Oppa, you’ve been well too?”  Probably something the PDs asked her to do!  Seunggi just loves to be called oppa doesn’t he?!

Hodong insists the two greet each other as Brilliant Legacy characters, and Seunggi of course has no choice but to oblige and refers to Chaewon as Seungmi and asks how she’s been doing.  This gets Chaewon all giddy, and Hodong asks her what she thinks of Seunggi as MC for Strong Heart and she says that he appears very manly…

Seunggi is obviously pleased with the compliment.  Of course Hodong can’t stop there.  He asks Chaewon if she and Seunggi talk on the phone often, and she responds very naturally and says they’ve kept in touch via text messages…

I was surprised when HyoJoo mentioned that she and Seunggi kept in touch by phone and text message, and seeing how ChaeWon responded so easily and frankly, I think that’s how Seunggi keeps in touch with people.  Since he’s so busy and he’s not the type of person to go out to be seen, I think he text messages (not a lot, but here and there) to keep in touch with friends and peers.

I don’t know why, but I was glad to hear that he’s keeping in touch with the BL cast!

Ok, back to Seunggi and Chaewon.  Matchmaker Hodong of course has to try and create a loveline by asking Chaewon if she really missed Seunggi, she paused and said she’s not going to fall into his trap.  (Just like how Shin Min Ah responded when she was on Strong Heart!  Go Chaewon!)

However, Hodong doesn’t give up.  He says the reason he asks is because there was something Seunggi had said about Chaewon when they were filming 1 Night 2 Days last year.  (Oh no, what is Hodong going to spill this time about Seunggi!)

According to Hodong, Seunggi said Chaewon was born to be an actress.  But most importantly, Seunggi also said she was pretty.  Aw, Chaewon was so shy and embarrassed by the compliments…

Hodong makes Seunggi confirm this and asks if he did or did not say that she was pretty, to which Seunggi, without hesitation, says he did say that.  (I told you guys already per previous post, Seunggi was being totally honest when he chose ChaeWon over HyoJoo, based solely on looks, early on in his Ideal World Cup!)…

But Seunggi’s smart, thinks quick on his feet to ensure there’s no misunderstanding of his compliments for Chaewon, especially with loveline-creating extraordinaire Hodong ready to pounce!  Seunggi quickly follows up with the now famous DaeWoong line from his drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and unleashes “I love her to death!”  Laughter ensues on set!  Good job Seunggi!

Chaewon’s story about her first acting role

Chaewon shares her story about how she had enrolled in college to study art.  She wanted to pursue an acting career but her parents wanted her to enroll in college.  And after a while she really didn’t want to attend so she would skip out on school after her mom dropped her off, and then go to the sauna instead.  One day she ran into her mom there and was able to finally confess to her mom that she really didn’t want to be in art school and would rather pursue acting.

She passed her first audition for a drama project with Lee Min Ho and later prepared for her second audition.  She really wanted to get it so her parents would support her career plans.  But the night before, while sleeping she hit the aromatic candle that was burning on the desk by her bedside and it fell on her face and part of her eyebrows and eyelashes got burned as well as some marks to her forehead.  She debated whether to go to the audition the next day in this state.  Despite her appearance, she decided to go and later was chosen for the part.

Chaewon said often times, good things happen despite not so great circumstances and often when you least expect it.  Aw, I’m really drawn to Chaewon for some reason.  I think she’d be a great and loyal friend!

HyoJoo-JinHee and HyoJoo-SeungGi relationship jealousy?

The Seunggi-Chaewon storyline came up again later on when actress Park Ha Sun who had recently acted with Han Hyo Joo in saguek drama Dong Yi said that she was very jealous of how HyoJoo got to be hugged by main actor Ji Jin Hee.  Hodong mentions that feelings shared in dramas can often play out in real life.  He starts to ask Chaewon a related question, but then notes how Han Hyo Joo seems to be in the middle of things for both Park Ha Sun and Chaewon, to which Chaewon responds with a joking unenthusiastic yes.  Laughter from everyone, especially Seunggi…

Hodong asks whether Chaewon, having loved the guy (Hwan) for 8 years but then to have him taken by Han Hyo Joo, felt any jealousy in real life.  Chaewon says that because most of her scenes with Seunggi were not necessarily laughing type scenarios and because he had a lot of those types of scenes with HyoJoo, she did at times feel a bit disappointed.  Chaewon followed up and joked, saying “I guess he must be happy when he’s with HyoJoo!”  Laughter from everyone.

