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Hoi Couple SeungGi-MinAh reunite at Hope Concert [article]

Fans cheered the surprise appearance of Shin Min Ah at Lee Seunggi’s concert.  The friendship between singer-actor Lee Seunggi and the actors from SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Shin Min Ah, Park Soo Jin, and No Min Woo, were on display when the three made a surprise appearance at Seunggi’s concert.

Midway through the concert, there was a special stage planned for drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Fans went crazy as Seunggi sang “Losing My Mind” and performed a cute choreographed number.  Singer and mentor/teacher to Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, appeared as a guest and passionately sang “Fox Rain” and the “Person that I Love.”  Afterward, No Min Woo appeared and showed his talent by singing his theme song from the drama OST.

In particular, the highlight was the appearance of Shin Min Ah.  Up to this point, each of the persons involved with the OST were introduced first by music video, so no one expected Shin Min Ah to appear when Seunggi was singing his song “I Love you from Now On.”  Fans were completely surprised and ecstatic at the sudden appearance of Shin Min Ah wearing a white dress.

Shin Min Ah greeted the fans by saying, “Hello.  I am Lee Seunggi’s former girlfriend, MiHo.  I’m happy to see you,” adding “This is the first time I’ve stood on stage in front of such a large audience.  This is so impressive and I feel overwhelmed by the cheers and response from the audience.”

Lee Seunggi and Shin Min Ah reenacted the “hoi hoi” greeting that got a lot of buzz during their drama.  Seunggi said “Because I get nervous when I see MinAh sshi, the sweat on my hands is no joke” which elicited a jealous outcry from fans.

Playing the role of a college student and gumiho, “hoi couple” Lee Seunggi and Shin Minah attracted a lot of popularity through their drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho that wrapped in September.  The “hoi couple” refers to the ET sign that the two actors displayed during the drama to signal their friendship and love.

Afterward, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Park Soo Jin, member of former girl group Sugar, also performed for the fans.

(via TV Reporter)

I get the feeling that both Seunggi and Minah were glad to see each other.  I mean the two seem to have such respect for one another and had such great chemistry both on and off screen.  I really hope Seunggi and Minah can feel like they can continue to be GOOD FRIENDS and not worry about what people might say.  And because both are super beloved in Korea (MinAh more so recently), I doubt anyone would object.

Also, can we please get some overseas promoting of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho early next year, the same way Seunggi and Hyojoo did for Brilliant Legacy?!

FUBU twitter’s terrible grainy photo of Hoi Couple, but enough to get point across for now, until high quality photos surface.  And if they do?! since photo-taking was banned during the concert!

From DCmina’s fan account ~ yes, see and weep, Hoi Couple is holding hands…

And from Fan Bogspot via ixory ~ Do they have to hold hands?! just kidding!

Brace yourselves people… a smiling Hoi Couple…

Thx lemoniesnickers for sharing your Hoi Couple photos from Seoul!  Hope you and Yon had a great time at the concert!  Glad you guys got to have fangirl moment seeing Seunggi’s VAN!  ha ha ha.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos and videos!

And high quality photos of a very happy Hoi Couple…

(credit: As labeled)

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20 Responses

  1. OMG thanks aigoo I didn’t go to bed since I was waiting for some news for the concert here is almost 5:00 am I don’t see my eyes anymore haha

    Aaah I want to totally see that part of the concert the most. . .And totally agreed with you Seunggi and minHa should contact one another more. .


    i can’t think of anything else to say! i miss hoi couple so much! seunggi-minah fighting!

  3. Ann, thanks a lot.

    LOL ” yes, see and weep, Hoi Couple is holding hands”. I hope they’ll have overseas promo for MGIG, too.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that fancam of the concert will surface soon. :)

  4. I told myself forget it, just wait till tomorrow. But, as you can see, SG is simply too much on my mind…

    Now I can dream a sweet dream about him and SMA…

    Thanks, Ann.

