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1n2d, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 21, 2010)

Nov 21, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = 35.0%

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below (minus the reruns)
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 22.7% (Seoul = 23.2%)
16- 1n2d rerun = 9.5%
19- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 8.9%

TNS Media
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 23.5% (Seoul = 23.7%)
13- 1n2d rerun = 11.0%
15- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 10.3%
20- SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Heroes) = 8.8%

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; Newsen)

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This is going to sound really terrible, but I was totally disinterested in doing an LSGfan recap for Part 1 of this 1n2d trip because…  I just couldn’t accept Seunggi’s hairstyle for most of the episode!  I was SO distracted by his hair, and not in a good way!

Now I see why people say you shouldn’t write when you’re emotional!  Good thing, because I re-watched the episode today and I was able to make peace with the hair and totally enjoyed this Part 1 episode.

PD Na says he is rewarding the guys for having gone through a lot in the past few filmings and says they will be providing food and snacks.  But of course there is a catch since food is always a scarce resource for the guys on 1n2d!

This will be a epicurean trip of fine local foods.  And to give the guys a heads up of what to expect, a tasty clam bibimbap dish is previewed for them.  The one person who loses the mission will be required to go and dig up 1000 clams…

It’s early in the morning and all the guys are hungry.  And Seunggi looks extremely hungry as he can’t take his eyes off the dish!  I remember him saying in an interview that one thing he really dislikes is having to work and go through the day without having regular meals.  He’s such a disciplined health-nut!  Anyway, a very very hungry Seunggi is totally ogling the dish…

They decide to do a taste test and Seunggi and SooGeun are in the final rock-paper-scissors round.  SooG wins and Seunggi is feeling pretty disappointed since he was so close!  And SO hungry…

But SooG can’t stop raving about the taste and so the guys convince PD Na that a second taste test needs to be had.  Hodong wins this round, and leaves the rest of the guys disappointed once again, especially Seunggi…

And as Hodong takes a savory bite, Seunggi’s expression say it all!  Poor guy.  PD Na, please feed him regularly.  It’s so sad to see to see him like this…

And Seunggi must of been REALLY hungry because he’s even asking Hodong about the small details as to the texture and crunch of the clams in the bibimbap!  Omg, his eyes say it all as to how much he wants to taste the food!  Aw so sad…

And the serious state of his hunger truly became evident when Seunggi, spotting the small piece of rice droplet on the table, reaches over and picks it up to eat!~

The guys and staff were totally taken aback by Seunggi’s primitive actions!  Like Prince Seunggi out of all people would actually eat something like that!  But I loved that Seunggi had no shame and happily ate the tiny little rice droplet!  Ha.  He insisted that there was a little clam mixed in!  Seunggi really can make anything, even a rice droplet, look like it tastes amazingly delicious…

Ok, PD Na explains the mission.  Each of the guys have to choose one of the designated staff’s vehicle.  The driver/owner of that vehicle will drive the member to the mountain location where the guys have to then climb to the top to get a flag.  The first four that return with their flag to the designated final location spot will be treated to a clam specialty breakfast.

Not surprisingly, a hungry Seunggi chooses the food van driven by the cooks…

They drop him off and Seunggi hikes up the mountain.  It’s not an easy hike!  It’s more like rock climbing at  some parts!  But Seunggi and his not-trying-to-be-funny-but-ends-up-being-hilarious one liners and upbeat attitude make it fun to watch!

After a while, sensing that he is close, Seunggi makes a mad dash to the top…

And when he finally reaches the top, he drops to his knees out of exhaustion…

And the first thing that comes out of his mouth~ I’m first?  Ha ha ha.  Confident Seunggi (sometimes overly so!) always cracks me up.  I love his competitive spirit!

However, when he gets to the flag stop, a shocked Seunggi sees there’s only 2 flags left!  He can’t believe he’s in second to last place!  He of course doesn’t know that Jiwon, who had gotten there first, took 3 flags instead of just one!

Thinking that he’s in 4th place based on only 2 flags being at the top, Seunggi picks up the pace and speeds down the mountain.  Of course, still talking to himself about how he can’t believe that he’s in 4th place!

But while he’s trying to speed down the trail (thinking he’s in 4th place), Seunggi runs into A LOT of happy hiking fans along the way who are way more concerned in stopping Seunggi to fangirl/fanboy over him…

Fancam of Seunggi taking photo with fans on hiking trail…

He finally makes it down the mountain, back into the ajumma and ajusshi’s food truck and arrives at the final destination by the water with his flag…

And even despite thinking that he was in 4th place, he runs toward the final destination asking if he’s first!  Ha ha ha.  Gotta love it…

Seunggi arrives at the spot and a 1st place Jiwon proudly tells Seunggi to look over at the ship on the water…

Seunggi sees 2 yellow flags positioned on the boat and is in awe of Jiwon’s sneaky ways!  He tells Jiwon about how he thought he was 4th place the entire time but how it just didn’t make any sense!

A very proud-of-himself Jiwon is smiling the entire time, but then Seunggi brings a now nervous Jiwon back to reality when he muses that Hodong and SooGeun are probably freaking out right now with seeing no flags at the top of the mountain…

Hodong arrives last and is ready to beat up Jiwon, but sees Soogeun trying to get one of the flags on the ship.  So he takes off his belt to run out into the water to the ship and grab one of the flags before Soogeun… However, while throwing his belt back, he mistakenly throws it right at Seunggi’s you-know-what area!  Ha ha ha…

Seunggi’s expression again is priceless…

But fortunately, he has pretty quick reflexes and was able to avoid a really painful accident!  And in the end, since his 2nd place win guaranteed him the specialty clam breakfast, he was just happy as a clam as he ate his meal…

On a related note, Jiwon proudly managing to get the 2 flags on to the ship out on the water, and later Hodong and SooGuen trying to be the first to get the flag off the ship was hilarious!  And also Seunggi getting hit by the belt was funny!  I was totally laughing out loud!