Seunggi insists that’s not true and sincerely says how much he liked Chaewon.  Omg, Seunggi says it so honestly and matter of factly, Chaewon is speechless and everyone is really touched…

Hodong says words are not enough and says if Seunggi really means it he must show this via expression, and so he does a cute aegyo smile pose for Chaewon…

She gets all embarrassed and Seunggi’s like oh you seem to really like that!  Omg, Seunggi has just way too much on Strong Heart!  Hodong says it looks like that really helped to melt away any disappointed feelings on Chaewon’s part, to which she says everything’s better now!  Awww.  Hope Seunggi and Chaewon can continue to be good friends!

And really, is there any given week that Seunggi does not have some scandal on Strong Heart?!  The funny thing is that even though these episodes are definitely egged on by matchmaker and instigator Hodong, they’re not just made up scenarios, like Seunggi and the female guest usually have some sort of prior connection.  But per usual, Seunggi is immune and remains scandal free!  Good. let’s keep it that way!

SBS drama It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl cast

Chaewon and the cast from her new SBS drama were on Strong Heart, a very idol singer heavy cast.  And they didn’t get a chance to really promote their drama, especially since the main actor playing opposite ChaeWon is a die-hard SNSD Yuri fanboy and was freaking out because Yuri was also a guest on this episode…

And Seunggi unknowingly sort of made it worse when he joked that while Chaewon was the love interest in the drama, the guy was probably envisioning her as Yuri in his mind!  Oh Seunggi, that’s such an insensitive guy thing to say with Chaewon right there.  But I’ll let it go since you’re you!

MC Seunggi enjoys the live performances

SNSD’s Yuri and Sooyoung were on.  And Sooyoung is looking SO pretty.

She always had a model-like gorgeous body but unfortunately was not appreciated as much for her looks.  But somethings different about her.  I hope it’s not what I think, but either way, she looks amazing!  Plus, I’ve always really liked her personality.  And also have a soft spot for her since she was majorly publicly crushing on Seunggi last year, but in the end, Seunggi publicly chose Yoona.  But Sooyoung moved on easily! Good girl.

Anyway, like every other guy that lives and breathes in Korea, Seunggi was totally loving the girls’ live performance.  And just love how he’s always mimicking the dance moves on Strong Heart… Shoo Shoo Shoot! ha ha ha.

And Moon Hee Jin’s old school performance, leader of former super idol group H.O.T.

Also Orange Caramel’s Lizzy (also an After School member) was on Strong Heart again, and again she talked about her love for MC Yoo Jae Suk! Currently an IT girl, everyone in Korea and K-entertainment is totally in love with her and her non-Seoul accent~ I don’t really get it.  It’s not that I don’t like her, I just feel like her and the other guy that everyone loves (ZEA’s resident comedian who was on last time) are way over the top.  But MCs Hodong and Seunggi just love them both…

And lastly, one of the things I love seeing regularly on Strong Heart every week…

Watch 30 sec. video of MC Seunggi’s laughing clips from this ep…

(video credit: leeseunggiworld)

Watch LSG-MCW cuts: SeungGi-Moon ChaeWon clear the air [video+Eng]

Read article:  Hodong pressures Lee SeungGi-Moon ChaeWon into loveline

Read about recent episode: Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 16, 2010)

(credit: images~ Korean news sites; Naver; DClsg; LSGfan)

November 23, 2010

No broadcast due to North Korea – South Korea situation

November 16, 2010

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
4- SBS Strong Heart = 17.3% (3- Seoul = 20.0%)
13- KBS Win Win = 9.6%

TNS Media
3- SBS Strong Heart = 17.6% (3- Seoul = 18.0%)
15- KBS Win Win = 8.5%

Ratings for all previous weeks:

10 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann for the write up. very interesting. I think the comments made during 2D1N were during the time when they were teasing him .Apparently there were some articles at that time that teased LSG for carrying MCW and not touching her with his fist closed.(the scene where he piggy back her)..ha..ha…

  2. Hey Ann, thanks for the recap! It’s my first post here, but I hit your page a LOT! total fan. Anyway, I was curious as to which couple you preferred… Hwansung, or the HoiHoi couple? random question, but I’m just curious.

