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FUBU shows love for Seunggi’s concert via twitter

Aside from the lucrative income earned from CF endorsement contracts, it’s this type of marketing and public relations that’s highly prized among Korean celebs!  And FUBU is showing lots of love to its beloved CF model, and per earlier tweet from twitter.com/fubu92, FUBU plans to live-tweet from Seunggi’s concert…

Today is FUBU model Lee Seung Gi’s concert!  It will be starting at 6pm today at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.  Anticipate FUBU’s on-site tweets!!^^  (English translation: LSGfan) twitter.com/fubu92

FUBU signed Seunggi over the summer and I wasn’t too hot about it at first since I’m not a fan of American FUBU, but thankfully FUBU Korea’s fashion is way better.  Plus, they’ve been doing a great job outfitting Seunggi in stylish but simple hoodies and relaxed but trendy wear.  If Seunggi wasn’t at least required to wear FUBU, I think Cody would seriously be receiving hate mail from me at this point!

Also FUBU Korea seems to be fronting a more role model-esque type of vibe.  In addition to main model Seunggi, they also had the beloved 3 gold medalist speed skaters from the Vancouver olympics also join in the first photo shoot. And Koreans just love the coming together of these uhm-chin-ah types!

FUBU Korea also recently rolled out an Itunes application which is pretty cool…

And love the way FUBU is promoting BOTH the Itunes App and Seunggi!  With prizes including FUBU clothes, Starbucks coffee(!), and Seunggi-autographed shirts…

And Seunggi-autographed polaroid photos…

(credit: Naver)

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