Must watch video cuts of this part at jiwonified2’s YT link 1 and YT link 2.

And for fans of Seunggi’s CFs, his hoodie vest should look really familiar…

Seunggi’s been sporting a lot of FUBU on 1n2d; hoodie looks which I’ve been loving!

And looks like FUBU is going all out with their military look advertising on their endorsement model…  Seunggi was also wearing a blue hued version of the same vest hoodie in his SBS One Night pre-concert interview a few weeks ago…

And so many great Seunggi moments on the next 1n2d episode, Part 2 of this trip, and with way better hair(!) so recap should be forthcoming.

In the meantime, one of my fave moments from Part 2 of Sunday’s Nov 28th episode~ Only Seunggi could pull this off and still look cool and cute while being hilarious and silly all at the same time…

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(credit: screencaps ~ SeunggiLin; Jeannie; DClsg; Naver; As labeled; LSGfan)

Ratings last week ~ Nov 14, 2010

1n2d single rating (TNS Media) = 36.3%

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below (minus the reruns)
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

Most of the shows on other channels did not air due to a sporting event.

AGB Nielsen
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 25.0% (Seoul = 25.7%)
12- 1n2d rerun = 10.7%

TNS Media
2- KBS Happy Sunday (1n2d and Man’s Qualification) = 26.8% (Seoul = 27.4%)
9- 1n2d rerun = 10.6%

Ratings for all previous weeks:

9 Responses

  1. Ann, thank you so very much for the recap. LOLs Seung Gi’s heodang-ness on Part 2 is hilarious. How could he not realize…he can get hurt in doing that on a very tight space with his height?!! My son said that maybe his heodang-ness will be gone once he goes to military. :) I don’t know but I like his heodang-ness… always cracks me up!

  2. Dear Ann,
    I love his hair (sorry!) now that it grows out a bit. Thanks for overcoming the initial distaste to give us this great recap.

    When SG was eyeballing the food drop, he also exchanged glances with Jiwon, like, should I go for it. He’s always adored Jiwon, and now Jiwon has reciprocated and showed a lot of love for SG. It’s great to see the two plotting together.

  3. Oh, forgot to ask you, did you score a lot during black Friday? I so miss shopping in the States. The choices! The sales! The styles!

  4. usually my fashion/style radar’s pretty good… but is it JUST me? some fans really like his short hair which i totally don’t get AT ALL. am i missing something? someone (AnnMichelle!) please make a good strong case for me. or perhaps it’s just a style preference thing? :)

    as for seunggi always adoring jiwon~ that’s sort of news to me. i never saw that. i always thought seunggi respected jiwon as an older hyung b/c he’s like 7or so yrs older but i NEVER got that vibe that he adored or let alone looked up to him.

    also i think it’s awkward b/t the two b/c if i read things correctly in the past, seunggi fans and jiwon fans in korea are not necessarily that fond of each other… not in a bad way, per se, but it’s not like how seunggi fans feel about mc mong or soogeun, and vice versa with jiwon fans.

    • Re Jiwon: of course this is all my conjectures but I think JW was viewed by SG as the only one in 1N2D hyungs that’s had singer idol status – a pioneer at that too. Initially SG put JW up as No. 1 in looks (said himself was a humble No. 2). Later as SG gained more confidence and clout, he tried to promote JW (such as in games, but somehow mostly with disappointing results. Ha.) Jiwon felt threatened by SG initially (clashes of images, jealousy) but from last year, he sort of made peace with SG’s accomplishments and began to appreciate SG as a brother/friend. He laughed so hard and was so proud when SG was the human roof. He also fed SG green chillies in the latest ep (a first I believe).

    • Re hair: Okay, only for you, Ann, I will stick my neck out.

      The least flattering styles…
      1. The most recent Kolon Sport one. They shaved the sides too short. Ugh!
      2. The sort of buzz cut on the vol. 3 album cover. SG looks better with his forehead covered a bit.
      3. The too smooth, too styled one right before his 2009 concert. I think that style is in conflict with his personality. It looks girlish.

      As you said it, in the end it’s all personal taste.

  5. its cuz jiwon can seem very rude sometimes. but he’s that way to everyone. but fans of seunggi don’t like it.

  6. AM~ yeah, ii can tell a difference in how jw acts toward seunggi too. he’s def trying harder to be extra hyung-like to seunggi and it’s very sweet.

    i think it was weird for all the guys for a bit b/c of LSG’s popularity early on after joining 1n2d and way more so after his surge in popularity last year and being the youngest. and prob most uncomfortable for SG to act as if nothing had changed. there’s been a few articles and commentaries in the press written about it.

    i was a huge mong-seunggi pair fan, but these days i really miss seeing kim c and seunggi together. i think b/c i feel like seunggi truly looked up kim c the most despite kim c’s sort of alternative ways, b/c he was so super smart and had very strong humanitarian values, and really really adored seunggi as the oldest of the bunch.

  7. Had to respond, Ann, as I am so intrigued by the relationship/personality interplay of 1N2D – the show’s major attraction for me. You touched on something I have not thought about: the way SG conducts himself after fame and glory is really amazing. Says a lot about his natures.

    SG loves Mong (sometimes SG acted more like a hyung) but as you said, he really respects Kim C. He seems to be the only one that could converse on more intellectual levels with SG. Kim C praised SG indirectly in his farewell feast by asking what everyone was doing when they were SG’s age. This really highlights how much SG has accomplished at such a young age. I miss Kim C dearly. His irreverence is so refreshing in such a tradition bound setting.

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