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Seunggi thanks concert fans, says he’ll be back next year

*** UPDATED with Binny’s link with AMAZING fancams ***

Seunggi tells concert fans he’ll see them again next year as singer Lee Seung Gi…

(credit: MsXu88; DClsg)

There were a lot of things going on, but what gave me the most strength through it all were you fans.  Thank you.  Thank you so much for letting me be here today on stage, and really, from hereon, I won’t be weary nor lazy and will work even harder so that I can appear before you like this as singer Lee Seung Gi next year.  I will work hard.  Thank you.
(English translation: LSGfan)

I’m sure TONS of photos, fancams, and press stuff will surface later on, so I’m looking forward to seeing all the concert coverage that’s yet to come! Until then…

See some early concert fancam videos at ~ 1n2dfansubs post.

*** UPDATED ***

IMPORTANT ~ Binny DOES NOT want you to take her videos from her blog!!!

LOTS of AMAZING fancam videos at ~ Binny’s blog post.

And below… Seunggi doing the hoi hoi and love bullets! ha ha ha ha.

(credit: DClsg)

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9 Responses

  1. Hopefully next year lSG will try a new approach style concert. may something informal like Phil colin and friends or Eric clapton farwell concert. He..He

  2. Cute!!! I love the hoi hoi and love bullet.
    Thanks for sharing Ann, hope there’ll be more!

  3. Am I the only one that’s wondering why there’s no press release about the concert from Hook yet?

    i’m still in disbelief over how Hook did not promote actor Seunggi and his MGIG after the drama wrapped (like every other big management company did for their stars), but please tell me they’re at least going to do some press for his concert wrapping.

    purple, if you’re out there. i hope you definitely find the Hook offices in seoul today! and please get their real mailing address so i can write them.

    between seunggi’s cody and hook… i’m going to some extra yoga classes this week!

  4. cute!!! he still remembers those aegyos in MGIG! ^0^

  5. Am I too harsh to say Seung Gi should move to another professional management artist agency?
    does Hook realize how popular seunggi is now? I don’t know what happen with this company PR management!! only a little news, interview, and anything. do they have any problem with Korean media?

    for the concert itself. I don’t know why there should be MGIG cast in the concert. I mean come on!! this is Lee Seung Gi’s concert. they should show his capability as singer here. and do MGIG promotion separately.
    sometimes I think is MGIG is HOOK’s personal project? I mean there is no big promotion for this drama. It seems only Seunggi&HOOK who are too busy to promote this drama.

    Anywy, lsgfan, do you know Lee Seung Gi’s latest CECI photoshoot? I wonder why you don’t post that here.. I think that photoshoot is good, and Ithat would be fun to read your personal critics about seunggi’s fashion hehe..

    I was a little disappointed when one kpop website make an article about photoshoot of one actress in CECI magazine for December Issue, whereas Lee Seung Gi is actually the main cover model of the magazine.

    • it’s only my personal take on Hook – sorry for long essay. may sound repetitive to some since i’ve said a lot of this before…

      but they seem to be a company that’s really talented and big on LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT to their clients but just majorly lacking and not versed in MODERN AND HIP ENTERTAINMENT METHODS. and partially b/c most of the ppl running Hook are much older, non-hip women types; which i have nothing against at all, but would love to see some fresh hip people in the mix too!

      and i’m SO glad SG’s not with one of those trendy Kpop idol companies… b/c sadly, everyone knows the short entertainment lifespan of typical idols. and with most of the other bigtime actor agencies, their clients are mostly actors only. so i don’t think they could promote all of sg’s activities well.

      and seems like Hook relies A LOT on the seunggi’s older and ajumma fanbase sector who are totally committed to all things Seunggi, so why spend money and resources doing Public Relations when you can count on that fanbase to support all his projects and endorsements.

      and i love seunggi’s ajumma fanbase but hello, how about the sg’s other fans. he stil has a lot of teen/college, single, non-mom female fans who don’t necessarily see him as son-in-law material!!!! I actually wrote that in my message at the official seunggi website!

      as for the Ceci cover – I’M SO IN LOVE WITH IT! saved the images as soon as they surfaced, but was waiting to see better scans before posting. or may try to go pick up a copy at the korean store in December.

      also english kpop sites seem to mainly write about idols and trendy celebs. these ppl are def very popular in korea, but so are other non-idol celebs, but the english sites choose mainly to report on the others since these are the ones mainly buzzed about on korean portal sites.

      • Agree that it’s high time HOOK evolves along with Seung Gi. A hip factor and a suave factor will not go amiss.

        When SG said in Strong Heart that the Hook president has to check his outfit before every appearance, I was like no wonder.

      • “it’s only my personal take on Hook – sorry for long essay. may sound repetitive to some since i’ve said a lot of this before…”

        no.. not to worry dear, I agree with you.. sometimes I want HOOK to have a visit here to let them know how seunggi’s fans are so love him. and to make them realize how HOOK is sometimes disappointing us.

  6. This is just my personal thought. I think He is at the stage where he is feeling the effect of this stressful 2 years of non stop working. He is just being human. There is somehow the lack of that vibe in him at the concert this year compared to last year.His speech gave a hint into his insight feeling.There is so much a person can take even one enjoyed doing it. The human body just wouldn’t allow itI have been in this position before and have experience it myself..Hopefully he would try to have a healthier balance of his workload in 2011.In the longer term he will be up” there” for a longer time frame.

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