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2010 Melon Music Awards: Artist and OST Award nominees

Prep for awards season is in full swing.  So for multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi that means, music awards voting now, and entertainment and drama awards later in December.  In addition to his Golden Disk Award nominations, Seunggi’s up for 2 Melon Music Awards (Artist Award and Drama OST Song).  The Awards show will broadcast on December 15.  Read more details below the clip…

2010 Melon Awards promotion video (Seunggi’s in the clip) ~

(credit: bigbanghavenYT)

Top 10 Artist Award nominees

See real-time standings at Melon’s 2010 Artist Award page

Online voting was held to designate the nominees for the 2010 Melon Awards Top 10 artists, and on November 21, the final Top 10 list includes:

See images for all the Top 10 singers/groups at Melon’s Top 10 results.

Seunggi and IU are the only soloists in the group.  Seunggi being the lone male and IU being the lone female within a sea of idols and 3+ member groups!

Voting accounts for only 20% (the other 80% comes from digital sales or streaming; not sure which one exactly).  But this award will probably definitely go to one of the idol groups.  And I think deservedly so.  A lot of these groups have focused primarily on their singing activities and they’ve had a great year.  Glad that Seunggi’s in the top 10 even though he had the craziest, busiest year of his life with his drama, variety, CFs, and singing.  He’s really amazing!

On a side note, why THAT photo of Seunggi?!  Hook, are you behind this?!  Sigh…

Also check out the Melon Awards frontpage, Seunggi and the other Top 10 Artist nominees are featured.  (unfortunately, Seunggi is in THAT outfit).

Drama OST Song Award nominees

See real-time standings at Melon’s OST Song Award page

Seunggi’s song “Losing my Mind” from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is currently in 2nd place.  Yesung’s track from Cinderella’s Sister has a pretty big first place lead.  And rounding up the rest of the five is Lee Seung Chul for Baker King, Lim Jae Bum for Chuno, and Seeyah for Personal Taste.

Would love to see Seunggi get this OST Song Award, especially since he was also the main actor in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

But Yesung’s got a lot of fans voting since there are like a gazillion members in Super Junior!  But voting only accounts for 20%.

So even though Seunggi didn’t even get to officially promote Losing My Mind because he was so busy with his drama, 1n2d, Strong Heart, and everything else, I hope the digital sales will still be strong in the final tally!

Losing My Mind (정신이 나갔었나봐 ), Lee Seung Gi ~ Eng Subs

(credit: jstasimplesub2)

Losing My Mind (정신이 나갔었나봐 ), Lee Seung Gi ~ Official MV

(credit: tryp96)

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