    • Sean, I preferred HwanSung couple, oh God really love to see them in real life together…candy-gril HHJ.
      And they’re already invite Park ha Sun – DY cast on this show. PD Park …… it’s possible to see HHJ on this show? really2 want to know how SG react if they meet… emmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. thanks for the recap Ann!

    you’re not alone. i love Hwansung & root for them when watching BL, but i love MCW more than HHJ as an actress. some of her scenes in brilliant legacy were really amazing, to name one, her rooftop scene with the stepmom was superbly acted by her. also the departing scene on the bus between seungmi & hwan. one thing about MCW’s acting, i swing from hate & pity towards her character. the scene on the bus and a few other scenes especially her crying scenes made me cried. her crying was really honest n heartbreaking. i think she has great potential as an actress so i hope she’ll get good projects to show her ability more. i wish her all the best!

    and ann, i also thought seunggi was totally honest when he chose MCW over HHJ in the ideal worldcup. i dont wanna sound bad or pervert or anything hahaha but i think seunggi likes pretty, sexy girl lol. i cant remember but he once mentioned his ideal woman, a hollywood actress i think who is beautiful & sexy. also thats why i can totally see he admiring SMA too :D

  4. i remember some people said that Seunggi’s eyes glitter during his scenes with MCW compared with HHJ. i never noticed that and always denying it at that time because i was so into hwansung haha but i guess seunggi was honest when he responded saying ‘thats not true. i like MCW sshi so much’. i think he did enjoy doing his scenes with MCW.

    • If your opinion is true, then I’m going to believe that seunggi used to be like chaeyeon too. chaeyeon is pretty and also sexy. I also see how seunggi’s eyes glitter during his scene with yeon in xman era or in love letter. I wonder if they’re still keep in touch. as far as I know, seunggi-chaeyeon look really close. like with minah, they didn’t hesitate to appear together in front of public.

      btw, isn’t MCW is a noona too?

      • He seems awkward when they (Chaeyon) met again in SH recently.But got to agree with what you say when they were at xman.They love to project that public image at xman/love letter .kekkke

  5. i feel mixed guys. I love HwanSung and Hoi Couple both bc both were just perfect for one another and i LOVED both dramas. plus, both drama couples seem to get along great and admire one another in real life.

    i don’t think i could choose. they were both perfect for one another couples but each gave off its own unique vibe but both made you totally fall in love with them!

    As for MCW, I really like her. I’m not sure why, but I just do. i think it’s hard to play an EVIL hateful character like Seungmi and still be standing strong. it was easy to love HHJ’s character and so I think i sort of admire MCW for that. I really like HHJ too, i’m a big fan, but her sort of never ceasing playful outgoingness is starting to wear a little on me.

    as for Chaeyeon-Seunggi – maybe bc i wasn’t a fan during the xman days, but i feel absolutely nothing for them. and her Strong Heart appearance made me feel that way even more.

    i think SG likes both the glamorous types and the prim and cute types. i think all guys are like that, no? girls, we like to be glamorous at times and also cute too, so i get it! :)

    • IDK, i loved both drama’s, but to me, Hwansung was kind of an odd coupling, where as HOIHOI just fit so well, ALL the way around. Don’t get me wrong though, LOOOVEEEE both couples and both drama’s :)

      • Perhaps, hwan-sung seems kind of odd coupling because the story is about family drama with less romantic scene. While in MGIG, hoi-hoi couple love story is the main topic of the drama. you can see them together in all episode which is easier for viewers to come into their love story.

        I like MGIG. but the drama can’t make me want to re watch it over and over.

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