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Smurf Seunggi in Whole Hauss fashion on 1n2d

Seunggi was sporting a Smurf hat and related hoodies from a new fashion brand, set to officially launch in spring 2011.  Seunggi and Ha Ji Won (currently in SBS drama Secret Garden) in sponsored clothing featured on Whole Hauss online events…

T-ara, Orange Caramel, and other variety show celebs in sponsored stuff too.

Whole Hauss site ~ Looks like a hipster fashion line with its use of cult cartoon classic The Smurfs and Paul Frank’s popular Julius the Monkey designs.

I LOVE the Smurfs!  Just hope the company was smart and consulted The Smurfs and Paul Frank before they decided to use their designs!  Especially considering how Koreans, and lots of other countries in general, tend to use other fashion brand insignias and themes without permission!  Although, I have to admit, Koreans by far beat out everyone else in making perfect, top-notch luxury brand knockoffs!

I’m SO loving Whole Hauss’ photoblog posts on Seunggi (aka advertisements!) ~

Lee Seung Gi is wearing a smurf hat^^ 1 Night 2 Days~~~

Seunggi always looks good in a hat.  Seunggi wore a Whole Hauss Smurf 62 hat on 1 Night 2 Days.^^  The smurf was cutely designed next to the number.  Stylish Seunggi looks even more stylish with the hat~

SeungGi is wearing a Smurf hat. So cute. Hat, you look good on him.ㅋㅋㅋ

Omg~ Nation’s brother, hoon-nahm (heartwarming guy) Lee Seung Gi on 1 Night 2 Days in an Azrael zip-up hoodie.  The cute Azrael print zip-up hoodie goes really well with sharp dresser Lee Seung Gi.

Hoon-nahm Seunggi on 1 Night 2 Days also in a Whole Hauss Smurf hoodie.  Seunggi seems so innocent in a hoodie.  The smurf print gives off a vintage feel and the hoodie goes well with many different styles.^^

(credit: DClsg; Whole Hauss; LSGfan-English translation)

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3 Responses

  1. hi there – i love the green jacket – how can i order it? i went to browse the whole hauss site – but i cant understand anything.. ;(

  2. yeah the azrael hoodie is nice. they’re giving away free stuff too, but prob only to korean residents who sign up.

    but ordering may be open to anyone. my korean’s not so hot on the more detailed stuff but there’s phone number listed. 02)548.5191 prob for ordering? the hoodie’s prob 80,000+ KRW.

    DC_SeungGall @twitter is like the resident go-to-person for international fans so if you’re really interested, you might want to ask her about it.

  3. thank u so much – ill try to seek some help from a friend living in kr.. ;)

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