  5. I’m glad hoi couple performance was no more than holding each other hand, becoz, If it were not, I would be dying of jealousy ke ke ke..
    I like Hoi couple,and I know many MGIG fans want them to be real couple. but I don’t really like Seunggi-Minah off screen pairing.
    if Seung Gi want to have a special relationship with a girl/woman, I hope that lucky girl isn’t Shin Min Ah.

  6. here you go..

    Hoi Hoi couple


  7. hoi hoi lemonie~

    thx for sharing your photo all the way from seoul here. hope you , yon, and others had a blast!

    btw, totally not digging minah’s outfit. what is up with her cody these days?! are her and seunggi’s codys plotting together?! HA.

  8. haha.. no worries.. i have to stay up and catch my flight in the morning!

    i’ll email you the rest of the pictures as i loaded it.

  9. Thanks for the pica and video. having been there last year,was able to compare this year concert to last year and while this year has more guests performing, I still think last year was a more memorable one . This year has too much emphasis on the MGIG ost. this is supposed to be his concert not a MGIG promotion. It give an underlying taking that they are trying too hard to promote the drama instead.As mentioned earlier that LSH has a hand in the direction of this concert, evidence is obviously of her style of concert last night Ke…ke..I have been to some of hers too.

    Good luck to LSG and hope next year will bring more goodies for us fan from him

  10. ommo ommo.. imma die of cuteness overload (again!).. hoi hoi, i missed them to death! yay! can’t wait to see the videos with MGIG cast on stage especialy daewoong and miho!

  11. and thanks for the translations and videos! kudos! :)

  12. How about no min woo?kekekeke…

  13. weeeeeeeee! I’m having goosebumps all over! I wanted to see SMA and LSG again together so so much…and now i’m getting my hoi~hoi couple dose overload!!! waaaaahhhh! ^0^

    thanks for sharing guys! i was so sad that i wasn’t there in seunggi’s concert but i feel alright now that i’ve seen all the fancams and stolen pics from his concert! it’s as if i was also there even if i’m not…^-^

  14. like suncine and a lot of others seem to be saying — even Natt (leeseunggiworld) said she liked last year’s concert better too.

    i’m not sure if it’s because of all the focus on MGIG or more so, it feels like there was less prep that went into this one than last years.

    i guess SG and his people had more time to prep last year since he didn’t have strong heat at the time and BL wrapped in late July. While this year, he had Strong Heart recordings and MGIG didn’t wrap until end of Sept.

    but i’m glad they promoted MGIG at the concert, since Hook doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it publicly! and also just love how minah is supporting seunggi! she’s a great noona! ha ha ha.

    as for no min woo – i am totally not into pretty girl looking guys. i still don’t get korea’s obsession with that type of look! also, i checked out his twitter once and he posts way too many photos of himself! kind of a turn off for me.

  15. I love hoi hoi couple so much and feel very happy when looking them together in SG concert. In Vietnam, many people just know SG as an actor through Famous princess and Brilliant Legacy but actually fall in love with him from MGIG. I don’t care if the producer try to promote MGIG in SG concert or not but I am sure that one of the favourite item in SG concert is the reunion of hoi hoi. Hope them become real couple…

  16. i think that no min woo pairs of with shin min ah better actually~~~

  17. aaaaah i love hoi hoi couple

  18. REALLY love them hope someday they be come a really couple.. I’m hoping but they not it’s ok but hope they always remind a good friend.. And I’m happy :)
    for, i love i <3 hoi hoi cuople… thanks kumaptah.

  19. HEllo i really like all the phoots and LSG SAID: “Because I get nervous when I see MinAh sshi, the sweat on my hands is no joke” and minah said also i like it so much “Hello. I am Lee Seunggi’s former girlfriend, MiHo hehehehe so enjoy to hear it but i read that LGS he is ideal girl is yoona and he don’t want to marry a non-showbiz a little sad because.I’m in love this hoi hoi couple And i really want that LSG and minha become a real couple.. but if not it’s OK :) but am hoping also…

  20. where i can find full hoi hoi full concert ?? jebaall

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